ShOuld This PisCes Take Chances w/ this Cancer

  • for years ive had like this boy, hes a cancer. when we first met i did not like him we always fought but a lil later we became the best of friends, well we always made intense eye contact, and had so much in common, well that was when we were at the same school he left and i went to a diff school, a couple years later at a mutual friend party all we did was stare at each other well he made the friend move n gave me his number n so i called n requested him on facebook , well everyday we talked i founded out he had a Girlfriend of 2 months, a month after he broke up w/ her( i dont know if that was cuz of me) well he would give lil hints all the time that he was interested but at the time i was scare, I STILL am about doing that w/ what a great friendship we have. So 1 day i sent him a Vday card saying how i valued him n how i appreciate the beauty of a friendship w/ him, well he never responsed all i know a month later his friend tried to talk to me ( to make a long story short he set it up)i was soOOo hurt he tried calling me i didnt answer.its a different between testing some 1 vs disrespect. Im in college so 1 day in July he sent me a letter sayin ''I need you a friend,somebody that can be my girlfriend ,im tried of playin games, holla @ me!" est then i havent responsed to him ive been home from college too. IDk wat to do??...

  • The only message I have for you my friend is: stop worrying about the why's, where's, how's and GO FOR IT 🙂 Life's too short, even at your tender age. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • i hope he really likes you and he wants to have a relationship with you - you should feel it is right! else he'll just use you -cancer boys care about their comfort and don't take risks no matter how much they like a certain girl (i'm pisces too..and i had a desillusion with a cancer recently) take care

  • i hear both of you. littlecharmingpisces idk what you were saying that wasnt advice but thanks, but now ive havent even gotten into contact est july est he said that to be im ignoring him, now i think hes going to hate me and also in that text he said '' he was tried of playin games''.. im so scared i dont want him to think i was playin games, any advice on wat to say? or anything else?

  • I say you tell'em straight up, you know I like you, but I dont want to ruin a good friendship or be hurt by you. Make sure you let him know that you are serious, but that you will be devoted. Living life is all good right now, and its cool sometimes to be all live the day to day with no regrets, but after awhile we are going to have to grow up. Im 18, and a freshman in colllege, Im a pisces male, I know it's difficult and I have been infatuatuated with a cancer before to, infact the only people I ever wanted to be with were cancers, IDK about them, but they are a unique group of individuals, and I think that the only way to suffice a relationship is to bare your all, and give it all you got, Don't worry if the love is there it will be fine, but cancers are looking for something that they dont even know exist, make his unknown fantasy come to a reality, that's you girl. lol

    Hope this helps...


    Ps. That getting his friend to hook up with you is the oldest trick in the book, Im pretty sure he was to scared to get involved, and sometimes guys do dumbshit like that. Dont trip... Jump on it... It might just be worth your while.

  • I totally agree with cris... GO FOR IT... Picture it.... 30 years ago... a young guy in the Bronx, meets a pisces... and the relationship is one of instant angst!... time passes - they grow close and develop a loving relationship... that doesn't last forever (nothing does!) but provides beauty and comfort for each at a time when needed.... you'll love it... just relax!

  • well we met a long time ago and it was always something there . we first met i didnt like him we always agrued. but shortly we became close i know he always had my back n vice versa. well we always were flirting even when he had a girlfriend(oops) there relationship was new i had knew him for yrs we had just got into contact again. well fast fwd i had send him a friendship card, sayin that i valued him n i appreciate the beauty of a friendship well he never even said anything about the card" i take it that he thought i was givin mixed signals''(WHAT DO YOU THINK??).. then we had been friends est 2004 all of a sudden he calls me his sis i was so hurt my issue w/ this situation is we have been friends for yrs i saw wat he did to other females, i value our friendship is it worth taking a risk??...I do love him, do you think he loves me??

  • Yes he does; he's just a bit mixed up, but so are you 🙂

  • lol, yes i am but whats w/ the indirecting stuff. my rising is a sag ( i need direct honesty) but me being a pisces im scared to ask him??..and what do you mean mixed up??

  • I can understand your concern, but you must know as a Pisces you are a bit timid anyways most of the time, but sometimes you must take a chance. I have been married to my cancer husband for over 23 years now and even though we see things from a different perspective, we also see a lot of things eye to eye, like soul mates. You must understand as a cancer he will be good for you, like your rock. When you feel as if life is just too much for you, he can help protect you and rein you back in when life gets to be too high in the clouds. He would also be a good father, like my husband is and a good provider and protector; protecting you and your family at all costs. That is what caner men do. Don't fret too much, take a deep breath and take a chance with this guy. You may just find out that he is the love of your life!

  • im crying now ... but can you answer my ?? beaches 4 me then i havent gotten in contact w/ him est july he may hate me now. idk and did you read my indirect text message was her talking about me or ???

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