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  • will the airline I'm hoping to fly for hire me and will it be a good move? I so badly want it to work out. 🙂

  • Do you need this job or do you want it? If you need it for issues of insecurity or ego, you may not get it but, if it is your passion and you truly love and want it for the joy of doing it, you will get it.

  • it's something I've always loved and I dream about it daily. it's my one true love and passion. I got my heart test today and it was great. next step eyes. thanks!!!

  • Real, true love in my near future Captain?

  • 6/19/72 and 6/10/77 is there hope, is he honest?

  • Reflection1, this can be a good long-term relationship in any form. It will often involve a search for self. Questions about identity, fulfillment and the soul will predominate here, with the two of you not only sharing your personal journeys but pondering the relationship as it deepens and grows. Although you may seek external goals, your relationship is more likely to try to deepen itself through inner exploration, plumbing psychological, emotional and perhaps spiritual realms. Your friend has a 'shadow side' that longs for understanding - being a good and sympathetic listener, you are just the person to counter his fear of looking foolish and to help him to know himself. The emphasis on inner growth here is also just the ticket for you, and you will benefit from your friend's enthusiasm and from his ability to share ideas and information.

    A love affair would likely centre around your shared need to be understood and accepted. You often know a good deal about yourself, but your friend needs a better self-understanding, especially of his suppressed dark side, before the relationship would really begin to develop. A complex process is often at work here: investigation of each person’s individual personality can broaden into a richer understanding not only of the relationship but of other people, even of life itself. Expressing love and intimacy is the reward of such a process. Marriage would continue the evolution of this affair. At first, your friend may back off from a long-term commitment - you will have to show patience and steadfastness. Once a commitment is made, however, he will make a devoted and dedicated spouse.

    Even a friendship here can be lovely, though it will be more externally oriented. A love of nature may prompt the two of you to explore beautiful countryside or simply to take walks in city parks. Peaceful relaxation together will also be part of the picture.

  • Thank you Captain. Real, true love in my near future Captain?

  • Reflection1, you will attract real, true love when you really truly love yourself. You are not there yet.

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