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  • this is my story, i'm just a beginner a very raw beginner, i suppose I'm posting this just to know other peoples experience in learning the tarot and some advice. I'm doing this very much on my own, cause I don't know anyone with the same interest, and like many others, I presume, it's a case of everyone around me think it as a taboo. although it's a case of when i have enough confidence and time i can probably go find plenty of people interested in tarot..

    I would love to do a one on course, and I'm proving to have some difficulties in finding them through the net. Is it a case that seminars are more popular.

    I'm also starting with the Marseilles deck. I bought a book and the deck came free, now I've looked at the deck and I'm beginning to wonder should I change deck although I do quiet like it. I've had for some time because I haven't got around to practice all that much. You see my problem is with the minor arcana how am I to know for example if the pentacles or the wands sometimes the swords are upright are reversed. The cups are a piece of cake thank god. Is it a case that the deck is cheap and there is detail missing? oh and is it a case that I'm a bit mad in the head for starting with this deck? I'm beginning to realise most people start with the Waite deck.

    oh and then there's developing your intuition, I'm finding it the case that I'm trying to learn the cards one by one. Intuition seems to be stressed in the tarot but is it a case that it just comes later as you get to know the cards. The stage I'm at seems a bit dull, cause it's like I have to learn things off by heart all most. When I do spreads (only for myself of course) like the horseshoe, I can only interpret the card in it's place. This is with the aid of interpretations from the book and search engines. How will I move on from this and learn to make a story from my spreads and how one cards affects another. I'm fond of the horseshoe and the calendar spreads you see.

    It would be nice to know is it always the case that a certain card will be able to explain the card before or after it well are they always connected. Is there always connections between cards in every direction be them laid out one after another and on top of each other? I hope that doesn't sound confusing.

    Also this is the other thing that has being niggling me lately is there set rules to spreads. in the calendar you can put out 13 cards if you wish for more insight you do a further 13 making 26. However in the horseshoe, 7 card spread I wanted more insight on the probable result only, does this mean I should put out a further 7 or could I just put 1 or 2 cards on top of card seven and try to see the scenario that the cards are showing.

    well that's all that's on my mind after looking at tarot today, quiet frankly I think that's way too much but it's so easy to get engrossed in it all. I think it's a case I want all the answers now, but I know all too well it's gonna take a while to grasp. How long did it take some of ye to realize ye were able to make accurate readings?

  • Excercise your intuition. Intuition is like this:

    You ask a question, you feel the answer.

    The card is supposed to be putting words on the answer. But really, the answer must come from within. Otherwise it is not useful. So learn how to develop your intuition. By following it and believing in it.

  • Hello Hanged Woman, I just had a horrible reading, bad news and more bad news, I wonder if it's real?? Very spooky! Can you see anything for me? Birthday 11/20/1965. I'm tring to get "it" together.

  • Hi Poetic.

    Dont worry. It is not real if you change how you feel. The tarot only answers your inner feeling. Dont worry.

    The tarot is a useful tool to understand the thoughts that realm inside of us. Whatever you got is just a reflexion of what realms inside of you. That is why it is best that you excercice your intuition and cleanse your inner feeling, so that when you ask questions you get a clear answer. If you are filled with worries and complicated thoughts when doing a reading, then the cards that come up will look like bad news. But if you change your attitude, change how you feel, then the answer will change aswell.

  • Instead of giving me your birthdate or asking me to do a reading for you, you can tell me about what worries you. I feel that you are afraid. Relax. Read about something positive. I dont like that you worry and are afraid. Practice to feel safe. Excercice faith in the light that always is with you. Believe in it so that it will be able to help you. The light can not help if you dont believe in it. Please stay calm.

    If you tell me about what you are thinking about, I might be able to feel your concerns and advice you about it.

    But I do feel that you are afraid. As in panicking. Please explain what you got in your reading or what you are afraid of.

  • I love you! I'm very paranoid sometimes and have a habit of thinking the worst. I was worried about a check that should be coming soon the reading said something would not go as planned. I tried to paste it here, didn't work. I may have to be the main "bread winner" in my family for awhile to come and I'm scared because I never had to be before. I'm scared of failing. My husband was always the breadwinner. I know if I try real hard I can do it. I don't have discipline sometimes and am impulsive. Pray for me! We almost lost our homes, but through the grace I think I saved them, we are not and never were rich. I just use my brains to try to stay one foot ahead of the game of life. We did buy at the wrong times when the market was at it's peak and now are catching Hell, trying to survive. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. It's like you are on a slippery slope and one false move and Kaput!!! I'm more afraid for my husband than me because I don't worship material things but he works so hard and is afraid of starting over. Long Story. I won't relax into the money is in my hand. I do believe in the "Most High" having my back always. Thanks for letting me Yak. I'm on Eastern Time and have to go will check back tomorrow. Love, C.C.

  • I am a beginner too so I can't give you too many answers regarding tarot spreads and how you can add to them. But I do know that I started with a non-traditional beginner's deck and I love it. I use the World Spirit Tarot and though it can take me awhile to pull together the whole message, with time, it all comes together. I would say don't be afraid to use the book with all of your readings in the beginning. The book gives you more insight on each card and you are not expected to remember every meaning of every card right away. With the book, then you can pull your own personal meaning to each cards message. I would also say to write all your readings down. Write the position you drew each card, the order, and the name/number and suit of the card. Once you have your reading on paper it is much easier to see the whole picture. Then you can read and reread it and pull more and more insight from it. Developing your intuition comes with time, but you can trust your intuition to tell you what you feel is the right message from the card and what is not. Follow your gut and that little voice inside your head telling you the answer.

    Also, for readings to start out I have been doing a 7 card spiral spread. In the shape of a spiral the cards are laid out

    4 5




    7 6

    It makes more sense on the table but 1 is your inner self, 2 is your outer surroundings (friends, family, work, home), 3 is your past, 4 is your present, 5 is your future, 6 is your lesson, and 7 is a card that should help pull the rest of the reading together. I have been practicing this spread and have gotten some really accurate readings. I hope this can help.

  • Good tips from Universalharmony.

    Poetic. Good that my words helped. Really, the cards merely reflect you feelings. So remember to excercice faith in the light, and the light will fill you and your future look better every time you use the cards. That is 100 % my own experience. So never worry, always pray and excercice to strengthen your faith in God. To teach your mind how to think, so to speak, to teach yourself to practice non-fear, you can read books or see films that teach about ancient wisdom that still is 100 % true and never goes out of date. See www.thesecret.tv and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b1GKGWJbE8

    Never accept catastrophe way of thinking. Always believe that there is a benevolent amount of support and love that is watching over you, and you will feel the responsibilities in your life as a gift of serving the highest will for your family instead of rather an obstacle. When you see it this way, God will be able to join you in what you are trying to do. The light is our servant as long as we have faith in it. Then it can show us who we are by awakening our souls when we have let the light fill our bodies and souls. So exercise faith.

  • Ok thanks to both of u! God Bless!

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