What The Tarot cards mean to Me (One card reading wands)

  • 4 wands

    With the four of wands we are feeling more free in are life and we have a happy home to go to. We may be going to someone’s party or to a wedding or just out somewhere nice to sit around and do want we would like to do. We may be just visiting friends, family or going to see people we know from work. It may be that we come across a old friend and go someone nice with them or have some time in town with them.

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    looking at the four of wands i found that even though you have success with work you must never stop growing,learning and living. you have to set a new goal and keep reaching in order to grow! it also ties in with the justice card if you want to look that one up!

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  • Well first thank you jayjune for letting me know that and I will do that when I get back home after my holiday. Yes I will be on holiday from the 20 September to the 27 Septemer 2008 I will put two cards on day on to make up my week away and thanks for reading my cards and what they mean to me.

    Sunday 14 September 2008 at 17:48

    Two of Wands

    The two of wands is a man that is a boss and he is in control of what he does. He may travel to other places to meet other people and he enjoys traveling over water on ships or in the air. It may mean that you could be traveling from town to town by train or car to see other people or in business. If you are not in business then you may be a person that gives others the information from the boss. Then it could mean that your travel may be changing or you will need to think of using some other type of car or bus to get in to work.

  • Sunday 14 September 2008


    Monday 15 September 2008

    King of wands

    The King of wands means that there may be some new things coming your way and you should take a look at things you do or you do not have. If you are going back to school, college or just returning to work then make sure you get to know other people. If you are the boss of a business then don’t forget to get to know the people in other business or the people that work for you. You must work as a team and that will need all the workers and the mangers to work as the team. So if you are the boss or not then work with all people not just the boss.

    The King of wands opens up new experiences for us and he using any arts he has to offer. He a person that is good at talking to others and he is a good leader. He is a good person to lead other people and he has friends of all types. He is a person that will take a chance on things and see if they work.

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    Tuesday 16 Sep 2008

    Queen of wands

    The queen of wands is always a happy lady that likes to look after people or things. She is happy looking after her cat and being with other people to enjoy time with them. This may be in work, home or when she is helping as a volunteer doing something else. This lady would have a lot of friends and will be happy to see them all.

  • Monday 15 September 2008


    Wednesday 17 September 2008

    Page of Wand

    Well this card may mean that you may be about to travel to someone and it may be to a different place to enjoy yourself. You may also be going to find some new job, house to live in or going on holiday. You can enjoy yourself as it may be telling you that if you like to draw then go out and draw something. Maybe you like to learn to dance, sing or play the keyboard and if so then go out and do it. The page is for the young ones but people of any age have the right to learn, enjoy themselves as well as move jobs so don’t let anything stop you.

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    Thursday 18 September 2008

    The five of wands is trying to say that there may be some type of battle around at this time. But if there is then I must be careful to not get into the battle. Maybe I will get into some type of trouble and not need to fight. Like it may just be saying that the roads may have a few accidents on them. Maybe it could be saying that a battle may happen with other people I use to know. This card is still hard to tell what it means.

    for Friday 19 September 2008

    Nine of wands

    If I take a step out of the situation after what has happen then I may see new things or something better in life. Yes life has its up’s and its down’s and we well see much better if you sometimes take a step away from the situation. You may of like me been looking for work and not had any luck and you need to look at other things in that area that would make you happy working in. In business you can take a step back and see what the workers say to make your business better. If you are in love with a boyfriend or girlfriend then take a step to see what is happening in your life and the other persons life. If you have been drinking too much, you have had a accident see how you can get better at driving as it is never to late to learn more. So what ever it is take a step back and see what you can see from someone else’s point of view.

    for Saturday 20 September 2008

    The eight of wands

    Well this card is to do with talking to people and finding any missing information. Now being I am going away I have no idea of what the eight of wands could be saying. But if there was missing information then I will make sure I don’t miss anything when I go. Now maybe it could be saying that the information may be on the radio so I will keep my ear open for it. But if it is saying to me that there will be a message for me somewhere then I don’t have any clue at all. So lets see what happens that day.

