Should I or Should I Not?

  • I was in fact joking when I suggested sending all the gifts together to her. It is funny.

  • Hi TheHangedWomen,

    Gladed i made you laughed. Wish my gal will find it sweet too.

    Seriously, i do not wish my gift will further confuse her. I hope it will touched her.

    Hi Carmondomon,

    Thank you for your advise. I am not at all confused by my decision as i have it in mind since the day she left me. Just that sometimes, my anxiety gets me and i expect to see result fast that i killing me.

    Anyway, i heed the advise by leoscorpion to let go of expectation. I think i feel better this way.

    But i will just do whatever i need to do cos i'm the one in the wrong in the first place.

    I dun think she will consider coming around if i never let her know what is going on in the past.....there's a 50/50 chance if i were to do so.

    Thanks dude!

    Thanks leoscorpion, i'm determine in what i have to do. You have been a great help!

    Wish me Happiness, wish my Luck!


  • wishing you will find what you seek. glad it helps.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey Hanged Woman!

    Knock Knock! 😄



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