Could this be psychic attack?

  • Hi two owls! I dont know if youll get this or not, its okay if you dont : -) Thanks again for helping me. The number seven is for seven letters that he sent. (he gets out on the 12) and the number five for our son is for five letters that Ryan addressed as "Danielle, and Son" : ) I just wanted to let you know. You are surely blessed to have such a gift. like a candle to light in the dark.

  • Hi all,

    this will be my second attempt at coming in I wrote a long response, which promptly dissappeared when I tried to submit it, I assume that means I mustn't waffle on so to make a long story short, I too was drawn to this thread, but possibly for different reasons I have learned a lot over the time I have been coming in, about things that have happened to me that have puzzled me and frightened others, and our spirit houseguests are becoming more here, especially the little boy whom I spoke about in another post,who seems to be curious about what I am up to even now. my hubby had the same sadness in his eyes as Ryan, he was the only survivor of three children, the other two died shortly after birth, he got himself through an addiction to painkillers, which now he tries to avoid as much as he can but his mother, who we live with doesn't seem to like him at all, and once told him that the wrong child died, he's had his problems, but we've been together 19 years now and have a 17year old who I am told is an 'old soul', something is puzzling me though, I had a free reading from an online medium who keeps emailing,saying I have a dreadful negative influence around me that is blocking me from any good luck that comes my way, I suspect it is a scare tactic to get me to pay for a reading, or one of the rituals that she is offering me but.. I have had minor luck on the days she mentioned, I don't, as no-one does these days have money to waste, and I don't want to be scammed either, I might design jewellery, but no-one is buying, and my son is at college so any cash we have is for us, we are fortunate that we live with ma-in-law in her house because we could never afford rents locally, but with her being the way she is sometimes, I put a mirror up on the stairs facing down, as I was told it would repel negative energy, and she's actually started being much nicer to me, again....I wonder, any ideas ?


    chrissi you need to protect yourself from negative energies from outside your home and from people that surround you. the thread above I wrote a lot there if you have time read it through because the info is sporadic.

    also for your home, use sage incense to clear up the atmosphere. sometimes a place can be crowded by spirits, any attempt to protect yourself simply doesn't work. so lit incense every day, take it to every place in your house, even if you don't go there often. then leave it at the door (front and back) or any door with a lot of traffic. you can do this for more than one doors. so unnecessary energy that people carry from outside will be cleared and they won't carry any energy from inside to where they are going.

    Visualization will repel negative or unnecessary energy you encounter in daily life. Gems will help purify these energies to avoid build ups over time. But most important is you avoid sending negative energy out. Worry, stress, despair, regret, dwelling in the past, stubbornness, looking at others negatively etc the universe returns all energies we send out, so if you send these out, imagine what you will get in return. of course, you will be drained, your creativity will suffer, you don't attract luck for you only attract negativities. Try your best stay positive, if you start feeling down or heavy, say This too shall pass. For it will pass, and you don't end up sending negative energy anymore. I don't know if your husband wants to go with everything else I suggested, but staying positive, he should be able to. The future is our own making, tell him to focus on now and the future. Look into the past for lessons, then close the door. He needs to do this, for it will help with his addiction. Look for any online article, the free ones, that you can read about his addiction. There must be some people out there that post their experience and tips. Your business relies on creativity, you can only create from the place of abundance. You can't create from the place full of negativities. If people can't see your creativity shines in your work, they won't spend the money for it.

    The mirror I heard it does work the way you said it, but not sure if it can do all the work that gems and visualization and incense do altogether. Ask for the universe to help, it will. It sends you wonderful animals already, so it won't ignore another request.

  • He seems ok now from his addiction problem, a year ago he got cancer, and had three of his quads plus the adductor muscle removedfrom his leg, he obviously had to use painkillers then and was really proud of his control,and prouder still that he's back doing a job the drs said he could not return to, being a postie, and helping others as a health and safety rep in the union, Motherinlaw I don't think I can cure, she's always been the same, she lost Allan's dad when he was 14, and has never really moved on, she doesnt like it if I change anything he did in the house, she feels it is destroying his memory, but hopefully the universe will give us an affordable home of our own someday, I certainly hope so, so thay hubby can use his talent too, he is a very good painter, and silversmith too, we both are, but sharing a house in this way will cramp anyones style, so hubby works I create, and we get by, its no way perfect, but I do feel that eventually we will get our 'dream home', just I don't know when yet

  • that is a rather awful photo I took with my phone of a pair of earrings I made for my dads new wife what do you all think

  • Very pretty

  • love it! I like the big green hearts!

  • So what avenues do you sell your jewelry through?

  • mostly craft fairs, but I am working at getting a website set up I do commissions too, but I am in the uk, and I must admit the venues I have been using are not always good for trade, I have done school christmas fairs where I have only just made the stall fee,and the parents thought that I'd sell off everything for nothing at the end, and this year most of the stuff that I made has been cheer -up pressies for friends who have been having a bad time, as the craft fair markets within bus ride distance from home are not going this year, and I can't drive

  • Dear TwoOwls, I am drawn to your name and words. I consider this year to have been, so far, very intense and very positive. I feel and see myself opening to connection, with spirit with life with myself, very quickly, almost violently sometimes. There has been increasing serendipity or coincidences coming to my attention, and experiences with animals.

