Can someone help?

  • hello im carrie, ive been reading for 10 years on deck of cards and 6 years fae oracle, i am looking to practice and trying to find a online job chat or im for readings, i really need the extra money and i cant find anything...please let me know if u can help or need a free reading thanks carrie

  • Hi Carrie. Thank you for your offer.

    I have asked a few before, but I never get rid of this question. I ask it again and again, even though I realise it is okay. I dont need to look for it anylonger. I have everything I need and want. My wish has already come true on a inner level, and will soon emerge physically aswell I believe.

    My question is: When will I get a spiritual family here in the town where I live? With spiritual family I mean friends that do the same spiritual excercise that I do who live in the same town as I do.

    I will appreciate if you do a reading for me regarding this question.

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  • Hi Carriestar,

    Lately I've done a lot of emotional housekeeping clearing out negative energy related to relationships i now realize are no longer in my best interest. When I concentrate on inviting a new man into my life i feel as if he's nearby but out of reach... like he's in the middle of a maze. Can you do a reading to guide me DOB 3/4/1959 Thanks for your time & energy in advance

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