The presence of a spirit? My experience

  • I went camping about a month ago with my boyfriend and my 7 year old son. We camped in tents on my boyfriends grandparents property that sits directly on a beautiful lake in Maine. It was my first time camping there, or going there at all. My boyfriends grandparents have a beautiful house that sits back a stone throw from the lake. In front of the house (facing the lake) is their very well landscaped yard, and their own private soft white sand beach. Off to the side of the property there is a fire pit, some picnic tables, and plenty of space for pitching tents, which is what we did.

    We arrived on a Friday night at dusk on the night of the full moon, or the night just after. We stayed until late Sunday afternoon and had a fantastic time.

    The first night we were there, a few very strange things occurred, and they continued until the day we left. For example,on the very first night, we sat around the camp fire making smores, talking, and singing while my boyfriend played the guitar. While he was playing, he was sitting on the picnic table bench and I was sitting in a fold up beach chair.... (my son was sleeping in the tent nearby). Suddenly the other fold up beach chair which was leaning up against the far end of the picnic table bench in the collapsed position, became "uncollapsed" and had opened up as if someone was about to sit down in it. At first I didn't think to much of this, because stranger things have happened in life. It wasn't until the second event occurred that I began to think we had "company". The second thing that happened came within 20 minutes of the first thing. My boyfriend had set the guitar down and leaned it up against the picnic table while we were talking. He was sitting very close to me and both of his hands were in front of him, when one of the guitar strings suddenly strummed, loud and clear into the night. At that point we both just looked at each other totally perplexed.

    The next day, my son was swimming in the lake and we were sitting in beach chairs on the beach when I heard what sounded like a male voice calling my son's name from the direction of our campsite. Within a second of that, my son said, "What mom?" I looked up from my magazing and told him that I hadn't said anything, and he said, "oh, I thought you called my name". Again, my boyfriend and I just looked at each other because he heard the same thing my son and I did. Nothing else seemed to take place that day, but the next day, I had walked up to the house and plugged my cell phone into the outlet that was outside on the deck. When I went back to get it several hours later, the phone was unplugged and leaning up on it's side against the house, as opposed to how I left it lying flat on it's back. My boyfriends grandparents hadn't been home all weekend, and there wasn't any wind that day, so If a human didn't do it, and the wind didn't blow it around (which isn't even a very plausible explanation anyway), how did my phone become unplugged and get moved?

    So that is my experience and I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what I experienced or why, or who? I have never experienced anything quite like it before, but I CAN say that I didn't have any bad vibes or negative feelings, and I wasn't scared.

    Any thoughts, comments, or input would be very well recepted!



  • I once asked God: God, if it is your will that I will go to church tomorrow, then wake me up in the right time.

    I woke up in the right time by a voice saying my name. Right into my ear. I could feel the breath of the person from talking into my ear. I woke up immediately and looked around. I was alone.

    I went to church that day because of the experience and my promice that I would if I was woken up in the right time.

    The voice was the voice of a child.

    Back to your experience:

    So perhaps it is a good soul that for some reason wanted to show its precence?

  • Hello TheHangedWoman,

    Thank you for your reply. I was just actually reading about your experience in a different thread as well! LIke I said, I didn't feel uneasy, uncomfortable or afraid, at all. In fact if I got any vibe at all, it was that this spirit (if indeed that's what it was), was a playful, funny, life of the party kind of person, which was demonstrated by his/her strumming the guitar string and by trying to engage with my son, when he/she called out his name. On the other hand, I could be totally off. I tend to be a very intuitive person, and would like to strengthen my intuitive skills, but I have never experienced anything like this before.

    At any rate, thanks again for your input!

    If anyone else has anything to add.... thoughts, ideas, feelings, vibes etc..., I'd be thrilled to hear from you!


  • Thats cool. Sounds like a child spirit wanting to "play" with you. Would be intresting to find the history of the house on the property.

  • No, it deffinately was an answer to my prayer. It woke me up as a human being would wake me up. With saying my name in a kind and relaxed manner. To wake me up. It was deffinately a direct answer to my prayer. I never experienced it before or after.

  • Dear Sacogirl,

    I’ve had the experience of a voice calling my name from the foot of my bed at 3 AM which woke me from a sound sleep. I was surprised but unsure of the sound of the person’s voice which was calling me. Later that day, I found out that my paternal grandfather whom I had not seen in years (and I had been the first grandchild in the family), had passed away at that exact time.

