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  • d.o.b 02.April.1983 time morning 11:00 name is nirmala. I am born in andhra Pradesh in kurnool

    My husband sreedhar d.o.b 08.08.1981 born in andhra Pradesh in adoni I don't know his time of birth. Also our date of marriage is December 13th 2008. Always my husband shows anger on me every day. We used to have quarrels.eventough we were staying together in Bangalore where he has job. His parents were in village in andhra Pradesh. Suddenly in December 2016 we got a phone call that his mother fell down.we thought she is fine. In the night we got to know that she was admitted in hospital in andhra pradesh. My daughter exams was there and same time I was also working in school as a science and maths he said he will go alone to andhra. He went Andhra and brought her and his father and sister and brother in law to Bangalore. She had minor surgery and along with my husband convinced his father also to get his leg also operated as his father had leg pain. Both got discharged in the month of January. And came to my house. They just used to sleep and eat. My husband brother was staying with us only with his wife from long time. I am an teacher and have to go school by 9 am in the morning, my daughter is 5.8 years old. I used to get up, fresh up,bathing, waking up daughter and bathing her, I will prepare breakfast and will go school taking my daughter. After me ,my husband fresh up he will eat and will go office by 9:30. My brother in law goes office late so his wife also very late in her works.. I come home at 3:30 afternoon. Till that time that lady will cook for them lunch. Night together we prepare dinner. Her husband take cares of her very well.

    My husband he talks with others nicely but shows anger on me and my child. One day February 26th 2017, my brother in law went to search a rented house to live a long with his wife. His father on the same day when that couple went outside to eat pani puri, he slowly started fighting with me he called me prostitute and etc words and said because of u only my son's getting separated, I will put you garland,unnecessarily we married you....I saw my husband face, he was sitting on chair taking deep breath watching tv. When ever his father scolds me, I only go and talk to him again...actually before this incident already like this 2 incidents happened ...

    His father every time scolds me only.he won't scold the other daughter in law.

    I felt my husband support his father only..he won't support me..I wanted to die but daughter is small so I left Bangalore on 27th Feb 2017 and came to andhra pradesh. I love my husband everyday I am not able to live with out him..please tell me if he will realize it and come to me to take along with him

  • Your relationship with your husband is fine on its own, if only your father-in-law would stop interfering. But he feels it is his right.

    Your relationship with your husband will often feature an original, even unique outlook on life. Ethics and idealism are the order of the day; this is a moral, courageous and loyal pairing. You both are well suited for domestic life, whether you are married or living together. You also share a great many positive qualities, which can blend harmoniously in this relationship and can be taken to the limit. The matchup is also characterized by a need for privacy, with both of you demanding honesty from each other in your everyday interactions. Acting naturally, and being comfortable with assigned roles, the two of you can mutually accept each other and, together, are at ease with yourselves. There is an intense dislike here for pretension and disingenuousness. On the other hand, the relationship may not be completely stable, depending on the ability of your husband to stay emotionally balanced. He has strong passions that can run out of hand, and career problems and failures can bring out a streak of masochism in him that can lead to serious depression. Unfortunately, you may not be particularly good at bolstering his sagging self-image because you are so needy and dependent yourself. Neither of you are comfortable with strong expressions of feeling, and the relationship may consequently show signs of repression, particularly in times of stress. Periodic outbursts of anger may bring violent confrontations but, more characteristically, will result in expressions of bewilderment, frustration or helplessness. Others (father-in-law) may not like or understand your marriage, particularly in its somewhat wild and wacky tastes and its idiosyncratic ideas or lifestyle.

    So you both have to try harder to express your feelings and support one another, or else this cannot work out. You have to be stronger and less dependent. Your husband must speak up to his father and tell him what he really feels.

  • Will my husband realise and come to there any chance of him to come to me.......I want to know when his father Will die...when will I b happy with my husband...when will I b in Bangalore....tell me about future..thank you

  • Your husband is very involved with his work this year, so you will be on your own a lot. Use this time to work on being less needy and dependent. You also dream too much and have to become more realistic. If you do not change yourself, your life will not change either.

  • Is there any chances to enjoy Married life..if so when

  • When you change yourself....and stop depending on others to change for you. If you go through life expecting other people to change their ways so that you can be happy, you will always be unhappy. You have to change in order to bring about the change you desire in your life.

  • I hope you can understand how much I am depressed with out husband......I am mother of a small daughter...I lost job, I lost family. Life, I lost child education. I lost my can I be normal in this situation

  • You don't have to be normal, you just have to believe in yourself and your own strength - and think your way out of this situation. Can you apply for any government assistance? Is your husband giving you child support or otherwise?

  • I also feel it will be another eight years before your husband begins to put relationships before his work and an ordered problem-free life which is what he wants right now. So you may be waiting a while and will have to fend for yourself.

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