CAPTAIN...need u're insight

  • hello:)

    if u read this thank you.

    well it seems my life is at rock bottom from all sides. my gem ex has moved on n it's been a year. main qs: And i need to make a decsion about which path to follow as a career w/o a sec 2 spare--the one I have been stubornly podding on or make an opposite change as some have suggested and it maybe head for law.I would really appreciate u're insight on this as this is my main concern now.

    aside from that there are these very weird and rigid vibes that surround/ confine me--that make communication or interaction with new pple very strange and tainted. I guess i am learning my lessons the hard way for my stuborn and impulsive actions in the past. i have my heart back and yet the past is very slow to becoming just dust for me n I am not sure y. I feel like my gem is happy and maybe it all turned out for the best. Aside from my main career concern, i am wondering where if anywhere gem n I might figure in the future-- there is so much broken( at least on my side/not sure gem relaizes the ys), i doubt we ever will.

    my last qs that i wish to ask for insight on is on Aqua and I, accrdn to a compat rdn from a while back it was a close to perfect match, and while we do compliment each other, I think my wierd fluctuations in fire energy freaked him out. I don't really understand what happened, he really liked me, i did 2, but somehow things got confused, i feel like he still likes me.we compliment each other well. The most confusing thing about all this is I am drawn to him(it's almost magnetic), 2 try n help him, to want to behis friend, not sure if that means i have slightly fallen but he just keeps me at arms length. I guess I am wondering if the drawn thing is just the mind thinking, and me just wanting to help him. but he doesn't let me. I don't understand. . i think he might have thought i didn't feel the same at the start, but it's obvious I want to be his friend and yet? he's a bully, he won't respond. ehhh. i really liked him. SOmehow my gem's," everything I do is wrong", seems to be my line.maybe it's karma. I don't know how much u might sense but everything is just weird, weird, weird. I know this is long, and it might drain you, but I would really appreciate any insight u might have or sense, career wise first and foremost, the rest after if u can. Thank you:)night hope to hear from you soon

  • Purplesilver, what you need is time on your own without a partner or anyone to distract you so that you can figure out what it is you really want. Having other people around doesn't allow any of us time to think straight. If you really knew yourself and what you want, your path would be very clear to you both in career and love. Spend some time - write it down if it helps - to really ask yourself the important questions - 'where am I going and what do I want to do to get there'? What sort of partner suits me best? Why do I attract partners who bully me and make me think everything is my fault? What does that say about how I feel about myself? Do I think I am a good person worthy of real love? What job would make me feel really happy and fulfilled?'

    Some time spent contemplating these issues will really help you to know what to do next.

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