    Here’s something Sylvia Browne wrote while on SpiritNow:


    by Sylvia Browne

    Dear Friend,

    Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? I believe in ghosts, and in the real and magnificent presence of spirits among us from The Other Side.

    I believe because, like so many of you, I've seen them, hear them, been startled by them, even smelled the faint familiar fragrance of a lost loved one, urging me to notice, to embrace their assurance that they're not gone at all, they're right here, not some trick of my imagination or wishful thinking, if I'll just open my eyes, ears, mind, and heart and pay attention.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the unexpected appearance of a ghost or a spirit can't be scary. Some combination of surprise, a cultural insistence that anyone who sees ghosts and spirits is either crazy or lying, and a lack of understanding of what's happening can add up to very real jolts of panic in even the most rational among us.

    But please take my word for a few important truths about ghosts and spirits:

    For one thing, knowledge really is power. The more I've learned and the more I continue to learn about the spirit world, the more my fear has been replaced by curiosity and fascination, and you'll find the same is true for you: I guarantee it.

    As momentarily frightened as I've been by some of my encounters with residents of the afterlife, I can assure you, I've never met a ghost or a spirit who could do a fraction of the physical and emotional damage human beings can do. Give me a choice between a confrontation with the world's orneriest ghost or the world's most cunning human sociopath and I'll chose to take on the ghost every time. So while this journey into the spirit world we're about to take together will lead us into territory we might occasionally find scary and unnerving, don't spend one instant wondering whether or not you have enough courage to take the trip. You were brave enough to choose another lifetime as a human being on this rough, confusing, beautiful earth, which makes you brave enough to meet ghosts and spirits, especially since we've all been those ghosts and spirits before and will be again when this lifetime ends.

    When the spirit leaves the body that's provided it with temporary housing for another visit to earth, there are basically three different places it might go. And make no mistake about it, which of those three places the spirit travels to is our decision, not God's. He never stops loving us, never turns away from us, and would never condemn any of us to an eternity of banishment from His presence. It's only when we stop loving Him and turn away from Him that we take such foolish chances with the health and well-being of our souls.

    The vast majority of us, who love God by whatever name we call Him, immediately transcend to The Other Side. Residents of The Other Side are called spirits, and their appearances in our midst on earth are called visitations.

    To truly understand how to recognize a spirit visitation, and how to distinguish it from other experiences with the afterlife, you have to keep in mind that by the time they've come back to say hello and let us know they're still very much alive, they've already transcended to and been living in a place of emotional and spiritual bliss, not to mention perfect physical health. Any unhappiness they experienced during their latest lifetime on earth, any negativity they carried around, any illnesses or infirmities or injuries they suffered, have all been resolved. What that means is that any entity we encounter who seems to be sad or angry or mean or negative in any way, or who shows any signs of wounds or pain or disease, is something other than a spirit from The Other Side. What is also means, by the way, is that we never need to spend a moment wondering if our deceased loved ones at Home are well and happy. In the blessed perfection of Home, they can't possibly be anything less.

    A much smaller percentage of humankind, those dark, remorseless souls who chose evil over God, travel to an unspeakable, unholy void called the Left Door, from which they horseshoe right back into an earthly womb, to be reborn into another Godless incarnation. The Dark Side, as we call those travelers through the Left Door, don't communicate with us or appear among us while they're in vitro.

    And then there are those poor trapped souls who, for their own often confused reasons, refuse to acknowledge the very real tunnel leading to The Other Side, illuminated with God's brilliant white light, and remain earthbound. Earthbound souls are called ghosts, and their appearances in our midst are called hauntings.

    When spirits are among us, their ultimate motivation is their love for us, and their efforts to get us to notice them are meant to express their love. Ghosts, on the other hand, are much more complicated. Their reasons for turning away from the tunnel and refusing to accept the fact of their death on this earth are widely varied. Some stay behind out of a confused sense of deep loyalty to a loved one or a property or a job for which they felt responsible during their lifetime. Some stay behind for revenge. Some stay behind to search for or wait for a lost love. Some stay behind out of fear that God is too displeased with them to embrace them into the blessed joy of Home (which is impossible, by the way - He embraces all of us who let Him). Whatever their confused purpose for rejecting the truth that they're dead, they're among us out of a distorted sense of reality. The world through a ghost's eyes is locked in a time warp of their own disturbed creation. From their point of view, we are the intruders in their world, not the other way around. So we shouldn't be too surprised that in their encounters with us, they're sometimes angry, desperate, resentful, cranky, or annoying. Occasionally, when they realize that someone is seeing, hearing, or acknowledging them in any way, they can be appreciative and even playful, especially with children. But overall, like most unhappy, chronically disoriented beings, they can be unpredictable, not to mention depressing.

