How can i make cancer man notice me then fall in love with me?

  • remembering his birthday is not only thoughtful and sweet, but it will make him feel special because he does not know you. he will wonder how you knew. it's a great way to get to know each other.

    you believe in magic? make a wish to the cosmos, and your wish will come true. but only if you are open to the love of life and it's mysterys. since you don't want an arranged marriage, then you wil have to work harder to seek the one you love.

    keep in touch here, and let us know how you are doing..


  • Thank you soo much sunny i feel very supported i already found the one i love but what i pray god for to make him love me too ... i will keep in touch here of course and i will let you know the updates thanks again your are very good person and im lucky that i sharing my story with you

  • Hi, I am in love with a cancer man. This affair started almost a year ago when I was involved with someone else. My relationship was at its end when I agreed to start seeing my cancer. We soon became physical, but ive known him for a while we were co-workers.Needless to say the sex was explosive. My relationship finally ended 2mths ago and the cancer and I have plains for a vacation to. The Bahamas in August. The problem is he seems to switch with the weather. One moment hes so into me he can't get enough, and other times it's as though he rather not be bothered. That's strange cause when I was still in my relationship he was soooo jealous. WHAT DO I DO????? I DON'T LIKE GAMES....

  • Someone help me out please! !!!!

  • Hi cocob cancer sign is ruled by the moon so they are affected by moon`s shapes so they are moody my be some times he caring so much and another time he is careless and maybe at the morning very happy and afternoon he become very sad thats not because of you or he make that on purpose no its out of his hand . so you have to adjust with it and dont make him feel that he is freak or weird and he will appreciate you very much............. i hope for you happiness with your cancer .......... good luck

  • CocoB, what is your sun sign? be fair now, what are your dates of births?

    thanks, Sunny

  • Hi MSindie i answered all your questions and you never answer mine ........ why?

  • Coco,

    I think either your partner liked the thrill of dating someone who was not available(someone elses girlfiend) and it was sort of dangerous and like a game to him and flattering to his ego that you wanted to be with him, although you were offcially with someone else and now that you are offically his girlfriend he is not sure anymore, the thrill is gone. There is no need to hide your relationship anymore and it sort of has lost its appeal to him.

    Or he really is typical Cancer, moody type. And has emotional highs and lows. Check out his Moon sign, ascendant sign and Venus sign. Moon gives information about the emotional nature of the person, ascendant is how he is seen from the outside that is how he behaves and Venus will tell you who he is attracted to and how he behaves when in love...and towads the person he loves. This all can explain things to you...

  • Koky,

    The best thing for you would have been to have some female freinds who could discreetly find out about the shop guy. But if you don't have anyone, you can possibly try show him you interest, very subtly.

    Yes you can cook him some food and give it to him, bake a cake for his birthday. Flatter him and tell him you only like his shop as it has the best groceries and nicest staff members. Try to work on your femine powers. Apply some flattering makeup with eye shadow and pink lipstick. Wear girly clothes, with lots of pink, or flowery designs, long skirts and beautiful sunny dresses. Wear jewellery like bracelets that make sound everytime you move your hand. Or earrings that accentuate your femininity.

    Look in his eyes and smile you sweetest smile (without teeth ). Hold the gaze for a little while and then shyly look down. Look up again at him and look away again. (I read an article that men find a smiling woman who looks right into their eyes more attactive than a woman who doesn't smile!!!)

    When he says something that is remotely funny, laugh at what he says, not a loud horsy laughter, but a sweet gentle, pleasant to the ears laughter. You can practice all this!

    Learn about how to use body language and try to read his body language. If you have long hair, let it free and loose and sort of touch your hair now and then when you are in the shop, bring it to one side of your face as it can be real flattering and very feminine...twirl the ends around you finger when you talk to him...

    Most guys whether they are americans or arabs like females who are feminine, so be as femine as you can...this makes them feel more masculine 🙂

    Of course all this work doesn't gurantee success as he may really have someone else. Or maybe he is not the right type for you after all...

