Could this be psychic attack?

  • to thw, fuzzy and saggirl, twoowls and everyone else with selfless and kind intention

    I wish the universe shares you its abundance in return for all the positive energies you have sent out to others.

  • Greetings KarmaComa,

    Please state a question/concern that you desire to have addressed. I apologize if you have done so in earlier postings. I am not a professional at navigating this site so it is quite a comical feat to arrive at my desired destinations:) There are insights that are being revealed to me but it would be beneficial for us both for you to be specific in your intent. I will check this latter as I am off to therapy.

  • Greetings Leoscorpion,

    I am delighted to know that your energetic vibration is light and filled with joy! Thank you for your blessings. I would invite you to meditate on the encounter before approaching the person you suspect. Pay attention to your "gut feelings"--the Solar Plexus area. The "aggression" that was told to you that this person may feel towards you is his desire to be w/u. The suggestion that he may be intimidated by your psychic/spiritual/intuitive powers are not the primary reason for his attention towards is truly his desire to have you. Be careful and trust in your intuition.

  • Greetings TheHangedWoman,

    Thank you for your response, well wishes of health & blessings, blessings upon you and yours as well:) Yes, the Universe is cosmically wonderful...

  • Greetings Fuzzyluv,

    Your energy & words are quite lovely and humbling. Thank you for sharing The Love! For me, the sweating of palms are not weird at all. I have similar experiences of my hands becoming extremely heated...triggered by various experiences...but I think the one special catalyst is tapping into an energy frequency that is divine, angelic. Perhaps your divine-angelic energy frequency locked into divine-angelic outpouring energies being delivered to ALL involved. Nice feeling to bask in--isn't it:) Blessings to you...

  • Greetings SagGirl01,

    Thank you as well for your kind and inspirational words. It is a wonderful opp we have here to share in such a manner,as never has the world has seen before, that truly keeps me in awe. The better human being you strive to be is truly evident in your aura. Keep your good, good sense of humor going! You truly have a comedic gift! I am not sure if you know it but it is therapeutic for the people with whom share your sacred circle, as well as yourself. Be Blessed:)

  • twoowls

    thanks you so much for the warning. It's a lot clearer now the situation.

    I am by no means a master in spirituality and very much a 'baby' in this path.

    therefore what you said makes a lot more sense.

    I will bring this matter to my daily meditation I will not approach him until I receive a sign

    I do not know you and yet you have used your ability to the fullest to help

    may protection and abundance are sent your way and to your loved ones, always

  • Hi, How close was this vision to you. I would try to figure out what this is trying to tell you. I had a dream not too long ago. The man in it actually cut his face. It was set in a different time. When I awoke, my yard light was working. It has never worked. Anyway, I would baptize it in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You can see it, but there's a message. I'm sorry, haven't read previous posts.

  • the one in the dream, was as close as our backyard. the one that I saw, was in the house. he could stand very much 2 - 3 yards from me. now the only vision I have seen closer than that was my spirit guide and some spirits that stood so close I could see the details on their dress/shirts. But when I posted this discussion I hadn't met my guide yet and my mentors were out of town for some rituals, so I turned to this forum to see what everyone else thinks.

    They have returned from the rituals and have given me some pointers. I am still establishing communication with my guide since she speaks in symbols. But twoowls and everyone else have been really helpful. I will be extra cautious from now on, whoever he is and whatever he wants from me. I was told that the man in my dream and the man in the house were two separate occassions, they just happened to be sent within close period.

    Anyway thanks for your suggestion.

  • Amazed. This conversation has been helpful to me also. As Leoscopion wrote things down so will I. I Love Reading these things. they are so inspirational. I am having trouble tapping into my spiritual self as its laid dorment for many years and has just now become an urgent priority to me. I need all the positive enforcements that I can get. Thank you all for sharing. I am so appreciative.

  • NMV there is time for everything. it's nice to know that you time has come to be awakened spiritually like many people are. may the universe sends you guidance and support.

  • Twoowls, thanks for offering your insight. I am sorry if I didnt respond soon enough, I have been busy. But the minute I got in front of the computer tonight it came to me to come here. I have come to this site looking for help before, and I am back again...let me try to explain my situation better, and thank you.

    Me and my boyfriend, his name is Ryan...we have been togethor for three years. We have a six month old handsome baby boy, and our dog Kaiser sosa. : ) Ryan suffers from addiction, Recently he relapsed ( he wasnt clean very long) he is in jail currently. When he gets out he will be homeless, he has nothing...

    I want to say that we do love each other...I love him, and he loves me. We want the same things, we accept and understand eachother.

    we have however had alot of problems...addicts are family and his hate him...he hates himself, he does not want to be the person that he is.

    I wonder how long he will be in jail?

    I wonder were he will live, and fear what may happen to him...

    will he ever get better, and will we still be togethor.

