Could this be psychic attack?

  • I have read about psychic attack before and it seems what happens to me fits it. But I want to be sure. I had dreamt a few times and 'seen' man with face full of knife cuts. he would either came to the house, he never got in but he was close to the back door. and the last few weeks I see him everywhere. living room, kitchen, when I take a shower, I can't seem to get rid of him. These are 2 different men but they look similar and both faces have cuts (looks like knife cuts, much like razor cuts). I don't know anyone with face like this and at times it scares me when I'm alone in the house and the last man seems violent. I try to ignore it, but I keep seeing him. the house we live in we have been in it for many years and I've never seen these two men before august this year, so it wouldn't be haunting. my husband is not spiritual person, he told me he will break these men's necks LOL he can't even see them. I will try clear up the rooms with some sage incense and do my usual crystal routine (those usually work if it were spirits or energy but if they are not spirits or energy then it might not).

    Do you have any insights or suggestion what to do? I do yoga and meditation daily and lately it's getting harder to concentrate because I keep seeing them. we don't have a lot of people visiting so most often it's just us and the cat. we are trying to have a baby but having these vision and dream all the time I'm afraid of having one. Is this my imagination? or is it psychic attack? what should I do?

  • You should join subud and do the spiritual excercise called latihan. See and check the links. Several people in subud have experienced to get rid of ghosts, demons, bad energies in rooms and houses that have been disturbing people.

  • thanks. I'm not interested as for now. I am new to spiritual path and I want to stick with what I know until I'm comfortable enough to go further. do you think it's ghost? because it doesn't seem like ghost to me. one is in dreams. and the other is more of vision than ghost.

  • Greetings leoscorpion. Two things that were illuminated to me when reading your posting: have you or your husband recently celebrated b-days? I ask b/c perhaps it is a past life incident connected with this type or some type of a milestone event recently in your or your husband's life as to why you are seeing these male energies. I was also shown that the source of these apparitions may be connected to someone in your yoga class (believe it or not). Call it a "spiritual stalker.' You are feeling stalked. This answer is layered b/c what I've been shown is layered. Anyway...

    Perhaps you may want to picture a ban of golden ray radiating & pulsating around you when meditating. Then, place a silver mesh ban over the golden light visually [feel free to call in any other colors that are appealing to you], call mirrors in and face them out, picture any negative energy coming your way bouncing back to the sender. The silver mesh serves as a screen. Keeping the positive energies in & around you, as well as the negative energies out & away from you. Picture yourself saying to this entity: "You are not wanted here. You must leave and I send you into the light. Leave now." You may want to stay in meditation as long as you like and endeavor in this activity as often as it resonates with you. Beloved you are intuitive, you are strong, you are powerful. Remember This! We hope this is beneficial.

  • my birthday is in august, I am a leo. if not mistaken , my first dream about the man with face cull of knife cuts was about a week or so from my birthday. it was definitely the first or second week of august only I don't remember exact date. I am stalked spiritually, that's just insane. I hate stalker LOL I will try your suggestion thanks for giving me.

    I still see him just now I had a shower. It's annoying. I was just turning the tap on and let the water runs, I turned around and there he was. is there any reason why spiritual stalking happens? can this person really do me harm spiritually??

  • Hi Leoscorpion

    Psychically I'm told to tell you:

    When he shows up again immediately put the white light of the Holy spirit around you. (Good idea to put the white light around you first thing in morning every day) that is God's aura) say firmly and with intent. I bleed Jesus' blood over you and place you at the foot of His cross. He may show agin and you are to repeat as often as needed. It won't be long before he goes.

    Love and Light.

  • litenspirit: Good advice.

  • thank you everyone that replied. I just had my yoga this morning and overall I felt some degree of protection. I haven't seen any of them today, from the time I woke up till now. This is a lot of improvement pheeww!!

    I think one of you have sent good thoughts my way. I'm going to write down the advices and if I see him again I will do both tips. Thanks for the help and I hope the universe returns it to you tenfold.

  • Hello twoowls. Could you please do a reading for me. My dob is July 12 1961 and his is Oct 4 1974. We have been together for two years and I would like to know what you see in the future for us. And my other question is, his grandfather when into the hospital yesterday will he make it, or is this his time to go.

    Thank You so much

    MS. Jameson

  • I should've said this earlier. twoowls it was confirmed I was spiritually stalked. couldn't find out who. I am surrounding myself with white light every single time now. I never see him again since my previous post. you are right about past life, I saw one of the two men many years ago too , also a dream. I just read my old diary and found an entry about this dream. It was also in August. wow I wish I had the psychic power you have, I would be able to see who sent him. Anyway I hope for anyone with kind and genuine intentions helping others that universe will return you this kindness tenfold.

  • Greetings Leoscorpio...

    Apologies for taking this length of time returning a reply to you.With family duties, spiritual circle duties, and recovering from a slip and fall at work, it has been a balancing act. However, I am recuperating nicely now.

    I'm delighted to hear that the information given by the angels and guides were confirmed. It is a powerful practice to surround yourself with the white light, as well as to practice the exercise given to you earlier on the daily. When you say you want to see who sent "him"--this has something to do with someone in your yoga class. This is a male, very slim build, with arms covered with hair. In this flash, he is wearing a gray t-shirt and he used to wear flipflops. As a matter of fact, he usually wears gray t-shirts to yoga. I was not shown his face, but I have a feeling he has a slim and pointed face. This individual is dabbling in some powerful spiritual stuff that is a little out of his league and may not understand the subtleties of using such psychic energies to "get" what one wants. He should be careful b/c the spiritual world is nothing to play with when having a certain agenda. Don't get me wrong the Universe loves to play but with good intent! It is the desire of the angels and the guides that you feel comfort, relief, and resolution with this matter. Peace be unto you & yours.


