Scorpio woman and Capricorn man.Does anyone have insight?

  • I was wondering first of all what it is about Capricorn men that attracts me so heavily? I've been in love with one since I was about four,now I'm 33 and more crazy about him than ever!! I got to see him last summer a few times,only for the second time in 15 years,and I practically had to pinch myself to really believe that I was sitting in the same room with him,I was sitting at a table with a bunch of people talking,but I didn't hear a word anybody said except for him,and the sound of his voice ohmg!!! There are truly no words to describe the intensity of the feelings I have for this guy,and for the first time I saw in his eyes that he was quite attracted to me too...:)

    But,we're married,live on different continents,don't keep in touch and really I just need to let go of him.I dream about him constantly and I remember every word he's said to me since I was 12,we grew up together,except for between where we were 10 and 15 he lived out of town,after that he came back,and that's when I really fell head over heels and still do every time I see him.So what is it that makes him so irrestible? I know I love the way he looks,he's the most handsome man on planet earth! but also I get so turned on by his aloofness.Maybe we're really compatible?not that I'd wanna do anything about it,but I'd like to know all the same... I'm starting to believe we were together in another life,I just love him soooo much and know I will until I take my last breath.So,here are our birthdays,mine,Nov 11 1976 and his Jan 10 1974 if anyone can read charts and tell me what is going on...Thanks so much for reading!

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