• what re saggittarians like after a break-up?

  • hmmmm im a really sensitive SAG so for me i would have to say (i dont know if this a sag trait or just me) but since i kinda move really fast into a relationship and i kinda give up everything to that person, i would have to say for me at least, that i would be crushed and hurt for sometime, BUT i would eventually get over it and realize that its not worth feeling like crap about it cause i know how good of a person that i am, and i will find someone else, but for me i would always have feelings for the one that got away. hoped that helped, maybe more sags can post in here.

  • Being a sag I usually am the one to walk away. I move on and forget. except for those few that I didnt want to lose

  • thanks for your answers. i was asking because, well, my Sag boyfriend turned into this major jerk and doesn't want to get back with me again. it hurts so bad and even though i degraded myself, hoping he would have some pity on me, he just doesn't want me back. he's changed, really. he's been hanging up in front of my face and the dude didn't even wish me a happy birthday. i' so confused because he was so perfect before just a couple of days ago. right now, i just hate him for the all this cruelty.

  • yes i have to say that sags tend to run away from things that scare us, and then can be very cold and mean cause we try to push people away cause we so scared, (or this just me?) i dunno but im hanging in there right now with what im dealing with lol also if the person doesnt seem interested that we sags want and not very openly expressive , that also does not help

  • yep mine is same as we get bored easily..he is only being a jerk cuz yall broke up n thats his way of getting over u (just 2 act like u dont care) but he does though...well i believe from wat u told us.

  • I have been married to a sag for 20 yrs....he can go from so loving and caring to down right mean and not seeming to care at all at the drop of a hat! but he does care and suffers silently with his stuborness..he does it to himself..cause he wont speak his mind at the time he should and then holds resentments cause i didnt read his subtle Qs.....need less to say...I love him anyway. and with wont go away! lol not saying all act like this its my observation of my sag..blessings to you and yours!

  • All I have to say is I had a 4 yr relationship with a sag and NEVER AGAIN. Sure we had a great time when we were together and things were good but he also loved his freedom and took it too far with his lying and cheating. When I broke up with my sag he didn't take it very well and tried everything to get me back but I was not going to be his fool.

    Sag men are confusing, one minute they can be charming, funny and sensitive and make you feel like the most beautiful wanted female in the world, the next minute they can turn on you and make you feel that you were never really that important until enough time goes by and they begin to miss you...then they come back. Sag men tend to hold on to feelings for their ex then have and show deep feelings before she becomes one. You have to be gone to get respect.

  • Thank you for your input on a sag man as I dated one long distance and he about drove me crazy with that "push/pull'" thing they do! Sometimes I think they have split or doulble personalities!! Between my scorp woman ways and his daunting turn on you antics it was like a class 5 hurricane on our relational landscape. I had a terrible split up with him over a dealbreaker thing in which he basically tried to corner me for marriage or nothing and I came out fighting! I still love him in a way and wondered and still wonder Y it had to be so crazy with him!

  • I understand your take on the cruelty a sag man can put on a woman! Been there too!

  • wow, you guys brought up some points that i hate to say it, but i could really see myself doing in the future and worries me a little bit hearing the woman perspective on it, so ok im gonna out my self out here so maybe you can see things,

    right now i really do feel like that i very possibly found "the one" and thats only after month an a half of knowing this girl,

    we tend to move VERY fast into things if we feel such a strong connection, and if the woman doesnt respond the way we like yes we do get mad easily cause you start thinking "oh wtf why doesnt she feel the same way?" we sag men kinda give up everything who we are as a person to the one we love, and it could only take one wrong thing to set us off

    cause we dont undestand why you cant see how much we care for you, and it doesnt really seem you care, so then we turn angry, and vengeful, like "well ok ill act like a complete ass to make her show me how much she cares about me, and maybe once i get her mad at me enough THEN she can really tell me how she feels, maybe if a threating to leave her, or maybe act like im interested in someone else, that maybe she'll come out and tell me truly how she feels,

    if you havent gotten it yet, sag men need ALOT of reasurance from our partner, cause we tend to think "how did i get so lucky?" cause i think we feel that we are not "good enough" for the one we love, and could lose them at any moment, and that what makes us seem like we are crazy, but we are not!! we just are crazy in love and dont know how to deal with it.

    maybe what im saying is just me or something, i dont know, but it also depends on how you were raised i think, i came from a very troubled home, and therfore i am very sensitive, and you guys saying that sag men lie, and cheat, ill tell you for me at least,

    i WILL NOT cheat, cause the way i see it is, 'why ruin the greatest thing thats ever happened to me" "and cause her and myself alot of pain?" is it really worth it? i say hell no

    and i myself am very open to talk about anything, i dont hold it in anymore, i used too, but now i could care less what other people think, id rather get it out in the open, and we sags hate it if we feel that we are getting lied too, which cause problems too, just tell us straight out how you feel, even if hurts, cause we so honest that we tend to say things even if we know they gonna hurt you,

    sag men, are so passionate that sometimes it comes off as, "needy" "clingy" but when we fall for someone, we fall so hard that its very very hard to get back up again,

    maybe other sag men, or even sag women can aggree or dissagree with me in here, cause this could just be me, cause i dont know

    hmm. we covered it all,................ i think lemme know what you think. lol im out

  • ya, i remember my sag gal tellling me she feels insecure & shy. But about what...she never mentioned. I thought you sag are very confident and always have that 'know it all' attitude. 😛

    Sometimes, i find that i'm the luckiest person in the world when my sag are so into me. Giving me all the attention and showering me all the love...but at times, she is totally out for no reason. And trust me...its killing cos we as the partner dunno what actually happened. And when we qns, thats where the arguement starts.....hahaha....we are damn confused.