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    Sunday 21 September 2008

    7 wands

    With the 7 of wands is here and being I will only have to drive a short way which is about 10 miles to get to a railway station then how am I going to feel frustration.

    Yes the 7 of wands tells us there will be some type of frustration but I will have it under control as I am on local roads when this day comes. But if you are frustration then do something about it. Get out of the car and walk around for a bit or do something for a bit. Don’t let yourself get frustration as its no good for you so think of ways to over come the thing and make a bad day into a good one.

    for Monday 22 September 2008

    Knight of wands

    This card is a knight that has a physically attractive as women like knights. Maybe women do like knights but what if the knight was for a lady then what? Well I’m not going to answer that one as it tells us to look good and be ourselves. But it may be that some people are cocky or they are saying they can do things when they can’t. But they also may not sweat as they may just not do as much work as the next person. Some times they do daring things and will take risks without any fear as they may rash things. But they do like travel and they can’t set down any roots and they make things happen as well. They may lash out as they have a anger lion in them and then jump in to most things without thinking first.

    for Tuesday 23 September 2008

    Ten of Wands

    The ten of wands is saying that sometimes we need to say no to people or not to take the blame when things go wrong. We must put are foot down sometimes if we know we are not in the wrong or if we do too much overtime then we again must say no. If we are not resting then we become tied or it may be that we are paying too much money out. It may be we need to ask others for help and not do it all ourselves. So this is trying to tell you that sometimes to just say no if you are getting too much overtime or to ask for help and not do it all yourself.

    for Wednesday 24 September 2008

    On the Ace of Wands I can see the sky is all gold as if the sun was around but you can’t see the sun. I can also see there is gold colour water and I can see one wand and a hand round it. At the top of the wand is a flower and there is some light of power going to the hand that is holding the wand.

    What the card means

    Well the power going into the hand it’s telling me there are new beginnings so that you can have a better way of doing things. You can also express yourself more or to allow some type of talent you have to unfold and come up with a solution in your life. You may feel that you can tackle the world again if you have been ill. You may also start to be inspire by others or others may be inspire by you. You can also give 100% confidence to others as you will start to believe in yourself if that confidence was not there. This cards shows in the gold water that things will work out for you so have faith in yourself. You need to face your fears and take the new challenge and go beyond your limits.

    If you are in to making things to sell or to keep then now is the time to do it. There may also be a new baby on it’s way into the world and you may get some news of this soon.

    So to sum up this card shows that there is some type of new beginnings as in the birth of a child, new job, making something new happen or building something for someone. But it’s also saying you can make new beginnings with friends, family or new people.

    for Thursday 25 September 2008

    6 wands

    The card has a white horse with a green cloth over its body with its head showing. The head and neck are showing as white and the reins are also green. There is a man sitting on the horse with one wand in his right hand. On top of the wand in his right hand is a circle of green leaves. There are two women at the back of the horse and to its left side holding wands as well as three other people at the front left that are holding wands. I can’t see if the three at the front are male or female. There are some trees in the background as I can see green leaves as if there are trees there.

    Well this card is trying to tell us that there may be good news to come. You may soon get a prize that you entered into or just being pride of yourself. It may be saying that the boss or someone close to you may give you a pat on the back for doing something or you receive a award for something. You may have done something that people really like and enjoy and now is the time to earn some applause. Sometime we need to put others first and not think of ourselves. If we want to get praise in our life then sometimes we must think of other people and we come out better. The stars we all love there songs, or what they play in soaps and drama and we hold out head high for them to do there sort of acts. We praise the people by buying there tickets and CD, DVDs, but they are just like us human and with the skill to help us enjoy ourselves.

    So we should be happy to sometimes give and take to any stars in buying there CDs after the hours of work then put in. We must be happy that we have a good time and we do receive things from our school, college or work. If we got a good letter then at last say thank you and if you are getting something from someone then say thanks. We all forgot sometimes that we can say thanks in so many ways and this is a message that something good is coming your way.

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