Help with a Capricorn man (Cancer woman)

  • (Online dating) Me and this guy have a lot of past, but most recently he left me because I was 'dragging him down emotionally' (I have depression caused by medication, but I've stopped the medication and waiting for the side effects to wear off) and because I was sexually abused by the guy I went out with to try get over the Capricorn guy. Now he's acting and treating me as though it's all my fault those things happened. He likes to think he's logical, but I don't think the reasons he left me were very logical at all. I was also supposed to be going to see him for the first time in 2yrs in December. He's also being an ass, treating me like shit, trying to make me jealous over a much younger girl.

    I want to know why he's doing this, 'cause I don't understand. I also want to know how I can get him back or just to be able to talk again...

  • they can be really cold sometimes. I read somewhere that because they are ambitious and competitive, they can not accept others' shortcomings because they feel it can destroy the work they have done. I really don't know how I and hubby can last this long aside from that I am perfectionist, which in a way goes well with his competitive nature. something that challenges his feeling of authority and shake the earth under his feet.

    he is trying to boost your competitive nature. they do this all the time. since you have a history of depression it would be hard to rise up to his expectation, but sometimes this is what you need. he constantly challenges you, so if you can meet these challenges, you will come up stronger. and you will be the one shaking the earth under his feet later on. Cap doesn't jump into relationship without calculation, so there must be something in you that pulled him out of his comfort zone in the past. Find it, or if you lose it, get it back.

  • How is this making you feel? Have you asked yourself this very important question yet? When you think about him, what does your stomach feel like? This should give you the answer you need.

  • I feel angry that he left me when he knew I'd get better, sad that I'm without me. My heart feels like it's turning inside out, and my stomach tightens everytime I think about him.

  • I think what attracted him to me was the fact I was there to listen to him, and supported him in the beginning. And in the last month with him, I was too worried about how I was going to do everything, and he was acting so strong for me that I forgot about his problems...

  • I see, so you basically can tell what's attracting him in the beginning and what may drive him away. I can't tell if he will come back to you or not, but if you still want him then you should keep trying to contact him and see if he answers.

  • leoscorpian I think you and your husband get along so well is because of your scorpio rising. it seems to balance you out, and you 2 probably fit well together.

  • My Cap made me feel so secure yet not important. Ugh! Look to the void in ourselves that our opposites fill for a clue. Me, still the butterfly. Him, still the miser with money, affection, trust. He's still the "one". I'm just waiting for us both to grow up!

  • hi shopgirl, you could be right. I'm not sure how my rising balances it out. his rising is virgo. maybe that helps? don't know much about rising and moon sign contribution, only know a bit about sunsigns.

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