    This is the typical on/off Pull/Push actions i find my sag gal always do to me and i dun understand why....sometimes, i find sagi quite contradicting isnt guys dun want to commit or being confine but tends to confine your partner or control them.

    Sometimes, i find that i'm like being 'make use' sag gal always comes to me when she need my love or when she wants to love me....other than that...its cut off time.....

    BUT, i am so in love with Sag which i cant control and dunno why. There is this x factor that draws me to them. I have many Sagi goodfriends and happens that my ex is also a sag. This prove much isnt it. hahahahaha

  • I would like to know what a Sag would do, when they KNOW they have their love interest. When the fear of losing that person is gone, when things get comfortable, then what? My Sag use to be like that, and I adored him! He gave me all the attention I craved and the feelings between us were over the top. Then life gets in the way and things get stressful and it seemed both of us lost a major part of ourselves, something we never should have lost, when we were "head over heels". When the infatuation wears off and things run deeper, when you are in love but life gets in the way, things change. Is there no endurance with a Sag man? He was what I call, my "wrapped" up in one guy. He had all the things I was looking for in a person, minus a few things, but the majority ruled and it didnt take long for me to fall for him. Now, after three years, he just drops me like a bad habit.

    He definitely kept things bottled in and never REALLY talked. Part of me thinks that there was a whole situation, problem, mental dialog going on in his head the last few months we were together and I was never privvy to it and so was unable to fix it.

    For my sag, his being needy or clingy came off as a light jealousy in the beginning. I, however, adored it and would never cheat or do anything to hurt him because I am extremely loyal when I decided to commit. The problem typically for me is committing.

    I would agree with chevelleman with his description of a sag man (just short a few characteristics that were just different from my sag.)

    This post would have been extremely helpful 5 months ago.

  • Unfortunately some men regardless of sun sign become weak and run when the going get's tough or they hang in there for a while but it's only temporary as they crave freedom and change hence most are unable to commit for the long haul.

  • well this girl im talking too, i know how much she likes me, and she has said that she does want a relationship, but she says shes "not ready for it" , cause shes so busy with school 5 days a week, and works on weekends now, and im picking up from her that she is really battling within her self on what she should do, probably from fear of losing me,

    cause i have told her that my confidence has gone up ALOT, and ive noticed ive gotten more eyes staring at me when i go somewhere now, it like people can really tell that im different in some way, she says its ok for me if i wanted to go hang out with other girls, but with the way we've been talking, i do not believe her at all, i feel like shes trying to push me away cause it scares her how much she likes me, and she feels like she needs her attention on school, and not on me, which ive told her, you need to be focussed on school and i agree,

    but we havent seen eachother for like 2 weeks, and on sunday, i told her i wanted to her, and i said that i was coming up to her work, and she didnt miss a beat saying "ok i work between 8 and 4, so stop by whenever" i came in about 1:00 , shes at cash register(in clothing store) i sneak around her to the left in the womens area LOL and then i come up and stand in line to check out(but i got nothing), and i could tell she got nervous right away lol, i said hi, she said hi, and then i said, "i was just over there looking at high heels and i was wondering if you had any in my size?" which got her to laugh, funny thing is i wasnt even planning on saying that, it just popped in there,

    and then she decided to take her break when i got there, and we talked, and i wasnt shy anymore, seemed like she was alot more than i was, but oh well ill end this talk im rambling on again,

    but i dunno, im kinda putting it all on her now i geuss, cause she says we just "friends" but i dont think she wants too, and im waiting for her to make a decision. oh yeah and im Sag/Virgo/Aries. so i dunno what that means, i dunno what she is other than a libra

  • My father is a Libra and I can tell you that some times it is painstakingly slow for Libra's to make up their mind. When everything else in life is balanced and a choice is needed to be made, Libra's can quite easily weigh scales and see the best option. Unfortunately, when life gets in the way and they are dealing with a bunch of things at once, they will take a very long time sorting things out. Being a girl and Libra, I can only imagine that she has a million things on her plate and is trying to figure out each one. It is good to let the ball be in her court, and hopefully you are patient too, because any one forceful action can tip the scales negatively or positively. In the end its for her to decide.

  • yeah, we've talked about EVERTHING, like our messages on myspaces, i think i could have wrote a book by now, and everything time she brings up something that shes unsure of, or asks, what if this happens? what if this? what if that? and i say " that is what everyone goes threw!! no one know for sure whats going to happen, you just take the risk"

    and since she has a hard time trusting peoples feelings and even her own, makes it confusing,

    but since we've talked SO MUCH, and i got her to trust me i think. i cant help but feel good about where this could go one day, i tell her how much how i like how shes able to open up to me, even though it must be hard for her, so im very understanding

    we've talked about the whole "sex thing" too, and i told her, that im NOT the typical guy!!!, BUT of course(me being very honest, which she likes) i said of course ive thought about it, but thats not what im here talking too you like this for, and how ever long it takes, im willing to wait, cause im on no hurry for anything to happen, i just enjoy being around you so much, that im not gonna try to do anything to screw it up,

    so she knows how i feel about her, she said one time, she wanted to cry cause she thought she screwed it up with me, so i geuss that shows you just how much she likes me back, lol

    so im fine with "just friends" and ive told her that im very,very patient, with things that i want, and the one day you finally get it, makes it that much better, lol jesus i must sound like a women right now, every quiz i take for myspace or something, i always get "the perfect guy" result and i think its funny,

    but sometimes i like to think that we met when we did for a reason, cause i wouldnt have met her if my brother didnt break up with his ex, and he met this girl at an online dating website and told her about me lol and maybe with both of us having to deal with alot of stuff right now, is good also, cause if i stick with her threw it, she'll see that im not going anywhere, cause i know that she doesnt want to get hurt again, and that scares her.

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