I cant see can someone see for me

  • Hello my name is Jackie also known as the Peace Lady Im 42 my birthday is October 11 1966 is which I will be 43. I do look about 10 years younger than I am but I feel like I've been here for longer . Many things I have experienced in which I am destined to write a book about and it will consist of real events that are to be told and I have climbed many feet even if they are other shoes I wore so I may walk not only in my own..But I want Love and I thought for a long time that I was cursed in love so I never let the thought of getting married in my mind , but I feel in Love and this love has been a struggle and each past love was a teacher but this one I married and I marry for love and hes my soulmate....but Im afraid he'll be the teaching yet one that I have not been taught...I live in Colorado now and been trying to get here for 7 years ,but I had to go though many of callings to get here....Im a little sad you could say because of my love in which I have been able to open and feel him none like the other loves of my life....I want to cry because I believe everyone has the potentail for change and with this world and it long ago predictions, change is very imparative ...But I know I cant change eveyone but I do show them amazing beauty in who they are and how some are here for a reason and some are or have been carrying demons as one has said over them ..I say many other reasons, besides....I need all that feels this surrender that I need light so I can make the right choice as in the past things did show themselves but I had to go through so much pain....I am able to grow much easier as then but I want to cry to the heavens and ask for this love that I married , soul feel joy like the hummingbird and a miracle for the cage be broken as this man I love so much be unchained from his curse...and find that love is better than any drug before he falls from grace I am someday a shaman and he can only be healed by a shaman ..Has fate brought us together as we were sister and brother in a past life and I cryed many moons ago for love my soulmate..but as grew I grew stronger ....But wow hes my soulmate in this life and this is my last life I am here for a reason and I feel theres not but 2 years that what will be my destiny will start to unfold BUT only if love is balanced within me and evil does work its ways in ways that stop other roads to unfold for the good of the next generation and I know this . I need help from all that is willing to pull there energy so I may know what to do show me things that need to be shown good or not that is the Justice in me .What can I do for him sometimes I think I would sacrafice just so he.walk a good road but miracle needs to be or can we be helped me I cant read ahead like I can for others with him at least sometimes Im not sure if I am I am someone who will find the fault when someone tries to push fault at me for sometimes will help the others fault seem not so bad or can this be helped for things do show themselves but time is not on my side and I need to know before I walk into a trap which could justify more pain I wish never to feel again.

    .............Peace be with all that is and thank you for I am so rested that this forum showed itself this morning...I will help any that is need of what I can give in Gratitude .. Forever the star is on fire....Starfire101166

  • Hello Starfire, I am not sure what it is you are trying to tell us, are you feeling like De-je vous or is it just a feeling of finally coming across some one you truly love and you think he has demons.

  • look outside the box

  • look outside the box

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