Falling into a depression... Don't know what to do....

  • So as many of you may know my ex and I broke up two weeks ago and I am devastated by it. But since my ex and I have split there have been many men who have shown interest. Cris1962 I was want to say you were right about Mr. C he is such a scatter brain it is a turn off and I have zero interest in having a relationship with him. Mr. Brown and I had a disagreement over me telling him I would call him back because I was on a call. I am extremely turned off by that as well. My ex whom I dated before my most recent ex I will call him Mr. P has been calling and texting me everday. He wants to reconcile. Its been 4 years since we split. I liked him a lot in the past and I totally enjoy his company as a friend. But ultimately I have no attraction what so ever to him. At the time we dated he was a mess, he broke my heart. It was a lot easier to get past than where I am now. Even my very first ex who was my first boyfriend has been calling to take me out to dinner and "hang out" but he is married and he has said letting me go was the biggest mistake he has ever made. But again at the time he had major issues. Just so many guys. And I dont want any of them.

    I have been taking the time to work on myself and get to know myself as advised (although I do feel that I am very much in touch with myself) but as I spend more and more time alone I am becoming more and more depressed. I sit and I have thoughts like "why did he choose her over me", " How can I be sitting here feeling like this and he is happy with her". They are making me so sad. I have lost interest in so many of the things I used to love. Everyday is like a painful drag and I am getting nowhere. The last readings I had were so discouraging . I feel like I no longer have control and I dont know what to do or where to turn and this really sucks because this is not who I am and I have never been like this in the past. Where do I go from here?

  • I dont know. Motivate your self. Seek help. Read books. Gain knowlege. Check the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b1GKGWJbE8

    The reason that the reading is so bad, is because readings answer how we feel. That is why it is best that clarvoiants do readings. Or to put it this way: When you are filled with a calm, relaxed, open attitude. Preferably a clairvoiant state as well.

    Cheer up. Share your experiences here if you want. We may help you.

  • I think you should make contact and explain if you really have love for this person. You can at least ease your mind that you tried, and if the other person does not care or want to get back together cut you losses and move forward. The 2 of you have some baggage from a previous relationsip ansd sometimes it tends to carry over to another and cause an even bigger mess. But try.

  • Dear Friend,

    You have a choice. You can choose to feel the way you are feeling, or you can choose to get up take a walk, turn on some music, dance, go to a show, clean the house, walk the dog, watch a movie to make you laugh or cry, take a bath, call a friend and talk about anything but relationships, meditate on why you have such a need for another person in your life when they all seem crappy, go fishing, hike a mountain, run down the street and back, find a waterfall to climb to -- You can and must choose yourself. Choose to live, because what you are doing sweetie, is not that. Here is a big hug. Know that you are loved.

  • Strange how I click on this and read your article, I too have am in the same situation you are, I seem to have lost who I once was, I too sit home with no interest, maybe its part of healing? I dunno, Just want you to know, your not alone.

  • My dear junglebunny, the reason why you are depressed, is because you are not seeking happiness within. You cannot say you are in touch with yourself if you are having all these negative feelings, that you have control over. I am sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but I am a real person, meaning, I don't beat around the bush, I tell it like it is. True and ultimate happiness comes from within, not from external forces, and especially not from someone else. There is a reason why things happen, and you have to understand this. Being alone is how you manifest the things you need to change, ask yourself why are you depressed, and write down the reasons why, and work on those. You cannot change anyone else but yourself. It does not matter why he chose this person or that person, all of that is irrelevant. What is relevant is how "YOU" feel, what you like, what you are doing to embrace yourself. I meditate, and chant NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO to manifest my highest life condition. When I feel down, I chant to find the reason why within, not on the outside. I chant to be awakened to my true self. You will go through highs and lows, because we are human, but the ultimate love you can give is to yourself. When you set your boundaries, and find out what you really want in a mate, right them down, and pray to manifest those qualities within you to attract what you want. We never stop growing, there is always something within us that needs attention, life is not meant to be easy, for if it were, then you would not grow in the most positive way.

    The readings you received you said were not positive, but readings are just that, it is ultimately up to you to manifest how you want things in your life.

    I have been alone for close to 5 years now, and believe me, after 15 years of marriage, it was the best thing I did for myself. Sure there are times when I get lonely, but then I go out, there are times when I get frustrated, I go for a walk, but in all everyday life is wonderful. Life is mystical, love is mystical. I can recommend a very good book for you to read, it is called..."In the Meantime, finding yourself and the love you want." by Iyanla Vanzant. I read that book everytime I need a lift, or for re-assurance that I am doing the right thing.

    I am alone, because I choose to be a lone. I have met men, but for some reason, they are not what I am looking for, but funny thing is...it is because I know why. I am still in my masters program, I don't have a career, and I know that right now is not the time for me. I have met a man that holds my heart, but right now, he needs to do what he needs to do. No, I am not depressed, and no I am not waiting around for him either, I am doing what I need to do for ME.

    So, please my dear, cheer up and realize the world is waiting for the true YOU!

  • Hi thank you for all of the responses. In the last few days I have worked through many of the issues I have and I am no longer feeling down, or depressed, in fact I feel pretty darn wonderful. And you know what dejamum in the last few days there has been a major change in my tarot readings they are no longer the cryptic messages I was getting before. I am content 🙂

  • What a perfect message to send. We are a child of GOD and don't forget that he will not forget you. Believe in HIM and get over the worldly heartache. I have been lonely for most of my divorced life. Now I face the death of a boyfriend who hanged himslef in jail. You don't know lonely, count your blessings if you can't call a friend or have a boyfriend all you have is the radio and be glad for that, be glad in all you do because no one likes a loser and nobody promised you a rose garden, make hay while the sun shines.

  • Junglebunny, so happy to hear that. Hang in there. :0)

  • i just wanted to say that its lovely that so many people care about others and am delighted to becomming part of it

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