Pisces male...is he attracted to me?

  • I am a Scorpio and he is a Pisces. I am 22 and he is 25. We flirt a lot with each other, but he is pretty playful with everyone. How do I know if he actually is attracted to me as more than a friend?

    Today he said that he loved me in a playful way and I said "no you don't"...then he said "I do. I can't stop thinking about you." He said this while we were joking around, but is it normal for a guy to say something like this if they don't really like the person?

    Also he told me the other day that he was thinking about moving back to his home state but when I asked him why, he said that he wasn't and that he just wanted to see what I would say. Does he like me or is he just curious and playful?

    Today he shared a drink with me, but said that I had to sit down with him while he ate for him to share it with me. Please remember we are older so it is odd that he would do something so silly lol.

    He tells me that he loves me in a playful way all the time, but he doesn't say this to any of the other girls we work with. When he is talking to me, he doesn't say my name, but instead says baby or sweetheart. Is this normal Pisces behavior if they are interested in someone?

  • Hi Amber,

    Yes he likes you but he is actually shy underneath and uses joking to keep from being hurt.

    I sense that he said “love” mostly to see how you would respond.

    If I were you, I would just keep playing the game and slowly learn more about each other. Not just the fun stuff, but belief systems, family relationships, kids, etc. It sounds promising to me, just work to keep honesty first in all things.

    Don’t be overly concerned about astrological signs. They can be very accurate if all the planets and aspects are complimented with your/his own personal growth, and how you both can live with compromising for the right things.

    This is rather the way my husband and I started; just having fun and getting to know each other. I fell in love with him and told him so but followed with “I don’t want to hear you say it unless you really mean it”. Our relationship had time to develop and grow until he actually meant what he said.

    We celebrated our 39th anniversary last month, and 9-24 will be the 40th anniversary of the day we met.

    In Light and Love,


  • Hi Amber,

    Judee is right when she said that he likes you and uses jokes to go around.

    As a typical pisces, thats how i flirt around with my ideal gal...to see their respond, to gauge how much this gal likes me before i actually go for it.

    Normally if I liked a gal (i dunno abt other pisces), i will do small little thing which will touch the others....like opening the door for this special gal, observe and be real attentive abt her action/feeling etc so that i can be of 'service' to her when situation arises.

    It should be felt or be obvious enough for the other party to realise/feel it...

    So yes, i think this guy likes you 😄

  • lol YES he likes you!...his name isnt Jordan is it? Pisces guys are hot. : )

  • Pisces men are selfish!! Just see if anything he says is at all grounded in reality! they play games to start but rarely follow through in reality - as a scorpio woman i bet you like things to be passionate and intense but also REAL - don't expect this from a pisces dude. Just tell him to be honest and stop playing games and see if he can actually do it. Seeing what your reaction is by making false statements will end up being really upsetting in the long term - and don't expect that to change either. i agree with Judee about finding out more about each other but pisces men will never stop 'playing the game'.

  • Amber, I m Piscean man & I can surely say that he really loves u but he is trying to search the same promising side in u bcas piscean people r very promising and a commited kind. they r also very vulnerable and romantic too. they r too dreamy but very innovative and artistic. They r one woman man once if they start loving the person they will never leave her, they will stand till the end but simultaneously too egoistic, indecisive at times and very impractical kind but too poetic, u can say good writers or wonderful thinkers and person with good thoughts on a move to change the world, who will disagree relationship without love, take my words, there r many other stars working in a horoscope too but this is a normal side of a pisces. try too understand him they r always very witty kind they never like tensions or crying bcas as such they r too emotional & sesitive. they will never bow down if they r correct but if wrong they will say sorry many times, they will never hide anything and will face any circumstances with courage and they r very helping kind. i m sorry to ask but why angelakb is so negative about pisces? i dont know she must have had some bad experiance but pisces r also flirtious til they get serious in relationship which they will always think of converting it into relation. Now u judge how u can make him committed lover if u love him & true to him.

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