Family is at a crossroads? What to do? Appreciate guidance thank you!

  • Hello, I've asked a few times and then the threads have collapsed! I asked again and was asked to start a new thread. My family is at a crossroads, none of us are particularly happy where we are right now. We're here because of my husbands job. We are looking at buying a house back in the UK, but the problem is we also have a place overseas which we are trying to sell. Our little ones need to settle. Our son has started secondary education and we don't want to move him anymore. We are here until next July, but wondering if we should bite the bullet and get a place to put down roots in the UK. Or we could wait it out and stay here till next July. Into the mix is also a possibility that my husband could get promoted. This would mean another move, more upheavel and angst. All we now want is an easier life, make some good friends for us all and put down some roots. We've moved so much. If anyone has a crumb of insight I would be very grateful of any help however small. I just long to be part of a village where people know and love us, I'm fed up of being a gypsy but I also want to feel safe and secure, for the the whole family. We tend to keep ourselves to ourselves because we've moved so much and I feel we have a lot to give as a family. I think we all need a security and happiness boost. I hope I've explained this well enough! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Happy days to you all. 😄

  • Hey Intriqued,

    Sorry to hear this. I hope someone will answer your questions soon. In the meantime, I sending you lots of hugs and positive healing energies. Hang in there!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

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  • Emergence - Many thanks for wishing me well and for the hugs and positive healing energies. It was very kind of you to take a look at my post, and big hugs back . You take care too and wishing you well in your world! xx

  • Poetic 555 - Thank you also for bumping my post, but nobody is answering!!! xx

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  • Goodluck Hope you get the asnwers your looking for

    Best wishes

    RebeccaAnn 🙂

  • Intrigued....I certainly can feel for you and your situation. I was one of the lucky ones and stayed in the same place my whole childhood so I cannot say I know how you feel but I can certainly understand why you feel that way. When I read this...a flash came to me, "home is where the heart is." You know how everyone has this belief of "when this happens, I'll be happy." When this situation is resolved I'll be happy. We all do it. What I've I need to be happy whereever I am, whatever the situation. I've been doing a lot of growth lately spiritually, Positive brings positive. So, while you are trying to figure out what your next steps are, what is to stop you from building friendships where you are? I think that we can never have enough friends and even if I don't stay in touch, I know that I am better for the experience of having the friend.

    Anyway, sending prayers to you for answers to your questions. Blessings....AuntB

  • intrigued

    I think I've done a message for you before so forgive me if there is a repeat as spirit says you are still stuck on the same issues. I pick up a constant restlessness that manifests itself around you so all these decisions of shoulds and shouldn'ts are really just filling a fear of the void--you contradict yourself--you say you crave stillness and routine and roots YET your life does not reflect that choice so the question is what is life trying to teach you? You have the knowledge on your bookshelf. The lesson is about "living in the moment". Untill you practice that daily and really get it--- all other choices will remain out of your grasp. This is not about controll over the future and where to live or not. You must find peace and joy in the moment where ever you are. Stop with the shoulds and shouldn'ts--you have no trust in the now. Your children are not you--please do not try to force perfect ideas to their journey--perhaps the change of moving around is part of their destiny. You grasp too tightly to the wheel and can't enjoy the ride. Spirit says LET GO--trust all is in order and mistakes are just opportunities to grow past your limmitting belifs. Pick up that book you keep putting away that addresses the issue that holds you back. You just plain think too much--worry too much--second guess every move--micro manage every desicion--how exhausted you must be! You are so busy on the future and what could be that you totaly miss the moment. SIT STILL--stay put and just live each day as if it is your last--see the best in every place. Let all these decisions go--there is no garantees for tomorrow. Be happy NOW where you are--in the moment! Blessings

  • That was nice, two affirmations!

  • Many thanks RebeccaAnn. Hope all works out for you also! 😄

  • AuntBuck - I appreciate your reply and thank you. I guess I just worry about making yet more mistakes, and don't want to get it wrong for my children's sake. I moved around and it had an effect on me. I do try to appreciate what is happening now but obviously I fall far short. I am trying to go with the flow but probably trying too hard! Oh dear! I do feel that the message has now been hammered home from both yourself AND Blmoon. I have listened and I have taken on board what you say. I am going about my life in totally the wrong way!! Many many thank for taking time out for me. Take care AuntBuck. I will move on now and stop harking back to the same old issues, my old way of life definitely isn't working. Time to really change. 😄

