Anyone need help?

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  • Hello Captain,

    You've advised me before....since then....I have rid myself of the negative people and energies in my surrounding life.

    I have become a blank slate, with a feeling of lack of guidance, of where to start, taking the next step into new past mistakes with men, no shame of drug abuse or self abuse, a pure future...I am here, I have all the know-how and no how-to....true belief in my own being and faith in the universe struggles...."believe" and "faith" are tattooed to each of my wrists...but those abstract nouns have me more lost then ever....

    Guidance, my dear friend, if you can look within and without...I trust in the universe...and in your guidance....

    Thank you,


    Peace and Happiness Always..xoxo

  • I've never been divination in my life, but I'd like to be done. Because I have a very complicated relationship with boyfriends. For some reason, it seems to me that I will not love anybody else. I want to be guided to the right path ...

  • CindyCindy, perhaps if you didn't push your writing course here, you might attract sincere boyfriends?

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