• hello im carrie, ive been reading for 10 years on deck of cards and 6 years fae oracle...looking to make freinds 🙂

  • Hello and welcome aboard ! :O) I am sure you will make loads of friend within the Forum . What is Fae Oracle ? Are you offering your serves or you just looking to talk about you skills with like minds people . I would love to have my cards read in regards to my life in general and Finances .If you were interested in doing so or hand the time .If not I understand .Have a great day ! and enjoy you time here :O)

  • Hi! I would like a tarot reading when you have time. My life in general...I was born 7/14/57 10:06 am if you need to know.. Thanks in advance!

  • Greetings, Carrie. I'd love to converse with you about tarot. I've been doing it for well over a decade and enjoy it quite a bit. I most associate myself with the Queen of Cups and The Empress. However, I strive to balance myself with the Queen of Pentacles. Numerologically, this is my year of The Judgement, so I've been facing quite a few changes in my life; most notably, I've quit smoking after 40 years. Would love to hear about your tarot adventures. Peace & Blessings. ~Yobiz

  • Hi;

    Welcome to tarot.com. I have been here a long time and I enjoy it.

    I have been doing readings since 2000 and my life has changed ever since. I would recommend everyone to try them.

    Is anything you would like to share with us? Is anything you would like to talk about in particular?

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