I need a reading desperately, I'm so confused

  • I've been knowing this man 07/20/73 for over 6 years we started out as friedns until about 3 years ago. After a second attempt (on his part) we started dating in '06. We've had many emotional ups and downs ins and outs. Recently after reading all of the blogs about how difficult cancer men can be I sat him down told him that I could no longer trust him with my heart, and that I no longer saw any potential in our relationship beyond friendship. I wasn't trying to fake him out or anything I really was TIRED. Well after I put my foot down he's made a 100 % improvement. He is now like the person I use to be friends with before we became intimate. That is the question. I haven't been physical with him since february, lately we've been getting so close it's been getting harder to resist but I'm worried that if we become intimate things will just get confusing as they did before. I was hoping I could get a reading to see if there is any potential for this relationship to be more then just a friendshi, or will further intimacy end in disaster. Oh I am born 06/05/74

    Thank you

  • Hi Sexygem,

    I have done a tarot reading for you regarding this situation.

    significator.....Alchemy (restraint) -

    This card shows that you tend to analyze everything. You're trying to restrain yourself until you have all the answers.

    1st card... Father of Cups (fatherhood) reversed -

    This card implies that your friend has been temperamental in the past. He has a tendency to be insecure and defensive.

    2nd card...Ace of Stones (abundance) -

    The perfect time to take action. Togetherness.

    3rd card... The High Priestess (meditation) -

    Do not ask yourself what you think but rather what you feel. Do not analyze.

    I feel that these cards are suggesting that you have a tendency to over analyze everything and this could contribute to your friends moodiness. The pressure might be off a bit now because you are not intimately involved. This has let you relax a bit, with your expectations, which would have a relaxing effect on your friend.

    Have you ever watched the Dog Whisperer? When the owner has a stressful energy their dog picks up on it and it exasperates the problem behavior. I tend to think men are a lot like dogs in this way. No offense to any man reading this. Anyway, if he is now being loving and affectionate, throw him a bone. Or, more to the point, let him throw you one. Reward only good behavior and he will soon learn what it takes to please you. You do not have to harp on what you don't like. Remember it doesn't have to be all or nothing. If things stop going well you could always move on. There are many puppies in the pound.

    This being said, only you know if his past behavior warrants another chance. Use your intuition, don't analyze.

  • Thank you, I've been told that I over analyze a few times, even by him. I always try to be safe, but it hasn't stoped me from being hurt, maybe it's time to try something elese. Even if it seems scarry, I will trust my intuition, and go with the flow. Thank you for your imput.

  • You're welcome.

  • so i met with my cancer, everything was wonderful, we connected talked about our past , present , and future we decided to stop seeing other people. He has a few female "friends" I asked him to narrow them down to women who he's known for over 3 years and not slept with. I really don't want him talking to any other women but compromise is good right? we were so close and bonded he called me this morning to make sure I was ok. Things went better then I had planned, he actuall told and showed me all the ways he was trying to change to make me happy.

    I never wanted to change him i just want to understand what he needs and how I can give it to him. now lets see what happens over the coming weeks, with the ebb and flow. In the past he'd pull away after about 2 days (he always calls the next day) we had it out at the beggining because to not call a girl the next day is JUST MEAN to me anyway, like I said we'll see what the week brings and hope things have changed for the better at long last

  • I hope things work out for you.

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