New Apple Iphone 3GS 32GB now released $399

  • New Apple Iphone 3GS 32GB now released $399

    Package Contents:

    Apple Iphone 3GS 32GB unlocked

    Stereo Headset


    Dock Connector to USB-cable

    USB Power Adapter


    Cleaning cloth



    Improved performance

    3-megapixel autofocus camera

    Video recording

    Voice Control

    Digital compass

    Cut, Copy & Paste


    Spotlight Search

    Landscape keyboard

    Voice Memos.

    We Specializes in the distributions of Mobile phones , Laptops , Games , Mobile accessories e.t.c. Our objective is to develop long-term relationships with

    our customers. To do so, we continuously provide our existing customers new products, advanced designs, and patented innovations so that they can stay on the

    top of their markets.

    1. Complete accessories(Well packed and sealed in original company box)

    2. Unlocked / sim free.

    3. Brand new (original manufacturer) box - no copies

    4. All phones have English language as default

    5. All material (software, manual) - car chargers - home chargers - usb data cables -holsters/belt clips - wireless headsets(bluetooth) -leather and non-

    leather carrying cases - batteries.

    If you are interested, forward your questions and inquires to us via email your order and shipping details. we give 1 year warranty for every product sold

    out to our costumers, our product are company class 1 tested and approved by global standard organization of wireless industries, Brand new merchandise with

    complete accessories, extra charger and battery.

    NOTE : Order 3 unit and get 1 free

    Shipping fees : Free shipping for bulk purchase : FedEx, DHL or UPS

    Delivery Time : 2 days maximum.



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    HTC Touch Cruise @ 250USD

    Offer Details Buy 3 units and get 1 free

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