Dancing lights

  • I was taking a shower and no I was not "hitchhiking" to heaven and I noticed these dancing lights around me. The more I noticed that the more I noticed the more they showed there presence. They where black with shining golden edges dancing all around the surrounding area of my head. It was amazing I couldn't believe it. I felt normal no sudden euphoria I was just amazed.

    This has happened to me before many times but I don't no what it means. I have seen them before like all golden, all black , but never black with golden edges.

    What are these experiences?

  • Not trying to be a wet blanket, I have no idea what it means, but just to make sure there isn't something else going on, go to your eye doctor. Flashing lights can signal retina detachment. If that all checks out, enjoy the sight.

  • I have good eye sight. I recently was assaulted and had my eye lid stitched. My eye sight is well and current. Believe me I was seen by like 7 doctors and had like a vision test every visit.

    I had a friend that always told me that I should check out books about being psychic and to read a book about indigo children. At the time it didn't catch my attention until recently I was seeing colors around me and took an aura test. I felt very well identified with the color indigo in my aura and thought to my self maybe the things that I have been seeing are true?

    I think the dancing lights are a sign of someone in love with me. Correct me if I am wrong.

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