    I have encountered owls often, at night, usually in pairs, though one night I walked out of my house and saw three fly out of an oak tree crying out. They flew overhead for a minute while I watched. A moment later, I witnessed a woman hit and kill a young male deer. I stopped my car and witnessed him pass. It was heartbreaking. I still think of that deer and feel an upwelling of emotion. I would like to ask if these encounters with animals are meant as guidance, or am I reading too much into these events? I feel that they are important.

    I seem to be followed by crows, blue herons and egrets as well. I had a dream that a pair of crows, walking up to me with apparently something to tell me, but then did not speak.

    I would also like to ask about my life at this moment: since 2006, when I graduated college, I have been on a path of coming back to the truth of my self, whatever that may be. It has been a tulmultuous time, incredibly beautiful and devastating. I had to go through a surgery, and I worry over the heaing a lot, though it seems to be going well. I have trying to focus my energies on creating art and music, and I have been doing so, living with my family and trying to be healthy and balanced, but it seems that at times I cannot control my desire to dive into the unknown, stay up all night, exercise abandonment. I am somewhat perplexed by this because after all I have been through I appreciate life so much. I feel guilt often.

    I feel as though I must do these things though, as though they are lessons, but I am afraid. I told my mother once, when asked what I was doing (with my life) and I told her I felt I was on a pilgrimage of sorts. That feeling is intensifying. I have an intense desire to take off and travel the world, to simply be, but to also continue creating.

    Today I am writing to you because I feel overwhelmed by feeling, and would so appreciate what you could offer in the way of words about what steps I might take that would be best for the joy of all...Do I need to be more practical about my life, or would it serve me and all of us better if I go with the desire to drift? How can I support myself in a most holistic way?

    Thank you for offering yourself to the questions of others, you are inspiring to me.


  • Chrissicat, I thought you might be in the UK, some of our terms I didn't understand! What about Ebay or other online auctions? You can determine if you want to ship out of the country and the customer pays shipping. It's got to be less that booth fees and related expenses. Plus, people here could shop your items and help you out as well (providing anyone has any spare money in this economy).

  • that is, some of YOUR terms I didn't understand. Fat fingers.

  • Hey two Owls you spoke of this domineering male figure I do now think that it is indeed his grandfather. cris1962 has helped me before and just recently she has said that perhaps after some time in a shelter he will go to be with a grandparent?

    Anything you "get" from this I'd love to know. If you feel like. I know it must be draining...I really appreciate your time though. I dont know if I offered already or not, but if you want anytime I would love to pull some cards for you! : - ) just let me know.

  • Ictdog,

    I have considered e-bay, but, although my son will do the photos for me, which will be miles better than that one, as he's doing a photography course at college, he is a perfectionist, and I have to get him a light tent to do the photos in, which isn't that easy to get hold of, I've seen them for £80+ in our local photography shop, but thats a bit steep at the moment, so I'm looking on e-bay for one with a more affordable price tag, but I suppose as it's specialist equipment, it's not going to be cheap. A guy we met in a bar offered to set up and design a website for me and I am hoping that I can get the money together for that because if my stuff isn't out there who will buy it, and unlike in the uk I've noticed that americans do appreciate handmade jewellery and craftwork, so if it's online it will most definitely sell, I just wish I knew how long it will be before it will be taking off

  • PS I forgot to send wishes to karmacoma for good luck, and blessings to get happiness and freedom from worries sooner rather than later

  • since you meditae and do yoga, I was wondering if you notice how your breathe is when this happens? do you think this is showing up because you are going deeper in your practice?

    Sending Reiki your way. Blessings. The Buddha in me sees the Buddha in you.

  • hi inwonder, I assume you are asking me.

    and yes I breathed fast when I saw him so close. The one in the dream, I just woke up scared few times. around this time, I was trying out a new style of yoga and just trying Zen too. I've done yoga for almost 9 years, but was not routine at it. Meditation however, I wasn't interested until around September. I was not routine at it too during the time I saw these two men, since I was not used to passiveness so at times I fell asleep.

    I was scared, when I posted this thread. I have mentors but they were away for rituals now and then and I wasn't able to reach them at the time this happened, so I asked for help here. I was just sent a spirit guide maybe a week or two after this happened, so yeah it is very nice that Twoowls could help and others jumped in with what they knew, when I had no one to turn to. Now I have to keep doing what I'm doing and communicate with my guide when I need to. Some things she won't tell me, for I have to learn it myself. But at least I don't rely on mentors all the time, they do have their own assignments they need to attend to.

    Anyways, I like this new yoga style and keeping up with the Zen, not asleep  and I have never seen these two men anymore. You are buddhist, must be an expert in meditation, would you like to share your experience on this thread? what meditation do you do?

    Not sure what reiki is, but Thanks anyway! May the universe returns your kindness tenfold.

  • Thank You chrissicat! I really means alot. : - )

  • Hi Two Owls:

    I just wanted to drop you a quick hello. I finally got to read your post which you wrote to me back in October. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words and your time to write them. We all need a touch of humor in this crazy world in which we live in. I try to do just that.. May you have a wonder Thanksgiving..... and ALL of you great people in this forum.. May you all be blessed with love happiness and joy. Enjoy all

    Many blessings....

  • Banned

    You should join subud and do the spiritual excercise called latihan.

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