Scorpio women

  • my ex fiance left me 1 week almost too the minute back on may 31 she wont talk too me and hates my guts id love too know why all i can say could this be cold feet or do we just dont click

  • ask her why? that will show you care, if you don't say anything she might think you don;t care. Mt best friend, she is a scorpio so take my advice! good luck! Tell her you need some closure but be nice if you can 🙂

  • Mike Jean4U,

    I am a Scorpio, what did you do to her? I ask because Scorpio women do not just pack up and leave without good cause. We are very honest and expect the same, so if you were not being 100 percent with her, then that could be the reason.

  • I agree deja....being a Scorpio you have to really hurt me, for me to not want to speak to you.

  • I have to agree but I think it may not be as easy as one incident.... as a Scorpio woman the one thing that will nail the coffin shut for me is being treated indifferently. If I feel that I am last on someones list for too long and have tried to communicate my needs and I don't preceive any cooperation working toward a resolution it may take me years to decide I deserve more but once that decision is made I do not usually change my mind....and when I'm done....I'm done.

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