Help with dream interperation.

  • I had this dreams several weeks ago and its still fresh in my mind, so I think i need a new set of eyes.

    In this dream I am driving home from work, when i look down on my left and the ring that my boyfriend gave me isnt there. And on my right hand is my great grandmother's ring. I think to myself where the missing ring might be at work but I still drive home.

    Here the weird thing, I havent wore my great grandmother ring for fear of losing it and I wear my boyfriend ring on my right hand. So i have no idea why the switching of hands. But i would appericate any insight you can give me.

  • Depends on how you felt after you woke up. If it was me, I would pray for her. Normally you wear a boyfriends ring on left. I would do as the dream suggests. His on left. Hers on right. But pray for her, as her soul may need it. She needs your prayers and wants you to remember her. It's a special dream.

  • I woke up confused and panic. Because i really did beileve that i lost my boyfriend ring. Hard to beileve my great grandmother been gone 7 years already this december.

  • Your grandmother is w/you whether or not the boyfriend is--I think that might be an accurate measure of the dream. I believe, from my own experiences only, that dreams come from you, your subconscious, and God. I'm a visionary. I have never dealt w/spirits. I don't meditate to receive anything. I receive actual visions, many of which are seen by the public (public revelations, as opposed to private revelations.) I do pray and acknowledge the Source of everything and that is God. His son is Jesus Christ. A wedding ring symbolizes a covenant between man and woman (marriage) that was created by God. This ring symbolizes a bond or covenant between you and your grandmother. Maybe you are the only one that can help her or maybe it's a message that she is doing ok. Don't overlook this. God chooses to communicate w/many by the way of dreams--it's very non-threatening. But you have to be open to hearing what this dream is trying to communicate w/you. Don't panic this is a great dream. You will remember this dream for a long time, maybe that helps reveal the message to you too.

  • Hi Lunatime, I feel that your grandmother is sending you a message that she is with you now ,and that she would like you to wear the ring that was hers. After all you are coming up on the 7yrs that she has been gone. That is probably why you are receiving this dream now. I too often receive messages in my dreams and I try to understand their meanings. I believe they are messages from my beloved that have departed I hope this was of some compfort to you.

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