Could this be psychic attack?

  • I sure am in need of your insight also TwoOwls, when you get the chance,i don't mind waiting.i've recently been told that i'm psychic and that i just don't know it yet? and i've been worried about my health? and my children?and now i'm not sure if i should cont.on with the vet.asst.course that i'm taking? or maybe study something more spritual? and do you see my finances getting better?,someone else keeps telling me that i'm gonna be finac.stable real soon?(I'm sure that we all would like to have that blessing).will i ever have peace from my soon-to-be ex.husbands family?,they are very dark people and i'm really afraid of them.

    well i think that i have bothered you enough,like so many others,i feel warm and drawn to you.your light shines very bright almost as if it is sending out a signal.

    peace and blessings,xoxoxoxo

  • first, blessings and light to everyone, and may love andbeauty come into your lives

    I have been in his thread before, but thought no-one was coming in any more.

    I wonder, I had heard that if you have psychic or any powers and don't use them, or ignore the signs, your health suffers I also read somewhere that if you are supposed to be a shaman or a healer, and you don't, you get ill until you give in and do become one(I think that was mircea eliade), any one agree?

  • Totally Chrissi

  • will speak to everyone later

    blessings and love

  • chrissi

    gifts are from the universe and supposed to be used for good of all

    if you don't use it for good of all, it will be taken away from you whenever the universe feels like it

    I'd imagine if you don't use it at all, the universe will attempt to prompt you to use it

    this could manifets in many things such as illness, accident that leads to near death experience that will open you to abilities lying dormant, signs from people/ spirits around you

    if you still don't use it for good of all, after all these attempts, then it will be taken away completely

    you could journey to find your purpose, but after you receive guidance you should apply it

    if you are told you should become healer/shaman then be one

    or else the spirits that provide guidance will leave, thinking you are not ready

    they will come back, the universe never gives up, never abandons

    but it might take a life time for them to return, since the universe timing is not linear like ours

    the thing is, with the absence of guidance, some things could be absent too

    this may include protection, power animals that heal and lend you their strength

    see if you can make sense out of this

  • twoowls must be very busy

    I don't know her personally but I hope things are going ok with her

  • I do too,

    leoscorpion, when I lost all my "powers", I was with a man, who I thought I loved, he had a motorcycle accident, but I with all of my person wished him ok, he survived but as a completely different person the medics said there was nothing wrong with him, but he changed from a sweet gentle person to an unpredictable violent one , with a hair trigger temper, the original roadrage male, anything could set him off people were actually afraid of him, to get away I had to leave my home, and everything in it I couldn't get into binbags had to be left behind, fortunately because he had had another accident he was in hospital again and while he was in I couId get me and my cats out. I asked why this had happened to me, and was told that it had been his time to go on when he'd had this accident and my actions had changed this. Fortunately I had met my future husband, though I didnt know it at the time, and when the opportunity to leave came I had somewhere to go, others are not always so lucky

    loveand light to all

    blessed be

  • that's good to know chrissi you were blessed with second chance then

  • Yes, and I want to use it to become wiser, and help make the world a better place, so I'm here after wisdom and advice, to be a better person, I learned a hard lesson about changing what was meant to be, but to recognise what should be changed and what must be left alone, thats a very difficult thing, especially when most of my life I spent all my time trying to be what others wanted me to be, and didn't even know who or what I was myself

  • very nice chrissi

    may the universe sends you support and guidance for your intention is for the good of all

    you will make a wonderful healer for you have been wounded and given chance to heal yourself

    take care and looking forward to hear how you share your gifts to those in need

  • I did the quiz in the Doreen Virtue book, and it gives ideas on where your lifepath lies, I come under the messenger, so I asked the universe for guidance and I got some more repair work which is a great improvement on what has been happening lately as my jewellery hasn't been selling at all

  • messenger is a good thing too

    you mean jelwelry repair? well that's nice a side income at least for the holidays

  • yes I do but if you need anything, I am UK based so you would have to wait for the travel part between you and I

  • OK lol

  • Hi Leoscorpion just passing thru. showing sum love on ur page.

  • thanks and send love to you too

  • Two Owls, I'm wishing you'd come back. : )

  • Hi! 🙂 I heard your really good at reading peoples astrology sign charts, & was wondering if you could help me.?

    And as for the psychic attack. It sounds like your being haunted or something. I havent had to deal with this before, but I've always heard about having spirits haunting a home, & even if it's been years since you've been living in the house with no signs of spirts, doing something different to the house suddenly can cause the spirits to suddenly act up. I'm not sure if this is the case or not, but I wish you the best on finding to answer to your problem.

  • christmas

    the answer is already found on page 1

    it's presence, not ghost

    I'll go to your thread sorry for delay

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