Virgo Craft Challenge: Get Organized

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    Just hit the "Reply" button to post a pic of your craft, and you'll be entered in the contest.

    With the Sun in industrious Virgo, make the most of this work-oriented time by creating a unique organizational craft!

    Organizing is the Virgo strategy for increasing efficiency and productivity. When you're organized, it's much easier to stay focused and accomplish your goals. Some possible organizational crafts are: book or laptop satchel, pen and pencil case, business card holder, office supply organizer, file folder container, CD organizer … or, use your imagination! As a conscientious Earth sign, "green" crafts -- utilizing reused or recycled materials -- are especially recommended!

    • Post a photo of your craft in this forum topic, along with a description of it, how you made it, and what materials you used.

    • The contest is open from noon Pacific Time on August 25 to noon Pacific Time on September 18.

    • Polling will happen from noon Pacific Time on September 18 to noon Pacific Time on September 22, with live results displayed in the Forums. Each participant can enter only ONE project.

    • The winner will receive a one-on-one, personal Astrology consultation with Jeff Jawer! The winner will be announced on September 23, after the Sun moves out of Virgo and into Libra. Good luck!

  • great topic

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm super-excited about this one! I'm extremely organized and now I just have to figure out which of my many projects to enter... I'm thinking probably my closet!

  • I see now the Universe IS conspiring to get me organized... Yay! I can use all the help I can get!

  • I made this felted laptop case to match my favorite tea-pot. It is hand-made by a process called wet felting from real sheep wool (bought at some village) and I decorated it with flowers and butterfly using a technique called needle-felting (but for decoration I used a store bought fiber).

  • Close-up of the above laptop case.

  • "metamorphosis" painting in oi lDSC06334

  • I didn't make this I umm.. had it made by Amish craftsmen. It is made of wood, wood being a natural, long lasting, and renewable resource. It helps me stay organized.

  • Here is that photo again.

  • See the guy holding the cute Basset Hound pup? His name is Bob. You see, I am physically disabled and in constant debilitating pain. My "family of origin" showed themselves to be more than useless after I was FINALLY diagnosed ( it only TOOK them 25 years!), during the two brain surgeries I've had to endure thus far, after those brain surgeries and throughout rehabilitation from the surgeries. Especially since the second brain surgery was badly botched and I very nearly died after falling into a coma and experiencing severe seizures. (I don't remember anything about the coma or seizures and very little surrounding them.) And not surprisingly, my family of "origin" (I call them my "DNA matches," which is far more accurate than ANY type of "family") has continued to show their uselessness every single day of the rest of my life since all of this occurred. Not only are they useless, but they are emotionally, verbally, and even physically harmful. Actually, I need to amend that; decades before I was properly diagnosed, I took a LOT of abuse from them, and especially from my registered-nurse/ordained minister "MOTHER"! (My own version of "Mommie Dearest" enjoyed calling me a "hypochondriac," a "malingerer," an "attention-seeker," a "flat-out liar," a "drug-seeker," a "drug-addict," a "junkie," and anything else she could think of along those lines. When I was properly diagnosed, one would expect an apology, at the very least. I never got one. And I probably never will.) My psychotherapist, psychiatrist, pain management specialist, and even my "family doctor" who knows ALL of them) encouraged me to have a "parendectomy," which I did, quickly followed by my removing my siblings (two useless "sisters") from my life as well.

    The second brain surgery (which was performed because I have Arnold-Chiari malformation) -- the one that ended up being very nearly fatal -- turned out to have been completely unnecessary on top of every other rotten thing that happened because of it. Three of my physicians (I have so many doctors it's ridiculous, and I try very hard NOT to see them very often if I possibly can help it) actually encouraged me to sue the neurosurgeon, and actually brought up the topic themselves! One month after my second surgery, and before I joined forces with two-or-three dozen other former patients of his, my now-former neurosurgeon had his medical license revoked for performing unnecessary brain surgeries! According to several other neurosurgeons (one of whom is now an attorney -- not MY attorney, but AN attorrney), my first brain surgery for the ACM was necessary and actually went as well as could be expected, but the second one was completely UN-necessary, on top of being very nearly fatal.

    When someone becomes disabled and/or goes through something as devastating as all of this has been, that person tends to find out VERY QUICKLY who their real friends are. Unfortunately, I've discovered that out of all the friends that I thought I had, I really have only TWO. One of them, Dulcy, has since moved out of state and married, and her life has become fairly complicated as well. Still, she has always been there for me, as much as she possibly can under the circumstances. The other friend, Bob, has been and continues to be an absolute God-send. (And he is a FRIEND, nothing more and nothing less. Our relationship is only platonic.) He has been there for me before, during, and after I was diagnosed, and throughout all of the medical procedures, surgeries, and everything else that has occurred in my life over the past 12 years. He is my rock, and I have absolutely no idea what I would do without him. I do know that without him, I would be homeless and would have no access to the medical care that I so desperately need. I don't know how anything would get done, medically or otherwise -- from the mundane to the extraordinary. Bob has saved my life, literally and figuratively, more times than I can possibly count.

    I realize that Bob doesn't exactly fit the description of a "craft," but he is my hero and he deserves every bit of praise, attention, and credit that is possible for me to bring to light. Any other means of acknowledging him ("my best friend," "my hero," etc.) are all for children only; as you can see from his photo (and as you can see from mine if it posts), we come closer to being "crafts" than we do "children!" grin

    I don't expect to win the contest at all; I've already won more than I deserve, having Bob for a friend! Thank you for letting me tell everyone how wonderful he is!

  • Trying to post a photo of Bob; this is Bob with my late sweetheart Basset Hound, Priscilla. (She left us in the year 2000.)

  • And the winner is ....

    Webmistress! members selected Webmistress's felted laptop cover as the winner! Webmistress will receive a personal Astrology consultation with Master Astrologer Jeff Jawer, author of our Weekly Love Horoscopes. Webmistress, someone from will be in touch with you shortly via e-mail to arrange for you to receive your prize.

    Thanks everyone, and get started on the new craft challenge: Beastly to Beautiful!

  • Thank you, I am very happy! :)))

  • Belated congrats! 🙂

  • I've recently come out of a very dark period in my life. Creating art really helped me organize my brain and myself. It helped get the "muck" out of my conscience. There is nothing greater than the therapy of creating!!

  • Oops. Files were too big before. Here they are again.

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