Update for hanswolfgang

  • hey hans

    i see you are busy as ever -- glad you are doing well

    the cappy and i are still talking me 11/16.75 he 1/12/70

    but there have been other people coming back into my life

    do you still see us together

    or is it possible that one of these other people is better suited for me

    i ask bcuz the cappy does not seem to want to compromise and seems unsure about being in a relationship he does not see the benefit of balancing his life and is solely focused on his career

    does he want a relationship now

    if so am i meant to continue working on us-- if not should i back off for a while

    if i continue to move forward will he open up about himself and his feelings

    will we find a happy medium/ balance or will he pull back and shut down

    as far as career

    i did move into another position but it didn't work out

    i did apply to school not law but public administration

    will i get into school this year

    will i get a new job soon or should i focus on school

    thanks in advanced

    hans-- btw how is the weather in germany

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