    I am taking care of myself, I am in school and am very determined. I will succeed in life with him or without him, but it is my hearts desire to share and partake in this life with him side by side. I am not sure if pictures help, but I will post some.

    Thank you again, I could do a Tarot reading for you if you like.

  • Hello TwoOwls,

    I am hoping you will be able to do a reading for me as well. You have been very generous with your time and gifts so far on this forum and I thank you. My information is that I am a female and was born 05/19/1987. I want to know what the universe is leading to in love and work. I have not been in a relationship for a long time and am now open to it. Also I am to graduate from University soon.

    Thank you

  • Greetings KarmaComa,

    No need to apologize for not responding soon enough, especially when (as some folks already know I'm notorious for responding soon enough...but there are things that I'm evaluating and with which I'm coming to terms concerning this ability...). I have to tell you that you and Ryan have been on my mind since I read your post last week. I've thought about you both while I took daily walks in the park. I kept getting this overwhelming feeling of stifling anger. That feeling, I must say, kept me apprehensive in replying b/c I was sure it would be over me not responding to you quickly enough for your desire. I based this on what some folks said prior about me not responding quickly enough, as well as me accepting that this developed ability which has been a part of my life since I was born is suppose to be shared! Please let me be clear: I am no more "gifted" than anyone else in the world. It is that, for whatever reason, this psychic ability is further developed for me this go around. After viewing the 2nd pic of Ryan & reading your current post, I realized the anger and other intense emotions I have been feeling is over the situation and has nothing to do with my (or the lack there of) untimely postings. What a lesson for me! Thank you!

    Anyway KarmaComa, you & Ryan have been through many challenges in between the time you took the first pic posted and this 2nd pic posted.The first thing shown to me when viewing the 2nd pic posted is that Ryan has been prevented from something he really wanted to do when he was younger. I'm not sure if it is involving playing in a band, playing an instrument, touring...but it involves music. He has a great deal of pain inside. In part due to someone preventing his desire to do this "music something" he so desperately desires. The other part stems from his childhood/family scenario. I am shown a "male presence" who is/was domineering and overbearing in the family. It is his way or no way kind of energy. Does this make sense to you? The info that is coming in now is that you stated his family "hates" him is an interesting one b/c they help to create/assist in this inside pain, this growing hole in his soul so to speak. Is this not hypocritical? I am also being shown that Ryan was really sucked into the world of drugs...meaning that he was not eagerly seeking to be experimental (as hard as this may seem to believe). Rather I see a group of young men standing around him and kind of giving him a hard time b/c initially he was not interested in trying the drug of choice. One of the young men in that group has been particularly instrumental in prodding and providing the drug for him. Needless to say, he is not the best of influences and would be in much of his favor to remove himself from that individual. You know there needs to be much information that is shared about people who use drugs and why they use it from a spiritual/astrological perspective. I'm not sure how much material is available currently on the subject matter in this referenced format. Actually, the reasoning can be so multi-layered and vast that it can dizzying. Too much really to go into at this reading.

    Hate is a very strong word to use in this situation (or any for that matter)...the energy that is coming through is that his family and yours is extremely angry and enormously disappointment with Ryan. There is truly no hate here...sometime we become confused with the intense emotions. It is encouraged that you, your family, and his family pray for Ryan. I'm being shown that if everyone gathers in prayer for him that a miracle would occur. This is related to your question of "how long will he be in jail?" I'm being shown his grandmother (she is on the other side) and another strong male presence (perhaps on his fathers side) is connected to this message of prayer. I also sense that his mother is very soft spoken (and weakened by these circumstances of Ryan's drug use & jailing) and yet on his father's side there is an abrasiveness and emotionless reaction in dealing with this situation. Everyone who is involved in this situation should come together through prayer. I am also sensing that you may feel this to be very difficult b/c of the significant differences in the belief-system of all family members involved. I am told to tell you that it is not as a big deal as you may think b/c the love for Ryan is far greater than the differences of belief. All can pray as they choose. I'm being shown that you are a significant in this scenario b/c it is your love and desire for Ryan to get clean and blossom into the wonderful man that you see (in your spiritual eyes) him to be.

    KarmaComa, your stand as the rock, so to speak, the catalyst in being able to facilitate a gathering of everyone involved to move to group prayer. I feel that in your spirit that you have a knowing that if something great could occur bt. your fam & his that Ryan can regroup, get his head in the right direction, all three of you (you, Ryan, and your beautiful baby boy) can move forward as a family.

    Keep in mind that every soul has come here to learn lessons. Ryan has a great deal of pent up pain and he has to make the decision to release his pain in a positive, reconstructive manner, as well as releasing blame. These are decisions for HIM and HIM alone. However, having said that he could sure use everyone's help involved.