    Hope this helps...


  • Hi all:

    My question is about my cancer ex boyfriend (I am a Leo) who I love and I know care for me but to what extent is confusing. We have been on a roller coater our entire relationship for a year, breaking up and getting back together. The last break up, he did. He said that he needs to concentrate on himself and get hisself together financially and make sure he is together before getting anymore serious with me. He sometimes want us to be friends and sometimes not.

    He said tat he has feelings for me but not as deep because he doesnt allow himself to get deep with me....hmm. My question is, I am giving him his space and not contacting him, his birthday is soming up, should I give in and give him a gift or just keep the distance?

  • Hi all:

    My question is about my cancer ex boyfriend (I am a Leo) who I love and I know care for me but to what extent is confusing. We have been on a roller coater our entire relationship for a year, breaking up and getting back together. The last break up, he did. He said that he needs to concentrate on himself and get hisself together financially and make sure he is together before getting anymore serious with me. He sometimes want us to be friends and sometimes not.

    He said tat he has feelings for me but not as deep because he doesnt allow himself to get deep with me....hmm. My question is, I am giving him his space and not contacting him, his birthday is soming up, should I give in and give him a gift or just keep the distance?

  • Thank you so much Plutomoon i will keep these things in my mind and i will try some of it not all because im arab so we not allow to do most of these things and his birthday coming soon so i hope i will be brave and say happy birthday to him to make him know i still remember so im interesting ........... thanks again pray for me please.......

  • Koky, good morning,

    I'm sorry to have "disappeared" on you....I thought about you and wondered how you were doing. I do not have consistent internet access where I now live, so at times I am completely out of touch...usually at very inconvenient times.

    Thank you for answering my previous questions. I now have a better understanding of the circumstances you are in and must deal with. It would be nice to have a "magical" answer or cure for your situation...but I don't .

    What you are going through now can be exhausting (the "love struck" emotions consuming you day in and day out as you focus on this particular man...the incredible emotional high and low feelings that can change instantly from one to the other multiple times in a day.what here in many countries we refer to as a "crush" since there is, for one reason or another, no or little communication or interaction with that person we feel we are "in love" with.)

    Without really knowing the other person, they can become, in our minds, NOT who they really are, but who we wish them to be.

    If there does come a time when you can get to know this person, it truly seems magical if it turns out they are "right" for you and a relationship can develop. If the reality of who that person is turns out to be so much different than what was fantasized...there can come the feelings of being "broken hearted"....certainly disappointed and a bit lost since now there is no more obsession...yet your mind is free once more to focus on practical matters or future goals that you would like in other areas.

    Due to living in a small town, with no one close to ask for advice or help, you are really on your own to sort through this. You have chosen a path that requires strength of character to go against long standing tradition. It will certainly not be easy, yet there must be a reason you were meant to go through it...meant to suffer through the "good and bad" as it were, so that you really do understand both paths that can be the result.

    I'm wondering in what other areas of life, especially "women's issues" you find yourself in where you do not feel that the traditional ways are "correct" for many times in the past or present or future you wonder how it is that you came to be within the family or circle of people that you know as you seem to be so different.

    Perhaps you are meant to experience what is so different from the norm in order to help other young women who also will feel drawn to deviate from what is customary, yet have no one to turn to. Perhaps you will find yourself at some point in time a mentor or counselor, having first hand knowledge of how choosing a totally different path can be exciting....yet painful at times, lonely at times....

    I know that there are also men out there who would wish they too could meet and be with a woman of their choosing rather than one chosen for them that may or may not be what would be someone who could make their heart fly. It's too bad these men and women couldn't find a way to come together more easily.

    Must you live and work in the small town where you now are? Do you have the opportunity to move to a larger town or city where it seems that people your age are more "progressive" (for lack of a better word.) A place to study or work perhaps that would enlarge your circle of acquaintences, contacts, learning experiences?

