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  • I was wondering how the next 12 months are going to go for me and my family. My husband started a new business last year and it is slow right Thanks. Mare

  • Mare,

    I did a tarot spread regarding your question.

    significator ...3 of stones (work)

    It seems as though your husband has chosen a business that matches his skills and aptitude. He is determined to make it work.

    1st card ....the universe (oneness) reversed

    This card shows that in the past he may have had problems moving forward.

    2nd card...5 of stones (material difficulties) reversed

    This implies that things should start to improve soon. There may be new opportunities associated with the business.

    3rd card....6 of stones (success)

    This card shows definite tangible success for the future. Remember to be practical as all businesses have their ups and downs.

  • manifestdreams, I desperately need a reading I don't know what direction to take with regards to the man I am madly in love with I posted today "desperately need a reading" Please help me too.

  • Sexygem,

    I've done a reading for you under your original post.

  • Thank U so much for ur reading. It is right on the money. Regards Mare

  • You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.

  • Can U tell me how the next 12 months will go for me health wise and caree . Regards Mare

  • Mare,

    For your health reading this is what came up. It's not medical advice so if you're concerned about anything see a doctor.

    1st card -Daughter of Swords (confidence)

    This card suggests that you have a youthful energy.

    2nd card - Ace of Cups (emotion) -

    The blissful union of body, mind and spirit. Fertility and Emotional fulfillment. This is in the position of your recent past.

    3rd card- Wheel of Fortune (chance)

    This card shows that a change is coming if it hasn't already. A start of a new cycle for you.

    4th card- Seven of Swords (uselessness)

    Some meanings of this card are...being restless and unsure of your purpose in life, pessimism, depression.

    This reading seems to indicate that all though you seem to be an emotionally healthy person, changes that you are experiencing could lead to some depression if you're not careful.

    Your career reading

    1st card- Son of Wands (charisma) reversed

    Being afraid of change, stagnation, lack of confidence.

    2nd card- 3 of Stones ( work) reversed

    This position is your recent past. Some possible meanings... work is not going well., possibly being fired or laid off.,concerns about money, difficulty finding a job,dissatisfied and bored with what you do for a living.

    3rd card - Ten of Cups (Success)

    Arriving at your true home, success in what really matters.

    4th card- Two of Stones (Harmony) reversed

    The start of a separation, a crack appears in your plans, discord.

    This reading could indicate that your career will take a direction that puts you in a situation that you are more at home with. Or that you have time to appreciate your home life. There seems to be a breaking away that you need to go through for this.

  • alot of what u said is true again Thank U Mare

  • You're welcome

  • I am very unhappy right now with my job. Do u see any changes for me in the coming year. I am at a real breaking point. Regards Mare

  • Hello Manifestdreams!!

    My life seems like it's on a roller coaster.

    Will anything positive going to happen to me??

    It's a loaded question but I feel like I've had a lot of bad luck and would like to know if any happiness is coming my way.

  • This is probably not what you want to hear but spirit (a round man in a long white coat Iinsists this message)) your roller coaster ride is indeed out of your control. Your hands clutching for dear life---- "LETTING GO" is the last thing you feel like doing! Bad luck like roller coasters happen Outside of yourself. This wild ride out of your control is your greatest challenge. You are frustrated to the point of lashing out from your shadow side--letting off steam because you are so overloaded with fear and frustration. You go around and around with yourself searching for a magic descision Happiness comes from within. It's about all we really have in our control. Pick up any spiritual help book and it is the bottom line. And it sucks for all of us! How do we get happy when the world around us crumbles. Death, financial ruin, illness, heartbreak and all the other possible losses that touch us are very universal. You are at a crossroads so the heat has been turned up a notch. Life is a journey of lessons and growth. How we react, deal with the raw hand dealt us is the only control we have. Your message is a big bold blinking highway sign that says "LIVE IN THE MOMENT". You've heard the old serenity prayer and that is your mantra. I'm not just asking you to walk a walk I know nothing about. I've taken that journey and learned the hardest of ways about letting go. Life will turn up the heat until we get it. In my younger days I've lost it all--several times. I've been abused. I've lost a child. The past is gone, the future is not ours to own but this moment is ours. Decide what you can change now and then let the rest go because to get yourself crazy over it all is to rob yourself of the moment. This moment that could be your last with the people you love most. Smell the roses. At night when the fearful thoughts are racing--instead start a "I am greatful prayer" Start with the simpilest things we take for granted like--I am thankful for my toes--I am greatful for my hands, I am greatful for my eyes--I am greatful for my comfy bed and let the list go on and on untill it drifts you to sleep. I promise you this change in energy will send to the wotld a new message that you are ready to "recieve". Thankfullness brings its own Harvest. Spirit says happy Thanksgiving and I see him handing you a sweet red lollipop.

  • We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia but thanks anyway.

    I eat Turkey at Christmas.Usually too much like Joey did on Friends.

    I'm trying to live in the moment but being thrown curve balls is a bit hard.

    I haven't used magic in a while cause I realised I was obsessing with it so I haven't done any in months.Until my head is right and there's balance, no magic for me.

    I've done my own walk.Broken engagement,Cheating,Addictions to both drugs and alcohol.

    Beat all of them on my own.No therapy or rehab.

    I just feel I've been tested enough and I'm still being tested to see how tough I am.

    I'm tough but everything all at once is a bit rough even for me.

  • marerose,

    I've done a reading on your situation.

    two of cups reversed

    10 of swords reversed

    two of wands reversed

    the heirophant reversed

    There have been fights, arguments and a lack of trust. This could be at your job or in your marriage because of stress. In the past, you thought things might be getting better and were just starting to trust, but now are losing faith in your ability to continue to do your job.There is a feeling of desperation and giving up. Don't let your desperation lead you to rash decisions. If you can hang on for the mean time and start looking for work in a more unconventional setting you will be better off.

    Take care.

  • Hello, I see you have done some readings for people regarding career and family. I would like a reading about my career, and family, there have been ups and downs but I feel a change of some kind may be coming and I hope I am prepared for it. The job can be stressful as well as family, but I still feel blessed. Thank you for your time.

  • Thank u I will try to find some thing better. Mare

  • Hi cyw39

    I did a reading for you.

    Two of Cups-love

    Ten of Swords-ruin

    Ten of Stones reversed-richness

    The Empress-femininity

    The cards indicate that you have or will have a happy partnership. You've been worried about your life and recently things might have seemed like everything would fall down around you, but be careful not to be pessimistic. Things you have been wanting in your life may be delayed for the time being, but your joy will follow very soon. You will be much more emotionally content in the near future.

  • Manifestbreams,

    Thank you for the reading, It gives me hope . It has been difficult the past few days emotionally.

    I know difficulties pass, but I needed some news to know that I am going the right direction. You have been more help than you know. I am truly grateful to you for taking the time to respond. I pray you continue to help others.

  • You're welcome. Glad I could help.

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