Please Help Locate Reading

  • Hi All,

    Just hoping one of the wonderful people that offered free readings in the early Spring remembers me.

    I neglected to save the topic( just shows how stressed I have been lately), but asked for a reading w/ BD 02/09/55.

    Have tried numerous times to back-track to the correct topic and failed 😞

    I'm still really interested in any advice that is offered. I still desperately need it.

    Promise to at least make sure I save the topic next time.

    Love, Peace, and many, many thanks!!

  • Post a request for a reading, quit trying to find a past one 🙂

  • I would go to "show me" and select either topics I have participated in or topics I have started in order to find the thread you are looking for.

  • Thanks. Tried that. Only one thread listed from almost a year ago.

  • Dear piccolo,

    Admin has recently deleted a lot of threads with readings on them because they felt it went against their policy about giving personal readings so yours might have been on one of those. I would suggest the same as debijo to just look for a current thread such as the one by Hanswolfgang and ask for a new reading. Take care. Sending you lots of LOVE!


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