    Again, I wish I had better answers to offer you. I cannot imagine a life where I had to live with a man that my heart was not drawn to...or where his what not drawn to mine. A life where I had to "make do" or "make the best of" a partnership that under other circumstances, I would either flee from or never even consider in the first place.

    My dear girl, I wish you strength and success......I wish for you a life that lets your light shine and touch all those who come to know you. I wish you much laughter and sunshine......wisdom and grace.....contentment in heart and mind.

    Please let us know here how things develop for you, how the day of the Birthday Wish comes and goes. Sometimes, though others do not have the answers we seek...just having someone to talk to...someone to listen, helps us find the answers that were "inside of us" all along. It just took being able to "speak them out loud" before we realized that.

  • MSindie,Good morning , thank you so much for all these words , yes you didnt say any answer but you make me feel supported because i dont have any one here to talk to or ask him for help and when you replied i feel that i had someone caring about my story and wants to help me so thanks again for your wishes to me ....and of course i will tell you what will happen in and after his birthday i hope that he will notice me and know that i love him very much please pray for me and wish to me good luck .........

  • Please can anyone help me. I'm fall for one cancerian to. I'm aquarus's kind off long story. I will tray to make it short. He aproached me ...those eyes I was stunned in moment..that smile I can't forget... After that ....I was looking for him, I found out that he lives in another country..we e...mail eachother every day, he often comes to my and his hometown every three mounths. By e..mailing I coud't find out much of him, he is closed, but he was there every day. When he comes home in 9.2009. he asked me for coffe, ufff it was hard that thing between as was very strong, we talked...hi is very smart so every sentece have deep mining, after that we see eachother again , then he tald me that he was beasy..bay apartamente and gat space for his private work, so that was notice to me that he is coming home for good. After that e..mailing continue, he was allwas intrsted in may work,he never asked me if I have soeone, then he starts to call me just to hear me, subjects we talked about then wheere never important it was so goog just to hare his voice. Then he come again but it vac New Year and he didn't asked me if I go with him, I was disappinted. Then I start a litle game, I lay to him thet I 'm going in another towen to spend New Year with my friend, he sad ok we wilil bi in touch and see you in monday. That 31.12. I was get drank a little and I wone't him so strong thet I send him sms I wan't you in bed....because he at that time have information that I'm alone, and he use to ask me in e-mails writte me what will you do to me.... I didn+t get answer on that qouestion , then I took antother mobile phone and start a game..I was another woman ..who want's him, he answerd , he didin't ask anything about that woman, just make ia date for tomorrow , to make war tactics he sad I was rages. So next day I as another woman ask when will we meet and he says 6 pm in hotel..well welll. Aftr that 5 minutes he calls me ..and say happy new year, I was...there , and explanes how he spend his time, and ask me for coffe in monday. Of corse I come one that date and he coudn't belive what he so with he eyes...he sak me for a walk..after I explane to him why I did this game, we walked a little and then he turns me aroud , catch me for ma hear and kiss me...well NEVER EVER ANYONE kissed me that way, I was like sonowflask in his hands, he kisses me several timse, and we kind of agree taht it will be better taht we have sex tomorrow. Tomorrow when I call him he was quiet but gently he sad look are you ok, I sad yes then he sad that he is beasy that day... After that nathing happens , I coluldn belive, because I use to belive on someone word, I then didin't know anybody like him,, so I didn't understand that he need time....I wone't just sex because I was realistic I'm to ordinary girl for him. After he lives my country he sad to me "I neede someone who have pasince for me! Nice he sad that he need someone when he deside that iti is not me...Then I continuoe writteing the e-mails althouth he never answer, when he cames i june 2010. he asked me if I would like to drink coffe with him and his friends, there was his brother, I thouth one more test, he did it...testing me all the tiem, but when I was after that asked him privately he sad ...I can't. Ok then he come again in 9.2010. and I have flat from my friends, he likes cooking, I thouth we can spend some time together..but he never came..he again told me on the phone l....look I don't wan't to have norhing wit you, if I slept with you I will never get rid of you...Thing is I thouth that he is laying and got scare..because he could get emocional if he go to bed withme... So next few mounths I was wrtteing e-mails again, and he came adn..i send sms that he use to send me , he call me and we have talked about one hour..he sad..he wan+t me, when he heare my voise he is exitede, he sad to me how he wanted m e and that thi thin is going on from winnter, he need me , he wan't me, he would like to pick me up, he neeed..he sad tahn you could have something with me, but you don't listen to me, you just liste yourself, then he asked me ..please can I come, I sed not today, after taht was loots of calling, we were more conected this time, thean I wen't out ansd saw him with his friends and some woman was there..but she looks..diferent then me, she is cold, like old theacher from school old fashion dressed..he didn't say hello to me..a went't out ..after that about half an hour he call me to see where I 'm because I was missing..ho want'to have drink with me, but at that time I was already in bed...Then ciome New Year again , I called him and it was very qouetly around i knpw..i writte him Do you have someone, then he call s and sad yes i have someone here and someone in place that I'm working, i asked him what was that he wanet to fuck me the day before, he sad it was thing of a moment, he sad that I m girl for ficking...I was so angree..I sed to him lots of ugly things... Then one dax he calls and sy look when you can be dressed I will come to you , it was 11pm, I sad give me 15 minutes, he realy come it was after year that we kissed, he took me in to car, asked me if it is to cold to me like someone who care, then e wen't out , met some of his friends that i know to, than he like somene who is jealous aksed me form where I know his friend, then he deside to take a leson, about me and what is not good for me, my job ect, then he sad look the american girl is going to fuckoff, I m comeing to home for good in Apri, I'm aking you to stam he never calls..stop e..mailin althouth I read your e-mails, I asked why..he sad because I would like to this thing which is going on here with that person works...I coudn't belive..where is she comes from...I was jus askedhim is he gettin marred he sad that he wouldn' comment and would't deny...So he take me to home, give me hand for goodby..look me whille I was enteryng my home..and he left....