    Understanding the differences between spirits and ghosts, between visitations and hauntings, can help turn an unexpected encounter with the afterlife from frightening to comforting. It can help us tell an earthbound intruder from a beloved visitor from Home. It can answer questions about where a departed loved one went after leaving their body, how they are, and whether or not they're happy. And it can certainly give us fascinating glimpses into the possibilities that lie ahead for us when our current incarnations are complete.

    Love always,


    P.S. Do spirits and ghosts fascinate you? Learn more about them in my book Visits from the Afterlife.

    Hope everyone’s experiences are a beautiful reminder of a dear one who has passed over.

    In Love and Light,


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  • It sounds like a friendly spirit possibly a family member who came back to spend a little time with you.I'm so glad your first reaction wasn't to run from it.I've had amazing experiences like that throughout my life and I take the satisfaction of knowing, I'm aware of things most people never care to think about.If you keep your eyes open these types of things will happen more and more but only if you want it to, I wouldn't put it past one of you being pretty sensitive.

  • Sacogirl, this may sound silly, but I'm thinking the unplugged and propped-up mobile phone was this same spirit feeling it's better for you if you don' t have the temptation to handle business on this trip. Just what it seems from what else you say. 🙂

  • Thank you everyone for your replies and insight. I've mentioned a few times that I tend to have pretty good intuition and it's been pointed out to me as well, by a few people who I respect. Ever since then I've really tried to tune into my intuition as closely as possible and would like more than anything to try to develop it to it's fullest potential. If anyone has any suggestions on how do to that, I would be very pleased and appreciative.

    Back to your replies....

    To Jupiter1969, I am wondering if you could clarify your comment a little further or be a little more specific. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are saying, but I think you might be saying that the "phone incident" was related to or created by the same spirit entity that unfolded the chair, strummed the guitar and called my son's name. Is that what you meant, because that's the feeling I got. Also, what did you mean about resisting temptation to do business on that trip? Is there something telling you or giving you a vibe about that? Some additional clarification would be great!

    To KTSmith, I am definitely open to these types of experiences and would love to go back up there to camp, although it's getting to be past camping season where I live, so maybe next I am very curious to know if there would have been any other occurrences should I have/had the chance to return there.

    To Judee, thank you so much for including the information from Sylvia Browne. It was very informative and I learned many things that I didn't know! I was particularly struck by your story about the voice calling to you, only to discover later on that grandfather had passed away and you had not been made aware at that point. I too had a very similar experience as a teenager and have never really known what to think. The basics of the story go like this....

    I was about 16 and I worked on Saturday mornings at my step fathers car repair garage. One Friday night, I went to sleep a little early, around 10pm, because I had to be to work around 7 am the next morning. That night I had an extremely vivid dream about my biological father whom I had met only 6 months prior. I could easily provide every tiny detail about the dream, but for the sake of time, I will just say that in the dream he was helping me, getting me to safety and giving me advice. The point is, that the next morning, I remember telling my step dad about my dream including every detail because i felt that it was so "real" and in some way peculiar. The following day, Sunday, I called my father as I normally did, but his roommate answered and burst into tears as she told me that my father had passed away around midnight on Friday night when he was struck by a car and killed, as he was pushing his broken down vehicle out of the road to a gas station several yards away. I should mention that in my dream that night, not only was the dream about us, but it also involve cars.

    From that day on I always felt that my dream was not exactly a dream, but a visit from his spirit, saying goodbye before he was passing on. I have often hesitated to tell anyone about this dream or at least what I felt about it, because I didn't think anyone would understand, or even worse, they'd think I was losing my marbles. Hearing other stories like mine is extremely validating and deepens my belief that it wasn't really a dream as much as it was a goodbye visit from his spirit.

    Please feel free to share any thoughts or insights, as always I'm very interested in hearing what you all have to say or add!

    Have a great day,


  • Hi, I dealt w/a spirit at work that was around water. My impression is that it wants your attention. I would feel uncomfortable communicating with it and you probably didn't think of that at the time. I have noticed that spirits like the water. My interpretation is that water is cleansing or healing for them. I baptized the spirit by sprinkling water around and saying I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It hasn't come back. I think we don't really realize or know the benefits of baptism until we cross-over. It could be a spirit that never actually lived in a body as you and me have.

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