    I'm being shown the number 7 connected to his time in jail. Did they give a sentence of 7 months, 7 years...perhaps he will be out 7 months prior to the original sentencing. The next item of info being offered to you is to diminish your fear of "where will Ryan stay when he get's out of jail?" "Will he be homeless?" Etc. I say this b/c fear stifles the miracles of prayer. It is like that physics lesson we know of two energies not being able to occupy the same space--one will cancel out the other. It is the same with worry & prayer, fear & faith, anger & love, and so on.

    I sense that you still have much confidence in your Ryan and you know that things can be turned around in a positive direction. You are encouraged to trust your instincts. It is good that you are strong and doing such admirable things as furthering your education and your determination to be successful. You will accomplish many things b/c of your unwavering determination. Good for you! In terms of you and Ryan staying together, you will know as things unfold. You are not one to waste your time on any matter. Once you have made up your mind it is pretty much a done deal. I'm being shown the number 5 as it pertains to your son. Was he born on the 5th of the month (six months ago you stated) ? Were you in labor for 5 hrs? Talk about determined...this soul is very determined! He came to teach many lessons to you, Ryan, and both sides of the family. You can see the wisdom in his eyes...there is such a knowing in his eyes. Everyone who holds him and/or spends time w/him can see it...some even comment about it.

    I'm being told to tell you that it would be a good idea for you to pick up the book Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue. This will be very therapeutic for you. You may even be led to purchase another/different book by Doreen Virtue. It is interesting that you have chosen the name KarmaComa as you have a karmic relationship w/Ryan and with many of the people in your family. Come together concerning Ryan, he needs lots of prayer...and expect a miracle on his behalf...his grandmother will be instrumental in this. I will keep you both in prayer. Stay strong and continue to nourish your spaces. It is much love for you here.--


  • Greetings SiriusPotter,

    I must first say that I am quite partial to HP readers, supporters, etc b/c there is sooo much to say about the world of Hogwarts and that smart & shrewd J.K. Rowling :^)

    It is rather kind of you to thank me, but I'm simply the conduit for the messengers. Anyway, what has been shown to me concerning a love relationship is that your very decisiveness to place the desiring of a steady relationship on hold and prioritize other things was very smart to do! You are a very organized and no nonsense person--after all you are a Taurus. Do not confuse your season to have some fun and a need to be in a serious relationship right now. You have been working at a rather amazing pace. I mean between classes, studying, working, and spearheading/participating in clubs/organizations I'm wondering how do you do it! Yes, a much deserved relaxing pace so to speak is in order here. The message coming through for a serious relationship is actually not to have one right now b/c a decision is coming up (or has already been offered) to do some traveling as it applies to school and/or work has to be made. I'm being told to tell you to have fun, date, let your hair down some and not become overly concerned with a serious relationship right now. Does this make sense to you? A serious relationship will happen when you aren't looking for one.

    The travel opp is a very good one occurring right now. I see hesitancy in your aura about this and I'm being shown this is linked to your family...your mother some how. Well, you will understand this but all green lights are being given to you from my & your divine guides.

    I also am receiving artistic energy around you as it is connected with the direction of your career pursuit. I read that you are graduating from university soon (a big CONGRATULATIONS to you!) and that you have concerns about jobs b/c of the current economic status of the globe (as we all do and rightfully so) but again it is being emphasized that your career opp is directly linked to this traveling opp. It is important that in interviews you highlight your strengths of organization, practical, sensible, and matter-of-fact personality, and ability to handle emergencies in a calm & decisive manner. It is important not to minimize these attributes that you possess b/c this is truly what many employers are looking for in a potential candidate. Seek a leadership position (in which you already know how well you do in this role) with very little restriction from authority on your creative process. Seek the opp for you to obtain another degree with the help of your new employer scenario. This would be more beneficial arrangement for you as well as your employer. As your reading was coming to a close, I was shown the pic of a tall, slim, woman with long, sandy colored hair, with high cheek bones came through. She is quite attractive...she almost looks doll-like. Does this make sense to you? When I ask, "who are you?" She simply sends me the energy that she is/will be instrumental in lining up events for the work position that is coming your way...she say's, "Don't be late!" 🙂

    Blessing to you SiriusPotter


  • Hello Two Owls! I am so glad that you realized that my "siffling anger" was in no way directed toward you! : )

    It shock's me and saddens me however that all of this anger inside is that powerful...I have indeed these past two weeks been struggling with penning up my anger at Ryan, this mostly has to do with the letter writing going on between us...I am trying so hard to "push" through this ANGER cloud in my head right now! And only send hopeful, and loving energy in my letters. I have mostly succeded, but it is hard because it seems that with every letter I get, I almost become more angry.

