Can you answer Tarot question please (NOT a reading!!!)

  • Hi,

    I would like to start learning Tarot and to use it to hopefully help increase my intuition.

    Can you please tell me, is it better for someone to give you Tarot cards or is it better for you to buy your own Tarot cards and why? Could you also please suggest a good deck to start off with (there are sooo many to choose from). Also I find it difficult to interpret the cards and their meanings, what is the best way of learning this?

    Thanks for your advice! 🙂

  • Hi

    On I suggest you write: "ten of pentacles" for example. Then you will see a list of sites that interpret tarot cards. But remember to phrase the phrase, so to speak. Like this: "word word word". So that you search for the phrase, not just the words one by one.

  • Thanks THW, I will keep that in mind.

    Do you know if it is better for the cards to be a gift to you from someone else of better if you buy them yourself?

  • I bought my own cards. If that made a difference, I can't tell, LOL. I honestly don't think it matters. They don't have a life of they're own, they're a tool. So if someone gives it to you or you buy it yourself, it shouldnt make a difference.

  • Thanks MariaRia, I thought i'd heard one way or the other in the past but couldn't remember! What is an easy deck to start off with?

  • Rider Waite. I found it was the best. And, I think it's the original symbolism. Or, one of them. But there are a lot of meanings to the cards, so it's always tough to start out. But once you get the hang of that one, you can use ones with less symbolism and you'll still be able to get the same readings out of them.

  • MariaRia

    Thanks for all your replies and advice. 🙂

  • I suggest going to a place that feels comfortable to you I.E. a bookstore you love that sells them. One can be given them as a gift or you can buy them yourself.

    Me? I have been given 2 decks myself. I have think I have like 7 or 8 decks I work with. I used to be scared crapless of them and I was scared Iwoudl never understadn there meanings.

    When you go to pick out your own, ask your higher self to show you whcih one would be best for you since most decks of tarot will actually call to you. I started out with Goddess Cards. Not really tarot cards but similar.

    I never used to be into tarot. But the past year they have been calling to me. Especially Fairy decks...little boogers.

    Suggestion? Find some lavendar oil and some Cleary Sage oil I think O.o or google 'Oil used for intution'. When you find them take a Godl candle and put some fo that oil on it then light it. Verbally of mentally simply ask the goddess (or whatever higher spirit you feel comfortable with) To help you more with your intuition and to help guide you to the right deck for you.

    She will hlep you find it when you are ready. Sometimes it takes a littel while to find the right deck for you. When I look for mine usually I am not looking at all. I just went to the bookstore a few days ago with a friend cause she wanted to look for an astrology book low and behold I ran into the Faery tarot Oracle by Brian Froud. O.O I wasn't even looking for one but dang if it wasn't there going "Psst you know you want to...c'mon just buy me." naughty little fey^^ lol

    Good luck in your finding cause thats the funnest part!

  • Thank you DragonFlyFlame........that does sound it will be interesting and funny! I'm actually excited about finding my deck!!!!! I will follow your advice.....thanks 🙂

  • No problem^^ I try 😃

  • look at the cards and see what you see in them . the symbols and colours all represent different things.. it is good to study woth a freind if that possible

  • ~Personally I like the Vanessa Tarot. It is such a funky chick deck. The deck pictures have alot of humour to it. I never liked the Rider Waite deck. I find the images to be kinda harsh. At least with the Vanessa tarot, if I get an unfavorable card, it doesn't effect me that much because of the illustration of the images. Personally I would never get a deck from someone else. I just feel their "energies" will be connected with the cards. I love Tarot made easy by Nancy Garen. This book however is more for someone who doesn't want to learn tarot. It is a quick reference book that you can give you quick accurate answers for thirty two specific catergories. I used to go nuts everytime I did a reading, now I an cool as a cucumber with this book. It is no skin of my nose anymore.~




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