MsSunny, do you got the time?

  • This saturday(3 days ago) I was working(makeup artist, education ends 24th this month) and I saw this really cute guy working in the store that we were borrowing clothes from. So I walked up to him at the end of it all, gave him my number and then walked away. But the thing is that I got a feeling about him, I have never done like that before but I just feelt like I had to. I didn´t say anything else than his name and he said yeah: and then I just gave him my number because he opened the piece of paper, I thought he wanted somehting else because he came out with a piece of paper and pen after I left but that was because he needed the number of the person being responsible for the whole photoshoot.

    So my questions are, and please Hans. just clear and straight answers like yes no, and if he will call when, no riddles please

    Will he call me/is he single?

    Did he laugh or throw my number away after I left?

    Will something happen between us?

    Will I get some help from one of the models sister? She is MUA as well and he said she could help me when I´m done witht eh education.

    His name is Julios, a blonde punkrocker, looks like Billy Idol but much hotter...

    I don´t know his birthdate but mine is 11th of august 1989

  • Sorry, i copied from another thread were I also asked for help so ignore everything execept from the questions and the story

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