Family is at a crossroads? What to do? Appreciate guidance thank you!

  • AuntBuck - Thank you for your kind and sensitive comments. I really appreciate your time. We all have our troubles as you say. Life is a merry going round with the ups and downs. It is good that we have the downs to appreciate the ups (but not too down!) I was sorry to hear of your problems. I see that things have improved lots for you and I hope that they're still improving. I do hate that feeling of being scattered and full of angst! I guess we must stay put for now and look at where we are next year. We have to move next year, and make more decisions but for now we will enjoy the moment. We're out tomorrow for the first time in a very long time. I will go and enjoy and have some fun, about blooming time! I must admit and I've probably said it before that life does have a way of working out somhow in the end and I do firmly believe that, even when I am feeling at a low ebb. It is also good that we have this place to vent and meet such kind and generous people. Thank you very much AuntBuck. 😄

  • Blmoon - Many thanks for your very kind and sensitive comments also. I do live in constant fear of being wrong. I was brought up to always do the right thing and there is a perfectionist streak in my parents, they also don't like looking stupid. I always thought my parents were perfect for years and years and they liked to think that they were. It was hard living up to it. I'm not blaming them. I guess some of it has rubbed off. None of us is perfect and I realise that more and more, people just try! I do forget to be kind to myself and I constantly judge myself in the way that I wouldn't dream of doing to other people. I carry a lot of shame and guilt and if I am honest I am feeling angry and resentful with my parents but that is another issue altogether. Thank you for saying that I am worth helping. I am trying to build my self esteem and help myself. I must admit I am always ready to fail, I always look at life in the wrong way, that I'm doomed before I've even started. Where's the joy of life in that? Paul McKenna's cd is helping and a few books that life is supposed to be fun and pleasurable. I hope I'm not going off on a tangent! I will take care to stop and smell the roses right here, right now. I am looking forward to a night out tomorrow, it will be so good for me. Many, many thanks Blmoon, you are also very kind to have stopped by to help me, things can only get better for us all!

  • Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I faced my fear last night. I went and had a fab time, really enjoyed myself and lightened up. It felt so good. Thank you all for every bit of your support, really appreciated.

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