Relationship Reading help

  • Please if there is anyone out there that can help me i would really appreciate it. I feel so lost can confused. my ex an i broke up in march we were engaged to be married next year. we have a son (21mths) together who he struggled to bond with and still does now. it is a constant conversation between us to get him to see him more. we speak unnecessarliy often and he visits my house to see his son when i am there instead of taking him off. Should I write him off or give him a chance to get himself together? please please please

  • If he doesn't want to spend time to bond with his own flesh and blood....I would move on. That is hard to shallow and even though I am not a mother I would think that you want the best for your son. I would move on and spend your energy into yourself and building a life for your son. I know many men, including my own brother who is not present for their own children and well, it's their loss.

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