    I talked to Ryan on wednesday at 5:00am He was waiting to go to court finally, and had acess to a phone for a moment. He told me then that their will be 7 letters, and that he was then out of envelopes...maybe this is the number 7 that you see? or he may get six months plus the month hes already been in waiting to get sentenced. I'll let you know when I find out. : ) As I said Iv gotten help on this wonderful forum! before about my situation. I feel sort of weak, or greedy about it almost...but it has been soooo nice and truley helpful to me. Thank you very much for participating in that on my behalf.

    Ryan has told me about a few things that he really wanted to do, but was prevented from doing as a child. What was so hard for him was that his brother was allowed to partake in these things. Baseball, and "dirt bikes" being the two that I can clearly remember. Ryan dose love music, but I have gotten the "impression" from a few in his family that his guitar playing was or might have been related to his hanging with the wrong crowd.

    It would seem that you are acurate about the drug "heroin" being pushed on him. I have read in journals, and letters from his mother to her family members that he did not want to hang out with these people, but that he felt pressure to hang out with them. He had a fear of them being "mad at him" he was 14 or around their I think. Also their is one in particular "chris?" that his mother has spoken of as being particular trouble she said he gave her a creepy feeling. But Ryan has not been around him in quite awhile.

    The domineering "male" presence that you speak of, are you sure it's male? It actually sounds more like his mother to me...She is not soft spoken, not to me atleast...but I am sure that she is sad about it, and dose cry when she is alone. His grandfather on the other hand (on his mothers side) is spoken of as having a penchant for being cruel, and very domineering...I do not know how great a role he played. Ryan is very silent...he dose not open up to me that often, and his mother I get the feeling that she sways things, or omits them to make her self seem "better" as a person and a parent., when talking to me. Ryan has deep seated negative, "Blameful" feelings toward her.

    Yes! it is very hypocritical of his family to so completely condem him the way they do. They are either all in denile, or truley ignorant to their part in his sadness and addiction.

    I know that hate is a very strong word, and I whole heartedly agree...You are right, It is just overwhelming dissapiontment. My own mother is the worst however and this fact is, in a very big way part of the whole "struggle" for me. ...I am made to feel ashamed of my is hard...I will ask everyone that I can to pray for him...

    Ryan's biological father finally disapered for good when he was around 5 or 6 (except for a brief stint when Ryan was 20, that caused much emotional harm) Ryan is 27 by the way, I am 23...I have been told that his step mother on his bio. dads side was very cruel to him when he was a child...I am pretty sure that some of the other assistance that iv recieved on this site has been referencing this women... It is very interesting to me that youve mentioned his grandmother that has passed on. Just this past weekend I asked his mom why his real fathers parents had never tried to have a relationship with him, and she told me that his grandmother on that side had been an excellent one! until he was around six and she died.

    At one piont his mother was mariied to a man "Dan" this man adopted Ryan and gave him his last name. Even thought Dan and Ryans mom have been divorced for some time Ryan still calls this man Dad, their divorce had a big effect on him. (Also my fathers name is Danny in case you were to recieve any confusion)

    My Son's due date was supposed to be in may, but I had him in april. Other than that I cant think where the 5 would be comming from...It is interesting and I would like to know. It may just be a mothers love, but you are right about my son he is strong! I feel that he will be the apple of my eye : ) that he will bring me alot of pride, Ryan too. I can see the "light" in my sons eyes. He has Ryans eyes, not the color but the "light" inside is the same. Sometimes I can see Ryan looking at me through my sons eyes. It is a warming feeling for me...

    Thank you for telling me about "the book" by mrs. Virtue, I looked into it on the net. And it has brought me some peace already...I realize that I have been looking for the next step in my own spiritual journey for a long time... : ) ...Would you know if my fathers mother looks out for me? I have always felt that if she had ever known me that she would have liked me. She died before I was born.

    I have felt this at times overwhelming Karmic situation with Ryan and many in my family...

    Again Thank you so much. I hope we will talk again, when you have time!


  • twoowls that's nice to read about doreen virtue

    I don't read any of her books, but I read an article that she did a while ago

    very compassionate, very much love

    I try her cards sometimes, it's online and free

    they are mostly accurate although it might not be like that for others

  • This post is deleted!

  • hi twoowls, just to let you know soulsentient asked for your help

    she is willing to try anything and some people have tried to help

    if you have time please look at her thread on it's called "twoowls, anyone help protect my daughters soul" you can find it in list of discussions i've participated

    I told her I would ask you to help

  • Hello Twoowls,

    I started reading this thread just out of curiosity, but I see you've been very generous in helping a few people out. I wondered if you would be willing to offer me some insight? It's regarding a man (it's always about a man). But I don't want to distract from the main topic of this thread so what would be the best way to proceed? Personally, I would prefer something a little less public as there is a certain amout of shame involved, and in relation to the others you've helped, it's a little petty in comparison, but it's been all I've really cared about for some time now and "beggars can't be choosers!" Well, thank you for your consideration.

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