My leo husband

  • whats going on with my marriage is it over

  • share more, so people can help. such as what is your sign, what happened, how long you were married, have kids or not, etc just pour it out. some people here are psychic they might be able to see more than just astrology. include your date of birth and his too maybe someone can create a chart.

  • I'm married to a man who was born on August 22nd (cusp). He's leo/virgo. He's older than I am by six years. We get along but more often than not, he's dull. He's very practical and responsible most of the time. Until recently the marriage lacked passion. He's very sweet and caring, as well as spiritual. I keep in mind what I learned from a movie: "Marriage is 80% of what you need and 20% of what you want". The need out weighs the want so I've been sticking out for almost 20 years.

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