Am heartbroken no luck in love

  • Am a sinlge mum of two, i never had much luck in love, my daughters dad died one month before she was born, my sons dad as soon he was born he started on drogs and drinking & driving end up killing somebody went to prison for 7 yrsand we broke up, then a meet a guy i was with him for 4 yrs but he didnt want me was just ussing me as soon i mention move in together he said no. always been let down, seams like all the guys i meet just want sex and then i dont see him again. I been single for a while now, and i feel very lonely, so a few weeks ago ah meet a guy online and decided to meet him, a thing i never done but because i never go out, for me was the only way to meet somebody. He lives near me and is a soldier i honestly thought that he liked me. So i saw him twice but the second time he had intentions of have sex, but i think is to early we need to know each other a bit more before a jump in bed with him, so then he tell me he had a meeting but he would come back in the afternoon, but he never did, then i send him a msg asking why he didnt come or phone let me know he wasnt coming, only the next day i got a mgs from him saying that i hurt him, i hurt him? how? why? I dont understand i thought he was the one for keeps but i was so wrong. I would love to settled down, have a man in the house, a man to love and be loved, but that never going to happen, am so unhappy, so lonely and only feel like crying all the time, am heartbroken dont know what to do with my life. am taurus and hes scorpion

  • hi! i read your story and left because i really don't have answers for you. i wanted you to know that someone saw and cared about what you are going through and cares!

    i can only tell you how i view life and maybe it will mean something to you.

    i believe everything has a purpose. i believe we meet people in our lives because it was meant to be, for whatever reason, just another lesson in life!

    we have all made wrong choices, and are suppose to learn from it and its not always easy!

    i can say i believe something good will come to you. you don't have to look for it. you only have to believe it will happen

    focus on your children and being always kind and loving to people. keep a sweet attitude and have positive outlook on life. good reaps good and i promise you will find your hearts desire

    maybe not just when you think it should be-but it will come when its suppose to!!

    keep the faith--be positive--and know that you are loved!!

  • I have had some bad experiences also. You are not alone. The best advice that I can give you is to be picky. Don't expect everyone to be "the one." It usually does not work that way. Try to do things that you enjoy doing, even if it is taking a walk. Get plenty of exercise, sunshine and rest. I wish you the best.

  • always respect yourself, take all the time you need and if the guy really cares for you, how you feel will matter and he will respect you and your body and how you feel........there is alot of guys out just for be careful love yourself.........take time to really know someone and when the time is right it will just happen and for all the right reasons........good luck!

  • look slow down dont be in a rush. When your not looking thats when real love walks in. Dont be in such a hurry there are to many loosers out there. You dont want someone thats not right. focus your attention on your kids. Get involve with there school activity. And watch you will not be lonly for long.

  • I have been there, done that. My advice is to love yourself and your children first, don't worry about having to have a man in your life. At this point in your life, your children and their happiness should be your number one priority.

    Don't ever settle for less than you deserve, know exactly what qualities you desire from a man and do not settle for anything less.

    When you are not out looking for it, love will come. Just believe and ask God for help and guidance. Good luck to you and your beautiful children.

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