Do you believe in Curses?

  • I seem to have the worst luck ever. There is always something going wrong. I tend to keep a positive attitude and always have a bright outlook even in the worst situations but I am starting to feel beaten down. Is there a curse on me or was I just born under a bad sign?


  • Hi luvslife,

    Sorry to hear that. I am not in a great situation myself but I am still keeping the positive mind. As for being curse, do not let the negative thoughts makes you feel that way. By staying positive is already a great defense on being curse.Sending you lots of hugs and positive healing energies. Hang in there!

    Check this thread out; the info about curses are all there

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Luv'slife, your name says it all! Do just that "love life," "As a man thinkith, so is he." Believe the good, bad things sometimes happen to us all, it's not personal just part of life. Do you pray? Your mental thoughts are what attract good or bad to you and some things just happen and the reason is beyone us. "Belive in the good, and it will happen." 🙂

  • Emergence,

    Thank you for all the information. There is so much on the thread that is helpful. I am still reading. It seems you and I have somethings in common. My grandparents raised me as well. I am trying to keep my positive outlook. Good news this week, my fiance has finally found some job opportunities. So I am praying for a positive outcome.


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