Captain I would like a reading

  • I would like a love reading Richard DB 11/07/1948

    Angela DB 02/20/1970


  • This is a difficult relationship for love. The question of which or whose rules to play by is addressed with great seriousness here and the matchup is likely to be taken up with ethical problems or with putting ideals into practice. The greatest source of conflict here will be the issue of whose moral code to follow. Richard will usually have the more refined sense of right and wrong, but he doesn't always articulate it consciously, and his moral indignation can manifest in destructive ways. He is usually right but other people rarely admit it. Angela meanwhile has a looser sense of honour and the role of fantasy in her makeup should never be underestimated. It is crucial for Richard and Angela to agree on the structure their relationship is to follow. This will be a difficult task at best, since as individuals they both are prone to living on the very edge of the subconscious most of the time. The tyrannical quality in their relationship in fact is a result of this internal projection.

    A love affair or friendship seeks to satisfy the more social sides of these two people. Angela secretly longs for a strong figure to take the lead and draw her out socially. Once they are out in public in fact, it may be hard for the more reclusive Richard to get her to go home again, which can result in strange conflicts over the balance between social and personal interaction. Angela must learn to be more sensitive to Richard's darker moods and to know when to back off and leave him alone. In a marriage, the stress will be on proper behaviour and following the rules of good conduct. These rules should be explicitly stated beforehand if misunderstandings, accusations, and conflicts are to be avoided and the marriage is not to be stormy. Strictness will have to be modified.

  • thankyou I find this very informative.

  • Hello Captain,

    I would like a love reading if possible. My dob is aug, 9 1957 ( Donna) and Philip dob is aug 13, 1963. I would like to know is he cheating on me again ? I have this feeling he is cheating on me, cause we do not talk to each other for hours, and we do not have sex either, since he cheated on me. Please let me know . Thank you for your time.

    Donna h

  • Hello Captain,

    If you could do a love reading for me please. My birth date is 07/14/1963 @ 3:06 am Pennsylvania and his birth date is 10/15/1966 in Chicago, IL. Thank you


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