I would like a tarot reading/ some direction

  • I've been knowing this man 07/20/73 for over 6 years we started out as friedns until about 3 years ago. After a second attempt (on his part) we started dating in '06. We've had many emotional ups and downs ins and outs. Recently after reading all of the blogs about how difficult cancer men can be I sat him down told him that I could no longer trust him with my heart, and that I no longer saw any potential in our relationship beyond friendship. I wasn't trying to fake him out or anything I really was TIRED. Well after I put my foot down he's made a 100 % improvement. He is now like the person I use to be friends with before we became intimate. That is the question. I haven't been physical with him since february, lately we've been getting so close it's been getting harder to resist but I'm worried that if we become intimate things will just get confusing as they did before. I was hoping I could get a reading to see if there is any potential for this relationship to be more then just a friendship. Oh I am born 06/05/74

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