Virgo Craft Challenge: Get Organized

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    Just hit the "Reply" button to post a pic of your craft, and you'll be entered in the contest.

    With the Sun in industrious Virgo, make the most of this work-oriented time by creating a unique organizational craft!

    Organizing is the Virgo strategy for increasing efficiency and productivity. When you're organized, it's much easier to stay focused and accomplish your goals. Some possible organizational crafts are: book or laptop satchel, pen and pencil case, business card holder, office supply organizer, file folder container, CD organizer … or, use your imagination! As a conscientious Earth sign, "green" crafts -- utilizing reused or recycled materials -- are especially recommended!

    • Post a photo of your craft in this forum topic, along with a description of it, how you made it, and what materials you used.

    • The contest is open from noon Pacific Time on August 25 to noon Pacific Time on September 18.

    • Polling will happen from noon Pacific Time on September 18 to noon Pacific Time on September 22, with live results displayed in the Forums. Each participant can enter only ONE project.

    • The winner will receive a one-on-one, personal Astrology consultation with Jeff Jawer! The winner will be announced on September 23, after the Sun moves out of Virgo and into Libra.

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