  • Thank you and yes, you have helped me before. Oh dear Blmoon, as I have said above I am obviously going about my life in totally in the wrong way. We always seem to be making decisions about the future, about doing the right thing for everybody. We've made lots of mistakes, or so it appears to us in the past. I am stuck in the same old issues and they are definitely not working. I must leave all that behind now and move forward. Yes, you have given me a message before and I'm sorry that it was the same old angst! Mmmm, I really now realise that harking over, worrying constantly about everyone and everything is a big NO NO. It has to stop. I have to live in the here and now. You must feel very cross when you go over the same old, same old with certain people and I've thought - you just don't get it. Now I realise that I am one of those people!! Oh no!! I have digested what you have said and I can't carry on the way I am anymore. To really live in the moment and appreciate where I am at now, is where I have to be. Many, many thanks for your patience, tact and for taking the time to read and answer my post. I intend that you don't hear anymore from me now!! I feel quite ashamed on myself for banging on all the time!! It makes me sigh now!! Take care Blmoon and once again thank you!!

  • Many thanks RebeccaAnn. Hope all works out for you also! 😄


    Thankyou, and im sure things will work out for you in the end if you think postively which is very hard for some people to do, but if you try hard enough then youll know it will work out soon.

    Just put all your energy into positive thinking.

    Best wishes

    RebeccaAnn 🙂 X

  • Intrigued, I feel the problem here is that there are too many conflicting goals which is confusing the Universe about what to give you. For instance, your husband's promotion would mean more money and security to the family. Then again, moving would upset your children who need stability. Then again, there is something in you that likes being a gypsy and meeting new people and going to new places. If you want to accomplish anything, you and your family must get your priorities straight and ask together for the ONE thing. Not several different things...

    Decide what is most important - money/security, a settled life in a quiet village (but maybe with less material things), or the fun of travelling to new places and meeting new people? Once you make a firm decision, the Universe will know what exactly to give you (and you will know it too).

  • Hi RebeccaAnn - I appreciate your post and do try to think positively, things do have a tendency of working out somehow in the end! Thank you! and you too! 😄

  • Thank you Captain for taking time out and answering my query. You have hit the nail totally on the head - TOO many conflicting goals. Our children do need stability but it isn't easy given my husband's job and it's what takes us to these places and gives us too many opportunites!! To get this promotion, it would be the pinnacle of his career but then again there are very few opportunies for promotion at the moment. It would really be a miracle for him to be promoted this year, then again it could happen! There is a gypsy in me which does like going to new places and meeting different people. It is good to know if we're not keen on a place, then it won't be forever. I think stability scares us too, we've never tasted it, but we probably feel that the grass is greener on the other side and we want to try that.

    I can see that we have to make a firm decision, we are so scattered and then the Universe will help us. It does make great sense. I don't think we know what we want anymore, one thing is for certain that for the sake of our children's education they need to stay in one place for many years. They love to travel too!! Our lucky we are, and we do always count our blessings. We are truly grateful. Thank you so much Captain. You have helped me. Take care 😄

  • Hi RebeccaAnn - I appreciate your post and do try to think positively, things do have a tendency of working out somehow in the end! Thank you! and you too! 😄


    Thats Okay 🙂 Goodluck

    Best wishes

    RebeccaAnn! X

  • Don't feel like you were harking. This is an issue for you and the reason for this forum is for us to post those issues which bother us. If it wasn't for this place, I wouldn't be where I am now. It's taken me a long time to get where I am where I am grateful for today and happy where I am in the now. I guess this has been my advise to many because of that fact that it was such a problem for me in the past year. Always worrying about what my next move will be (layed off from job, broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years, going back to school, money, teenagers...), worrying that I will repeat a mistake that I made in the past (did that more than a few times, believe me!). I know a few months ago I was very scattered and in angst over what I was going to do and I forgot the advise that was given to me then. Pick your priority and universe will help you pursue it. It really is very good advice. Thanks for reminding all of us Captain!

  • Stop punishing yourself! You do not bother me at all--this is the point--your constant fear of being wrong--making mistakes. It's a journey not a cure--we all need a leg up in the right direction. Be kind to yourself. I do not judge you in the way you judge yourself--it is my desire you heal and you are worth helping. Interesting you used the word shame--it holds a lot of power over you. You are loved and worthy just as you are. Make the best of where you are and play each hand as it is dealt and regret can not harm you. Don't be so ready to fail. You just don't trust yoursef. We all have these feelings. You are not alone. We did not come into this life to be perfect. Lighten up on yourself--smell the roses. Blessings

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