CoNfuSed On WaT I shOuld do Next??

  • if two ppl have known each other for a long time, you both had feelings for each other did a lil flirting but none of you never said anything, you lost contact with him then all of a sudden you text him and he text you this" as time permits n the future demands i write you this with love, i miss you alot, thats real" what is he saying??? then again a month later i got a text saying '' I need you a friend,somebody i could wife up,Im tried of playing games"... any feedback/advice/ meaning?? THanks..god Bless

    iM A PISCES-


    ''HE WROTE THAT 2 BE IN JULY N IVE NEVER RESPONDED YET DO YOU THINK HE FORGOT ABOUT ME??? im scared now ive been busying w/ school n i had to think about what he said!!

  • hmmm im not the most experienced person here thats for sure,

    but i think he wants to be with you, but he doesnt know exactly how you feel about him and therfore out of respect he has removed him self from you in a way. and hes just waiting for you to tell him how you feel about him.

    was he more flirty towards you than you towards him? and maybe you didnt really show and/or react the way he wanted? if thats the case, i know how he feels, he wants to feel that he's special to you in some way. because you are special to him.

    and 'somebody i could wife up" shows that he could see himself marrying you one day.

    well thats all i can think about right now, i hoped it helped!

  • well we met a long time ago and it was always something there . we first met i didnt like him we always agrued. but shortly we became close i know he always had my back n vice versa. well we always were flirting even when he had a girlfriend(oops) there relationship was new i had knew him for yrs we had just got into contact again. well fast fwd i had send him a friendship card, sayin that i valued him n i appreciate the beauty of a friendship well he never even said anything about the card" i take it that he thought i was givin mixed signals''(WHAT DO YOU THINK??).. then we had been friends est 2004 all of a sudden he calls me his sis i was so hurt my issue w/ this situation is we have been friends for yrs i saw wat he did to other females, i value our friendship is it worth taking a risk??...I do love him, do you think he loves me??

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