Why are you complaining?

  • Hi. Why are so many here in this forum complaining? Why? Life is so wonderful. Life is so good. And still so many of you complain about your relationships and your lives.

    Learn to stop to complain. Learn to see that Heaven is with all of us all the time. Learn the we are blessed. Learn that we are wonderful. Learn that we are filled with Gods grace, all of us. All of us. And every one that is not in this forum as well. Human beings are blessed.

    Even the bad seeds have their blessings. We should learn how to steer away from those that are doing things that are not good, so that they instead can follow us and our examples. We must learn to steer away from people who wrong us continously. We must learn to believe that we dont need to be even close to people who hurt us. We must know how to be good to ourselves.

    Rule number one: Stop complaining and start praying, so that you create positive changes in your own lives.

    Rule number two: Excercice faith in what you want to happen in your lives. Even if you dont believe, make your self believe it. If what you want is good, then that is it. Then it will emerge in the time it is ready for it. Or in the time that rather you have opened up for it enough.

    Doubt within us, and negative feelings, and other spiritual unawarenesses - are working against the blessings that God has given to us. That is because we are all challenged. Our challenge is to master the feelings that realm in the material and animal world. The feelings that are really animal feelings and material feelings. We must master them. It is our challenge. That is why it is said in the Bible: God created man and said to him: Here is the whole world. It is yours. It is in your possession. You must be master over the world, over the plants and over the animals. Because you are my children.

    In reality this means that we must learn how to trust God and never forget who we are. We are truly human beings. So then we must master the animal feelings. We must be lords over our own desires and our own anger. We must learn to surrender those feelings to Heaven, so that God can put them into the right place: Beneath us. So that our inner feeling is clean and peaceful. Then we truly know that we are Gods children.

    So please, learn that we are all good enough and we dont need to worry about anything. Learn to trust God.

    Have you not learned that when you complain you are in fact not helping your self or anyone? When you complain you are in fact giving power to the problem. In fact surrendering to the problem. To complain is to sustain the problem. The problem does not go away when you focus on it.

    Learn how to become healed. Learn how to believe in God. Learn how to surrender to the Light that is inside of you. You are all lights. Why surrender your selves to the shaddow?

    Just believe. Because what you believe will come true. That is the simple truth.

  • This could be perceived as you complaining about us complaining, but I do know it can be tedious to see everyone's troubles all the time. I think sometimes people just need to be heard, and not fixed. It's part of healing to let it be known that you are hurt, as it shows ones willingness to accept the truth. If we cannot find acceptance for our scars, then we will never show them to anyone. We will not make ourselves vulnerable, and will refuse to see the truth and beauty in our existence. I say let us complain, because so long as we are expressing ourselves, we are not shutting out the world, and will someday find the grace that exists within us.

  • You know, nowadays the chance of a relationship lasting (and not getting hurt) is about 50-50. I must say that I'm really careful because I fall into the category of head over heels when I fall in love. Everyone will probably hear about it, if I get hurt LOL. I think there is good advice offered here. When your hurt sometimes it's hard to listen to good advice because you want the love back--right. Hurt really hurts. I know I probably appear to be blunt on my posts but a lot of the time I feel it's what the poster needs to hear--especially when the other person is an obvious jerk. Experience helps us to learn and that's the only thing we can go on trial and error. Sometimes bad things happen to really good people.

    So, yes, we should offer encouragement. And yes, there is a God who is our Father who cares for us. My personal suffering has brought me closer to Him. Jesus was a great teacher and he faced the same obstacles. And he had the right answer, for me.

  • i agreed with pharmastrologer on the acknowledging or accepting the truth when pouring out the hurt feelings we had. It take courage to face the incident straight on again when we rake up the past......its part of healing...not so much on complaining. As fellow human, we need to encourage one another 😄

    But i also agreed with TheHangedWomen regarding giving the problem energy when we complain much...this kinda situation, i did encounter before.


  • In the Bible, God says to Cain before he kills his brother: Why are you so angry? Why are you looking down? How is it? If you have good on your mind, then you can lift your face and look up towards me. But if you have bad on your mind, then sin is knocking on the door. It wants to have power over you, but you must be lord over it.

    So God does not want us to worry. God does not want us to be sad. Just relax and dont worry. Let your self be filled with peace. Then the healing from the past will come down on and fill the soul. Then you will realise the truth and enjoy your peace and happiness that has emerged inside of you. And you will realise it has always been there, just that you had to let it fill your whole inner feeling.

    This is in fact the general advice I can give anyone in any cricis. Learn to stop creating so much with your minds. Learn to start receiving peace in your souls. The peace washes away any power the negativity has over us. The peace is not far from us. We just have to rest our minds and rather listen to the quietness that comes from God, that always is a part of us. Because we are children of Light. Light is part of our souls. We must not let negative thoughts have power over us. We must cleanse the negative feelings out from ourselves, so that the inner feeling is good. That simple.

    And God has said that we are gods. That we are - or rather must be - lords over this world. So we have been given the gift to be lords over our own lives by giving our energy to the Light. When we let the light (God) show us who we are, then we have no problems and everything goes our way.

    I understand this can be provoking to hear to someone who loves to complain. But complaining is not necessarily good if there is no faith in the light. If you dont believe that there is any possibility for improvement, then that is the song that is sung all the time. So when we complain, we should complain to God with faith that God is here to listen and heal the problem.

    Open up to the Divine, and the Divine will help - immidiately or when you have stopped focusing on the thoughts that are no good for anyone.

