How do I handle this Scorpio man? (Cancer woman)

  • cancer and scorpio a match made in heaven? but you thinking that is not so, u said in other thread i saw, geez this weird it like me and this girl im talking too, im (sag) and shes a (libra)

    and I heard they supposed to be perfect together, and im really believeing that it is true now, cause weve shared our past with eachother, that IT IS CRAZY! how much we are alike, sometimes i still think its impossible to have this much in common,

    i also pursued this girl very fast at first, and then when i got her to open up a little bit, yes i did draw back a little bit. im sure you guys are super busy with your lives at this moment (which her and I are also) and i think she;s more like him, cause she has said that she doesnt want to get involved because she is so busy, and which (you) and me are willing to risk it, and say maybe we dont to rush things, but also that we very much want AT LEAST SOMETHING, even if we have to take it super slow, and maybe not talk all that much, but just knowing that theres someone, kinda waiting for you, and will be there when you need them,

    you know just for reassurance, that theres someone out there always thinking about you but yes they are very busy, and they think that the last thing they need is a distraction such as you. to bring down how well they perform in school for me, or for you in baseball. which i am very understanding and i agree, that they dont need something to hurt their performance, but they also want to have someone to be there to support them, if need be,

    ugh i lost my train of thought!!!. i hoped this helped too

  • Antares57,

    Yes, us Aries folk are all that and more. I soooo love my guys have something that really draws others to you. Scorpio men are usually the ones i seem to attract the most. There is some sort of connection there. I am happy you have found a great guy. Hopefully, my relationship will get better in time. He too puts me through the ringer...Oy!!!

    All the best,

    Aries22 🙂

  • Dear Dc,

    I am a cancer woman and have been dating a scorpio for over 2 years now. In the beginning we also had a allmost magnetic draw to each other, that is stil with us today. He is a very set in his ways man. I love him and all of his ways. As cancer's we also have our days when its best to leave us to our shells. I just let him be him and take his time for himself when he needs it. I think they just need to go think things through and then they will be back.. If he is bothering to text you or check your facebook acct then he is interested. He wouldn't spend his time even thinking about you if he wasn't. I know it can be hard, sometimes I want to shake my scorpio and make him open up to me but I've found if I just love him and let him he will talk to me about things when he is ready. I'm not saying it is easy but it is worth it. He has made me so happy and I can't ask for anything more. I had to learn to accept him for who he is and not try to change him. After all it was something about him that I had to get to know in the first place. I know as a cancer that I also can be very secretive at times and don't want others to try to push me for more than I am ready to give. I don't know what the future holds but I do hope he is a part of it in some way. I don't know If i was able to help you any but I hope so. As a cancer we love with all when we do love and that can be very scary but I have learnt that a scorpio can give me the same intense love that I give and that is all I could and would ever ask for in life. If you love (or think you can in the future) then don't give up.

  • I think you should try to be as patient as possible because he will most likely come around. I have a similar story. I'm a gemini (24) and my boyfriend of a year and 2 months is a scorpio (24). We had known each other in middle school and had met up again after I his sister, which I work with realized that we went to middle school together. We met up and watched movies, talked and caught up with each other. I really wasn't looking for a relationship at the time and he sent me really mixed signals. I told him that I could be either a friend or a girlfriend but not a friend with benefits. He told me that we could be friends but he had lots on his plate and wasn't ready for a relationship at the time. We talked on the computer almost every night and he continued to send me mixed signals. I told him he needed to make up his mind on what he wanted and I told him that I really liked him and could see ourselves together. He still said he wasn't ready for a relationship. We continued to talk on the computer then one day out of the blue he told me to call him the next day. I called him and we talked... he asked why I didn't call anymore... I told him we were frineds and I don't call my best friend everyday. He was the one that initiated things after the phone conversation. Also I have noticed that scorpios can be very stubborn and have to ease into things. Mine at first didn't want to label each other, he said that is when things start to go wrong. I was the first to say "I love you". As for the whole **** thing I didn't give it to my scorpio until 7 months after we were together... if he really wants to be with you he will wait... if you wait until you both truly know you want to be with each other you will know when the time is right. Now he is all about the "this is my girlfriend" thing and tells me he loves me all the time. He also loves to show me off. We are now talking about living together and marriage. So be patient and let your scorpio ease into things because if you give him space and wait it out he should come around

  • Scorpios are hard to understand and I know because I am one. We are very intense in every aspect of the word. I myself like to keep my emotions to myself. Maybe he feels like he let you into his emotional world too fast and you didn't give him the response he was expecting. We like to analyze people and situations so it's possible that his analysis was a bit off and he didn't know how to deal with it. It's hard to determine a Scorpios feelings and thoughts because we don't show our real emotions on the surface until we completely trust in someone. Good luck!

  • It`s not that hard...

    To me it sounds a little bit like you don`t know what you want yourself.

    He obviously like you, since he calls you for several hours. I think you are the problem here...

    Youve pulled away too much and not engaged in intercourse, leaving him an impression of being uninterested in one way or the other. He seems to respond positively whenever you say something nice to him, like: "Ive been thinking of you", so keep that up. Dont do it too much tho, you dont wanna give everything away. But yeah, next time you see him def have intercourse, and show him that you are into him. He`ll def respond positively. You have to submit...

    Being a scorpio myself in mid-twenties, I would probably also pull the plug on a girl who doesn`t show enough interest and doesnt know what she wants (and doesn't put out). Cus that's weakness is in our book and it's a turn-off. Deal with your insecurities and either go for it or don't and let it go.

  • DC...I know this thread was started a long time ago but I am in a very very similar situation as you were/are? with a Scorpio man, I'm very interested as to how things turned out for you?

  • I read many times what Hemingway wrote about a Scorpio men. It is so true.

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