  • BlackLadyDiver

    I don't mean to appear to be rude or abrasive by not responding to such an emotionally charged and personal question much earlier...apologies. My reasons, in which I hope that you can view, is aforementioned in an answer to Leoscorpio. I hope that your friend's grandfather had an easy transitioning. I was shown that he was in an extraordinary amount of pain...

    Your questions is very interesting because what I received is really an answer about you and the self-reflection I am being shown that you are now cyclically entering. [Please note that I have seen a response to you by UniversalHarmony but did not read your question or the answer. I was simply attempting to navigate my way back to the original page I place my offerings of reading. This will be nice to compare.]

    Let me first say that I usually do not give readings in this manner (via internet, date of birth, etc) so this is interesting to gather information this way and "see" what the angels, the guides, and/or relatives who have transitioned have to offer. Knowing that cancer is a cardinal water sign it is easy to understand why you feel compelled to take the leadership position in various areas of your life--including love. There are two faces to you: the leader who is gregarious & larger than life...and the consuming need not to be so open, especially when you are diving and delving in your watery depths. It is understandable that you can be this way one minute and quite the opposite the next b/c your ruling planet is the moon and this planet is in a new sign every 2-3 days. Also, the moon is waxing and waning every 14 day you are in an ebb and flow so to speak as the moon grows and shrinks. The moon is beautiful female luminescent energy that beholds a mysterious glow--somewhat like yourself. This is the magnetism you possess. However, this on again and off again behavior can drive your love ones nuts. This is okay because one of the spiritual goal for cancer is: To learn how to achieve a balanced view of life, use your natural instincts & intuition for the uplifting of mankind.

    You have the ability to weave beautiful dreams (and sometimes bring them to fruition) but because of your inner worrying can turn these dreams into pessimistic nightmares. This is rooted so far in the subconscious that many times you are unaware of this energetic projection. This is the drive for your activities that provide the "feeling" of security and self-preservation that borders on self-ishness, manipulation, and abrasive ways...purely unintentional nevertheless exhibited to those who are the closest around you. A mantra would be helpful for you in this area...perhaps something as this: "The universe meets all of my needs. The stream of well-being is ever present. I CHOOSE to step in or out of this stream. I choose to step in and stay in the stream." Part II: "Assist me angels in my intent and have my loved ones to see the clarity in my actions." It may appear to be long but this can be said throughout your day in parts or all together. It is very beneficial to say mantras upon awakening and as you drift off to sleep.

    I understand that your question was about you and your beau, but it is being told to me that this is a time to focus on the furthering of your self-developing, emotional maturity, and connecting with your spirit. The latter is the most difficult for many b/c it takes being still and spending time loving yourself in a way that this world doesn't make easy let alone advocate. It is subliminally, and sometimes overtly, suggested that we should be "busy" accomplishing something and with our attention divided--making us just "that much" more scattered. The focus is on YOU.

    It is being stated that when you focus on those three suggested aspects of yourself more enlightenment will intuitively come to you as to question(s) concerning your Libra beau.

    Ask yourself: What do I get out of this relationship? What do I want? Can I give what I expect? Have I outgrown this relationship? How have I evolved since I began this relationship? Have allowed this person to grow? learn lessons meant for him not me?...

    When answers come to you see how it "feels" in the Solar Plexus (area right above your navel...this is what we call the gut feeling). It is never unwavering and is always truthful if we allow it to be so. It is much love for you here.



  • wow can you help me to?

  • thank you if you do. : )

  • If these pics help...

  • ...

  • Twoowls thank you for the help. it has been some weeks now since I posted this and my spiritual life has improved in a wonderful way.

    It is too bad you had an accident at work I hope your recovery process is going well. Your vision is confirmed but I was not told the name of the person who sent 'him' or how he looks. I was only told that I would be protected and that he did not mean harm. He just happened to 'see' me and my new spiritual openness and was wondering what else can I do.

    So you are kind of close there. A person of this level of curiosity must also be curious enough to meddle with some powers he shouldn't have meddled with. I was told to protect myself at all times and to send him prayer of kindness to dissolve his unnecessary aggression towards me. He might feel threatened when he sees my spiritual level, and so he launched this act.

    Not sure why, but he is playing at the level I haven't reached yet so there is nothing he should fear about in me. I think I know who he is, based on your description. I'm going to see if I can strike a conversation with him.

    Twoowls, may the universe sends you protection and blessings from its abundance. thank you so much for showing me the person.

  • leoscorpion and twoowls: What a wonderful revelation. What a wonderful conversation. How can someone help? Help comes from the inner, from the universe that is everywhere. God bless both of you. And twoowls: Glad to see that you feel better after the fall. Wish you the best of health and that the universe continues to bless you with love and wisdom.

  • TwoOwls,leoscorpionand TheHangedWomen, hello 🙂

    i just wanted to say...... WOW ! 🙂

    you are 3 very individual,powerfull and loving souls !

    the love and energy i feel from all 3 of you has made my hands sweat !!! (weird , i know!)

    you all have inspired me, and many others too i suspect 🙂

    thankyou 🙂

    blessings, love and light to you all !

  • Yes fuzzyluv...

    Inspired indeed! The most powerful loving souls!!

    I felt all of your energies as well! Thankyou so much. Wonderful conversation. I try to stay positive in every aspect of my life, and all of you will help me be as good as i can be.

    Many blessings and love.

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