  • Hi HangedWoman, I think what your offering here is good. I think people need encouragement and have faith in God. Sometimes by suffering our faith is tested and increased.

    I don't want to minimize anyone's suffering, however. It's in times of suffering that we need to seek help, talk, get encouragement. I believe it's good to talk during these times. I believe that you have some very good things to offer those who are suffering. But remember, it can be the worst of times and sometimes things get amplified. I think you have some very good things to offer people. Just remember there is a lot of pain, also.

  • Hanged woman I like what you are saying it is a good message. But we do need to talk about the things that are weighing on us -. God knows we are incapable of being perfect thats why he sent Jesus. We need to know there are people that help carry the weight of what we go through. When my son got really sick I needed to talk about the dreadful treatments and the pain of seeing my son go through he l l . I still need to talk about it from time to time because right now its a part of my experience in this life.

    I also feel God is all the closer to us in our suffering because he wants to help us to heal. He also uses other people to help us through a difficulty. I dont think that God ignores us because we are sad. We are not promised a happy prosperous life. No actually Jesus said to sit next to me at the table in heaven you must drink from a cup of sorrows. We should be thankful for things when they are great and yes even pray and ask for things to happen.Alot of the time people went through great suffering and trials before God blessed them. We have only so much control and we are flawed human beings just the way God created us.

  • I like this thread...everyone is tender hearted and kind to one another...it was nice to read. We are all valid...and this too shall pass away.

  • Browsing and seen happiness based around religion and felt like saying what popped in the brain one day at a time gives you time to remember what made you smile and remembered the feeling, which should make the natural happy not agod thing

  • I am not understanding what you are trying to say pckitten.

  • I work around 2 people who complain constantly. I've also noticed that they seem to get the other workers in trouble (or try to anyway.) It takes a strong personality to deter it. Both people also have a hard time or won't work as hard as the others. It will only continue as long as it's allowed to. Hopefully people like this don't get too much power. It's a problem and don't know how it gets that way. I guess a general lack of faith and hope. Some people make it a career and it becomes them.

  • I agree with you Dalia. People complain too much, as if they think it is a mission. But really, our mission is really not to complain. Our mission is to become healed. In order to get healed, we must learn how to surrender our sorrows to God, how to follow Jesus. Jesus just surrendered the pain to God. He never complained. Only on the very end of his life, hanging on the cross, wich is a torture symbol, he felt that God had left him. And he cried out to God: Father, why have you left me? He used his last breath of air in his lungs to say those words. So he still believed in God, but he felt that God did not help. Then he died. In the very same moment, the curtain between the holy room that were meant only for priests and the room for the "less holy" ones, were torn - by God. So this was to show us that God has no favourites among us. We are all blessed and can become fully healed if we only have faith and surrender to the heavenly light that realms inside of us.We all have heaven inside of us.

  • I really only made this thread to encourage you all. I keep referring to the Bible all the time, but that is not because I think it is the only right religion. It is just that I like it. I in fact used to dream about being a priest when I was in my mid 20s (am now 31). So I just like it.

    One thing that I see is a repeating pattern is that people so often ask about their love life. Is this the right guy or this one, or that why is he like this, etc, etc. It is important that people learn to focus on themselves and to not "surrender" their lives, souls, their will even, to somewhere outside themselves that is not allready within them (the inner light). It is like many people are feeling this: If I only get the right husband/wife, then everything will be allright in my life. As if people believe that in fact the right husband/wife can heal them. And of course this is true. It is possible, if that person has a clean soul and is able to let God continously heal his/her soul. Then it will be true that another person might be able to heal another in a marriage. But we must not surrender ourselves to other people. Never. We must learn how to take care of ourselves by believing that God can help and practice to surrender to the light.

    So please have faith in God or whatever name you may give the light that realms inside of us humans.

    Sorry for the boring referals to the Bible all the time, I just love the Bible - boring as it may seem to some 😉

    Well, I have in fact healed other people a couple of times, once from a disease that was supposed to last the rest of her life, and another time there was a man who suffered depression and had been depressed for years. He received the "holy ghost", a healing power inside of him and truly became happy for the first time in many years. He was trembling in his voice and in his body (or so he said) for the whole hour my conversation with him lasted. It was a telephone conversation. The last thing he said before we hung up, was: I am happy, I am happy, I am happy!!!!!!!

    So please begin to understand the infinite love that the universe has for us. Even sick and so-called "bad" people. We are blessed.

  • wow! that is wonderful! how could you thik yourself a looser? : )

    and the bible is not boring...You are a very good women. with abundent talent and wisdom. And were all very lucky to have you "hanging" around here. : ) lol pun intended. but seriously, you are inspirational.

  • You post a beautiful message but then you decide to laugh at me in one of my threads???

  • hahaha. I was not laughing to be mean. I just thought it was a funny question.

  • Hi Hanged Woman, Your thoughts are right on with your have to surrender your pain to God. In fact, recently I have been going to him more often and discussing my pain and thanks. You really have to have faith that He is in control. I don't understand what constant complaining solves. I do understand personal pain. Like you, I often think of a religious vocation--we'll see.

  • You guys this thread has helped me so much in he past ten minutes. Thank you HW for starting this and all the good people on here, Thank you

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, I heard something interesting so I thought I would share it. The Jewish people at one time did not have last names. Their last names were their father's first name. For example, John son of Nathaniel etc. If God is love then what are our last names--Love.

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