    IS THIS SOME KIND OF GAME??????????????????????????????????????????

  • EVERYONE...if you need help, start your own thread. Stop threadjacking, this is supposed to help Koky and no one else.

    Anyway, this is so interesting, the cultural differences we have to try and get around to help each other. Honestly, if you can't really 'flirt' or ask him out, you just have to talk to him more. You have to basically make it obvious that you arent JUST a customer. I like the idea of bringing him food, that is VERY obvious that you like him. Also, doing something for his birthday is a good idea too, but July is far away so you'd want to do something before that, too.

    Anyway, if you want to get to know him, just talk to him. Next time you go into his shop, start a conversation that has nothing to do with buying anything. Ask him....I dont know, lol, what else he likes to do, what he does with himself when he isnt working (also a really good way of knowing whether or not he has a wife or anything) stuff like that. This way, you show your interested and you two can learn about each other. But, it's also casual so you wont be giving him any 'bad' impressions of you. Just act like you are genuinely interested in him.

    OH, also, lets say you need to get something and its up on a high shelf...ask HIM to get it for you. Make sure its heavy, lol. Then when he gets it, thank him and say what a great, strong man he is LOL (well, you can reword that however you need to, but men like to feel like they are needed so very subtly let him know you could use him around the house 😉 )

  • You put everything so nicely together. Do u have any advices for me? I am in love secretly with cancer man, he is american, very inteligent and my intuition says with a very big heart. I am from Eastern Europe. How I ca very subtle show my feelings without bothering or make him uncomfortable. I am otherwise very open, honest and opionated person, but I have no idea what to do. The worst thing is that I started daydreaming and idealizing. Efect on my life is not being real, and I do have a lot of responsibilities, I mean a LOT. Please help.

  • Anyone who knows cancers..knows this..YOU CANNOT MAKE THEM DO ANYTHING!! lol

    They do what they want, whenever they want.

    End of story.

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