Leo Girl

  • Hey forum, I'm a Leo with Sagittarius rising, my moon is in Sagittarius also. Im a female, 21 years old. I finally found out my correct birth time and finally got all of this accurate lol. Anyone else a Leo/sag/sag? Since I have sooo much sag in me seems like I should act more like one. I have leo traits as well as sag traits, I mean i LOVE my freedom and that would be a sag trait. But I havent read much about sagi's so I dont know everything.

    My dad and my brother are both sagittarius and man are they LOUD, lol. Me, well im pretty quiet and kinda keep to myself. While they are the opposite. Okay I know Im rambling. Really I was just wondering what sign would most complement me. I seem to be really drawn to cancers, whether as friends or bf's. I dont know, I just LOVE cancers. You rock cancers!!! I like scorpios too. But really I just cant seem to find the right guy. I was with a pisces for 8 months and I broke up with him not too long ago and I must say I will never date another. Ive been hanging out with my ex bf, a cancer, I would love to be him, hell I would love to marry him but we all know about cancers bad qualities that we dont like. Im not going to get my hopes up with him just so he can disappear again.

  • should we not fall in love just because we have been hurt or do we learn from it and pray 2 find love in places where it just happens .

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