Any psychic insight?

  • Do any of you have any psychic insight regarding this reading?

    I asked the cards about having a baby....

    The significator card....Mother of Cups - motherhood... I pulled this out of the full deck

    Card 1( influences from the recent past)....The Sun - life

    Card2 ( what is crowning you)....Daughter of Swords - confidence

    Card3 (the direction that things are heading)...10 of Wands - oppression

  • Congratulations! It's probably a girl. Maybe twins? But you must take great caution not to succumb to post-partum depression or repeat the patterns of your own childhood.

    That's my take 🙂


  • On this link it says on the bottom that the 10 of wands might mean laboring. I think that means that you will get pregnant.

  • Thank you Delphin and TheHangedWoman.

    Delphin- What pointed you to possible twins?

    It's interesting. I actually was pregnant with twins last year but miscarried. One was a girl, I don't know what the other one was. I was asking the cards about getting pregnant again. Past readings from different psychics always mention me having a girl and that she may come with a twin. I had two readings after the miscarriage and they brought this up and said she will come again. I had a reading several months ago with someone else, she didn't mention babies at all. When I asked she said she saw a 50-50 chance that I'll have one, but if I did she felt that it would be a girl. This last reading was kind of depressing. I'm trying to stay positive. I'm too close to the situation to objectively interpret the cards or to use my own intuitive abilities on this.

  • Just pray to God and say to God what you want, and it will emerge. You have no problem. Just prepare your life as if the baby is coming soon. The universe will answer your faith. Life comes out of ourselves. From our feelings. Dont worry, just know that you have everything that you need. Prepare yourself for a blessing. Worries just sustain the waiting period or blocks it from happening alltogether. That is why it is not good to worry or even doubt. Be courageous and know that you have everything that you need allready.

  • Thank you. That's great advice.

  • I heartily echo TheHangedWoman's sage letters.

    As to what pointed me to twins, I don't see it or recall immediately, which means it was more channeled information than anything. I probably used the word 'maybe' to signify that it's yet indeterminate.

    Definitely a daughter, though 🙂


  • The significator is separated from the deck of cards, and the reading should be completed. There are 7 more cards to place in a Celtic Spread.

    Ultimately, you have the desire to have a child, but you are uptight about it and too much anxiety fouls up the process. You need to relax.

    In this reading, the Sun is your covering card, showing your fervent desire. The Queen of Swords is the crossing card and shows you are presently alone in your desire, and 10 of swords is your foundation, showing you have experienced oppression by trying too hard. The rest of the spread is, in actuality, incomplete.

    Let us know what the next 7 cards are, and we can help you finish your reading.

  • Sorry I meant 10 of wands.

  • Firefly,

    This wasn't a Celtic Cross spread.

    The card they call a significator in this particular spread is misleading, as it is a card pulled from the whole deck. You can think of it as card 1 if it's less confusing. It represents the self and how you are currently part of the message.

    The next card represents influences from your recent past

    The next is what is crowning you (what's on your mind or what power is flowing into you)

    The last is the direction in which things are heading

  • I forgot to say that the most equivalent card to the Daughter of Swords in other decks is the Princess of Swords not the Queen.

  • Delphin-

    Whatever it was that lead you to say definitely seemed to hit on something there.

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