Reading please - regarding matters of the ♥ - mine!

  • I am a little confused what just happened - My husband died 4 years ago and this year I was asked out by a man to do something with him on "his" birth-date which happens to be the same day as my husband's death-date (always looking for signs). Anyways - wow - we hit it off right away in everything - likes/dislikes, interests, physical/mental/spiritual/emotional compatibility - great conversations - the best I'd ever had with a man...I actually asked the universe for this match over a year ago....

    My new guy (a year previous) was in an abusive relationship with a borderline personality disorder woman for 3.5 years. He is having a difficult time getting over that relationship and has apparently gone into his "cave"'s like he dropped off the face of the earth - about 7 weeks soon. I couldn't believe he was everything that I had asked for.

    Will he be coming out of his "cave" soon and back to me - I am not pursuing him at all - just giving him his space. How does he feel about me - is there a chance for a future relationship? I really miss him!

    I am Jenny (June 26, 1961) He is Randy (April 18, 1958)

    Any information you can give, would be greatly appreciated!!! 🙂

  • wow my ex left me to go back to his ex with personality disorder. I would love to see what your reading says

  • I am pretty sure he hasn't left to go back into the borderline relationship...he just wasn't use to someone like me. He also has a major software design work project he is working on, and as he explained it to me, he has to give it his all before it gets launded next week. If he introduced it to the public mediocre, someone else might pick it up and run with it - so perfection in this case is a requirement on his part.

    I have never had anyone just drop off the face of the earth before - it leaves me with feelings of insecurity if I don't ground myself on some days. I have been nothing but nice to him - did things with him, bought him things - he has to realize that this is who I am all the time and I am not her and never will be. He's afraid to take that chance - but I know if he did, we could be the "ham & eggs" (firefly) referred to in her post.

    I always have gotten messages in my dreams - one night I asked for a sign as to where this relationship is headed if anywhere...I dreamed that hima nd I were goofing around and laughing a lot - just having a lot of fun - then we sat on a couch together and he handed me a slice of white bread with butter on it...I took a bite and then so did he...then I called my deceased grandma on the phone and wanted her to know how happy I was - she said "I will talk to you "yesterday"...instead of I will talk to you tomorrow. In the same dream, it was snowing and I was carrying a new baby (not mine)...

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