At a crossroads

  • I am 57 and feel like I am in high school again. I have developed a crush on someone I know. He is the same age and single. I need to know if he has any romantic interest in me? If not I plan on relocating and not thinking about him any more. Thank you

  • Do you have to relocate right away? Why not give it a little bit of time first?

  • tell me a little more about it- I am not getting much right now

  • I currently work with him and we are friends. I just started to have romantic interest in him about a month ago. I don't know how he feels.

  • I have been at this job 1 year longer than I wanted to. I don't know why I stuck around as long as I have except now that I have developed an interest in this other person it seems like maybe that is the reason I have been dragging my feet-because i was going to meet him and fall in love. I don't know-it is not like I am a young kid or anything, but I really would like a relationship with this gentleman if the feelings are mutual at all. Thank you.

  • Hi, You'll never really know unless you get to know him someway. In general, I don't think it's good to put all eggs in one basket if you don't really know him. Start up a conversation and then go from there. Ask him what he does when he gets off work... Talk about anything. Tell him your thinking about cutting your hair and you need his input (the reason I say this is because I am.) That's a start.

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