What will be iof my career?

  • Hi i have been battling to get into a specific career, and feeling very tired of the battle. Will i ever be successfull in it? If you need more details pls let me know...


  • I would think that if you are battling it then it's not ment to be or atleast for now. Maybe do something visit a career counselor and see what else is out there for you. If you were to change careers and it's meant to be then it would flow, doors would open and it would be easy for you and you would know it. I would look into space clearing and Feng Shui to clear your path to a new career. This really works. Check on the message boards here or look it up.

  • I have some questions...Just what do you mean battling? Is it that you have picked something that excites you but don't know how to open doors? What were your reasons for picking this specific career goal? Do you want fame, fortune, ...or happiness?

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